Fluke Insulated Hand Tools

Fluke Insulated Screwdrivers Set

The Fluke Insulated Screwdriver Set consists of two sets of screwdrivers: one with a smooth surface and another with a serrated edge. They are made from stainless steel and have a long life span, which means they will last for many years. There are three sizes available: #1 (3/8 inch), #2 (5/16 inch) and #4 (3/4 inch). All the screwdrivers are interchangeable. The screws are hardened steel and have a very good grip, so they won’t slip out even if you use them hard.

The screwdrivers come in a plastic case that is easy to carry around. The screwdrivers are not only suitable for cutting wood, but also for opening cans or bottles. They can be used for opening up locks and doors as well.

Fluke Insulated Screwdriver Set Price : $25.00

Fluke Starter Kit

The Fluke Starter Kit is the best way to start using Fluke tools. This kit consists of everything a professional needs for his job, without having to buy the tools separately. The kit includes almost everything you need to fix an electrical system. It has all different types of screwdrivers, pliers and other useful tools, with different sizes and shapes to tackle all the work you need to do.

The kit contains the most common tools and has a unified 24-piece storage case. This is an excellent gift for a tool-lover or for anyone who wants to start a career in the construction industry. The tools are made from the best quality carbon steel, so you can trust them to last for many years. The grips are very simple to hold on to, even when your hands are covered in grease or oil, so it won’t slip out of your hands.

Fluke Starter Kit Price : $216.00

Fluke 5-Inch by 8-Inch Water Pump Pliers

The Fluke 5-Inch by 8-Inch Water Pump Pliers are a tool that can be used when working on air conditioners or refrigerators. They are designed in such a way that while using them, you can hold the object you are working on without any problems. You can also use the tool to turn nuts and bolts that are very tight, with minimal effort. The pliers come with a rubber grip, which improves convenience and gives you a good hold on the tool.

The rounded nose is ideal for working in tight spaces or in corners. This tool is used for tightening or loosening hoses and clamps which are 5-inches by 8-inches in size.

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