Festool TID 18 Impact Driver Review

Festool TID 18 Impact Driver Review: What’s it all About?

The Festool TID 18 Impact Driver is a cordless impact driver which was introduced in 2009. It features a powerful motor with high torque, and a compact design. The TID 18 is available in three models; the model I, II and III. The most popular one among DIYers is the model I. The TID 18 Impact Driver comes with a battery pack, charger and carrying case.

What Is Its Best Use?

It is ideal for small jobs such as installing door jambs or replacing broken windows. You can use it to remove rust from metal surfaces, install decorative trim pieces, clean up around electrical outlets and much more. It is also suitable for removing debris from under furniture or other objects.

How Does It Work?

The TID 18 Impact Driver works by using a rotating disc to pry open doors and windows. When the disc hits the surface, it causes a vibration which opens the door or window. The device operates at speeds ranging from 0% to 100%. At lower speed, it is useful for opening up small openings while at higher speed, it is used for removing large chunks of material.

Does It Come With Any Accessories?

It is sold with a battery and charger. It also comes with a carrying case to keep everything in one place.

What About The Design?

It has a compact design that allows you to get into tight areas. It has an LED light that illuminates dark spaces which are hard to reach. Its side handle makes it easy to hold on to for extended periods of time. Its all metal gearing delivers more power and speed while its vacuum system protects the charger and extends the life of the battery.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have bought and used this product say they love it. They say it is highly efficient and saves them time. It has a powerful design that allows it to smash through tough jobs with ease. One reviewer says he uses it daily to break up concrete, remove door jambs, pry boards and much more. He says it is also very useful when removing old tile.

It has proven to be extremely durable and it has not let him down even once.

Another reviewer says he uses it for everything. He takes it with him when he goes on vacation and uses it in his rental properties. He says it is great for opening up clogged drains, prying open doors and windows, removing paneling, etc. It has a long lasting battery and charges quickly. The carrying case is great for keeping everything organized.

One reviewer says the TID 18 is one of the best power tools he has ever used. It is surprisingly light weight and very powerful. It can easily break through a two by four with a single blow. It comes with two batteries so he can keep working without having to wait for it to recharge. He also really likes the fact that it does not require any assembly at all.

What Could Be Better?

One reviewer says he had high hopes for this product but it ended up being a big disappointment. It worked great for the first few charges but then it suddenly stopped working altogether. When he contacted the manufacturer about getting it repaired, they told him to throw it away and buy a new one. He was very unhappy with their customer service and would not recommend this product to anyone.

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