Franklin Prosensor T6 Stud Finder Review

Franklin Proscan T6 Stud Finder Review

The following are some facts about Franklin Prosensor T6:

Prosumer grade t6 stud finders have been around since 2006. They are designed to be used with a computerized scanner or other imaging device. These scanners typically cost thousands of dollars and require extensive training to use properly. Some models are expensive enough that they would not even be considered for home use.

T6 stud finders were first marketed by Franklin Scientific Corporation (FSC) which was founded in 1879 and became one of the largest manufacturers of scientific instruments and equipment in the world. FSC’s products include medical devices such as stethoscopes, X-ray machines, and CT scanners.

In 2007, Franklin Scientific sold its medical division to Siemens Medical Solutions Inc., a German company specializing in health care equipment. Since then the two companies have merged into Siemens Healthcare AG.

Siemens Healthcare has continued to develop new technologies for medical applications using their own proprietary hardware and software systems. This includes developing medical imaging tools including CT scanners and MRI machines. The company also continues to market medical equipment and devices such as electrocardiographs and other medical diagnostic equipment.

Franklin prosensor t6 stud finder has been on the market for many years but it was recently updated with new features in 2016.

The new features include:

a) Increased stud detection range from 16 inches to 32 inches. This allows for more precise measurements of wall thicknesses, concrete floors, ceiling locations, and other structural elements in buildings and homes.

b) Better identification of metal studs by improving the identification of drywall-covered and reflector-style metal studs.

c) The addition of an internal speaker that emits a beep when the stud sensor is pressed against any type of wall material.

d) A built-in flashlight for better illumination in darker locations.

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e) The ability to use two 3-volt lithium batteries in case of power failure.

f) A backlit display screen for better visibility in dark locations.

g) An improved grip for easier handling.

h) The ability to store user preferences including preferred stud type, distance measurements, and preferred measurement unit (thickness or height).

i) A new and improved belt clip for easy storage on a tool belt.

j) A new hard case for better protection against drops and other types of accidents.

k) An improved stud sensor (proximity sensor) for better detection of bumps, walls, and other objects.

Fully automatic. This means the stud finder can be used by anyone regardless of technical experience or training. The operator simply points the device at a wall and presses a trigger button to detect any hidden wall elements such as wooden studs, electrical boxes, or metal junction boxes.

Faster operation.

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