Gearwrench Long Length Hex Bit Sockets and Mid-Length Hex Sockets

What is Socket Wrenches?

Socket wrenches are tools used to tighten or loosen bolts, nuts, washers and other fasteners. They come in various lengths from 1/2″ (12mm) to 3″, 6″ and 12″. A hex wrench has six sides: two flat surfaces on each side with a hexagonal head at one end. There are many types of sockets available. Some have a wide range of sizes while others only have three or four standard sizes. The most common type of socket is the 3/8″ (9mm). These sockets are usually found on car parts such as engine blocks, transmission housings and so forth.

How to Choose the Right Socket Wrench Size?

The first thing you need to do when choosing a socket wrench size is determine which kind of work you will be doing. For example, if you plan on tightening your vehicle’s brakes then a 3/4″ (9mm) socket would be appropriate. On the other hand, if you are working on your home’s plumbing system then a 1″ (24mm) socket would be more suitable. If you are unsure which size to choose then speak with a trusted friend or family member who has worked on similar projects in the past.

Long or Short?

There are two types of socket wrench sizes: long and short. A short socket is less than 6″ while a long socket measures between 6″ and 12″. Long sockets are the most common type and are widely used in automotive repair shops. If you are working on a project that requires a great deal of movement then a long socket will serve you better.

How to Use a Socket Wrench?

The first step to using a socket wrench effectively is to make sure it is the correct size. If the wrench is too small then you will be unable to tighten the bolt down securely. On the other hand, if the wrench is too big then it will be difficult to access some bolts. Next, hold the socket wrench by its grip and place the appropriate sized end over the bolt head. A short forward motion will tighten the bolt while a backward motion will loosen it. Never apply side-to-side motion as this may damage the bolt or the surrounding area.

How to Buy Socket Set?

There are several important factors to consider when buying a socket wrench set. First and foremost you should think about what types of projects you will be using the socket set for. A mechanic will require a different set than a hobbyist or a homeowner would. Next, you should think about how much money you are willing to spend on the socket wrench set. There is a wide range of prices available so you should purchase the one that best fits your price range.

When Should You Use a Socket Wrench?

A socket wrench should only be used on mechanical parts. Do not use it on any part of the human body. For example, you should never tighten or loosen a bolt that is inside of the body such as in the elbow or knee joint. This may cause irreparable damage to the body part.

What is a Ratchet Wrench?

A ratchet wrench is also known as a “monkey wrench” and has been used by mechanics for over a century. This tool is quite simple in design but very effective at its job. It is used to tighten bolts and nuts with a quick action. The ratchet mechanism allows you to repeatedly turn the wrench in one direction, thus making the tightening process easier. There are also various types of ratchet wrenches such as the “speed wrench” and the “reversible ratchet”.

How does a Wrench Work?

The wrench is one of the simplest tools in existence and can be found in almost every household. A wrench is a tool designed to span across an object such as a bolt or nut in order to either loosen or tighten it. Wrenches are one of the most common tools found in a mechanic’s toolbox. There are many different types and styles of wrenches such as the “crescent wrench” or the “pipe wrench”. The mechanics at your local automotive repair shop will most likely have several wrenches in their toolboxes as well.

Mechanic’s Oil Filter Wrench

An oil filter wrench is used to remove the oil filter attached to your engine.

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