General ToolSmart Tools with Bluetooth Connectivity

General Tools with Bluetooth Connectivity: What Is It?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology which allows two devices to communicate wirelessly over short distances. It uses low power radio waves to transmit data between the two devices. The most common applications are for connecting mobile phones or other portable electronic devices such as MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS units and so on.

The Bluetooth standard was developed by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) in 1987. Since then it has been adopted by many manufacturers including Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, LG Electronics, Microsoft and Sony. There are several different types of Bluetooth devices available today such as headsets and transceivers for cellular phones. These devices typically use one type of radio frequency band for communication while others use another type of radio frequency band.

There are also specialized Bluetooth devices used for medical purposes such as heart rate monitors, blood pressure cuffs and glucose meters. Other specific devices include keyboards, mice and printers. Some of these specialized Bluetooth devices have additional features like voice recognition software or even remote control capabilities. For example, there is a keyboard that connects to your computer via USB port which enables you to type on the keyboard without having to take your hands off of the keys. However, you can still use a mouse or trackball instead.

There is also a specialized calculator that can be used to perform basic math operations and even has an address book for names and telephone numbers.

The most common of these devices are probably the portable electronic devices such as Blackberries, iPhones, Nokias and Droid phones. These types of devices all have the ability to wirelessly send pictures, videos and documents to one another. Since the devices are able to receive information and send information without the need for wires, they are often called “wireless”.

These types of devices usually have a short range of around 10 meters. Some devices can be as far away as 100 meters away from each other but will experience signal interference after that point. Other types of devices like headsets and remote controls will typically have a longer range since there is no need for the devices to send complex signals back and forth to each other.

General ToolSmart Tools with Bluetooth Connectivity: How To Get Started

There are several different types of devices that have Bluetooth capability. These include mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, desktops, netbooks, tablet computers and even printers and cameras. Usually the devices must be paired in order to transfer information between each other. In some cases the devices can be paired and then subsequently unpaired after the information has been transferred. This will depend on the types of devices that are being linked together.

Mobile phones have the capability of linking up with other mobile phones as well as computers and other devices such as cameras or laptops. These types of devices will use what is known as the class 1 Bluetooth radio frequency. For the most part this type of device should work up to a range of around 10 meters.

Laptops typically use a class 2 Bluetooth radio frequency which will operate with other laptops as well as some mobile phones but not all of them. The typical range of these types of devices is around 10 to 15 feet though it can go up to 25 feet in some cases.

Desktop computers typically use what is known as the class 3 Bluetooth radio frequency technology. This type of device will have difficulty connecting with mobile phones as well as cameras and will need an additional adapter.

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