Festool LS 130 Linear Sander Review

Festool LS 130 Review: What’s it All About?

The Festool LS130 is a dual-purpose sanding machine with two types of cutting heads. One head is designed for general purpose sanding while the other one is specifically designed for use on wood or plastic parts. Both of these sanders are very powerful and capable of performing any type of work you could want to do with them. They have a wide range of features and functions which make them suitable for almost every type of job. The Festool LS130 is one of the most popular sanders among DIY’ers due to its low price tag, high quality construction, and easy operation.

It comes with a variety of attachments such as dust collection filters, dust extractors, rotary grind wheels, etc., making it possible to perform various jobs without having to buy additional equipment.

The Festool LS130 is equipped with a variable speed control, allowing users to adjust the speed at which they cut. You can set the desired speed using either a dial or a button located on top of the sanding head.

The variable speed feature allows you to achieve different results depending upon how hard you press down on the sanding head. If you apply lighter pressure, you can achieve a smoother finish. Applying more pressure will cause the cutter to bite into the material and cut a rougher finish.

When using the sander, it is very important to make sure you use the right type of sandpaper for the job at hand. The supplied abrasive disks are made out of plaster.

These are generally used for finishing wood or plastic parts. The supplied grip-safe abrasive paper can be used for polishing rough wood surfaces, cleaning paint or varnish off of wood, sanding joints, etc.

A Quick Look At The Festool LS 130

Externally collected dust is evacuated through a hose that attaches to your dust collector or shop vac. You can also use the suction to hold small pieces in place when you are working on them.

The machine is about the size of a coffee maker, and it only weighs about 5 lbs. In addition to being small and lightweight, it is also quite durable and well-constructed.

It uses standard 7.5 amp sanding discs and abrasives, which can be replaced or rotated when they get dull or broken.

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The sanding machine uses a small and powerful 5.2 amp motor that can function at up to 24,000 RPM, allowing you to take off material really fast when you need to or to make slower and more precise cuts when required.

The included dust collection system can be attached to most standard shop vacuums for easy and efficient dust removal. The included vacuum adapter makes it very easy to attach the dust collection hose.

An adjustable exhaust port allows you to direct the dust clouds away from you and the work piece being sanded.

Included with the sander are a range of different abrasives, including grip-safe sand paper, hook and loop discs, polishing papers, and hard felt discs. In addition, a range of different size abrasive discs are available from 100 to 600 grit in both standard and triangular sizes.

The sander uses hook and loop sand paper that attaches to the front of the sander. This makes it very easy to keep the sanding disc flat with respect to the surface you are working on, ensuring a good finish with minimal effort on your part.

The small size of the sander allows you to reach into corners and around edges with relative ease. Its small size also means that it is light and very easy to maneuver, even when the sander is not plugged into the mains.

The Festool LS 130 sanding machine features a modern design that houses a powerful 5.2 amp motor inside a rigid plastic case that measures just over a foot in height.

The sander features a single on/off switch located on the top of the case and is easily accessible.

This product is not cheap, but if you are looking for a sander that will last you a long time and will make light work of all of your sanding jobs, then this is probably the sander for you.

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The Festool sander comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and is very easy to use and handle when in use.

The motor inside the sander is designed to work for many hours without developing mechanical problems that would cause it to burn out or overheat. The inside of the case stays relatively cool even after extended use.

Festool is a company that produces top of the line professional-grade power tools for use in cabinet making and furniture making. While this sander might be expensive for some people, it is definitely cheaper than hiring someone else to do your sanding for you!

The sanding machine uses standard 7.5 amp abrasives and hook and loop sand paper that you can easily get from any hardware store.

You can also buy a wide range of other abrasive papers, discs, and sheets to accommodate whatever sanding job you may have.

This corded sander features a powerful 5.2 amp motor that will allow you to take off material fast when you need to and also allows for very fine cuts and finishes when needed.

The sander is light enough at just under 3 lbs that you won’t get fatigued even with extended use.

The Bosch 11536V is a professional grade sander that will prove to be an invaluable addition to your workshop, studio, or garage. Whether you are working on models, furniture, or anything in between, this sander will help you get the job done with minimal effort and fuss.

This is a great light-duty sander that comes at a great price. The clever design includes a dust compartment that you can detach and empty without having to open the casing.

This means that you will not have to stop mid-sand to clean out your sander, you can just detach the container and deal with it when you are finished.

The Black & Decker BDERO100A is a fantastic sander for both beginners and more experienced users. The reasonably small size means that it is easy to handle, even for people with smaller hands.

Festool LS 130 Linear Sander Review at realmanguide.net

This sander is a great choice for working on both rough and detailed pieces of furniture and crafts. It can handle regular sanding duties with ease but it is also good for sanding small pieces using the convenient flip down front flap that reduces the size of the sanding area.

The Black & Decker BDERO100A is a very popular sander that has been well reviewed by consumers, both beginners and professionals alike.

This powerful 6.0 amp sander is a great choice for sanding both big and small jobs.

The tracking of the movement can be set to suit your needs, whether you are working on wide surfaces or small pieces.

The Black & Decker BDERO100 is a very popular random orbital sander that is suitable for both home and professional use.

This well-priced sander is lightweight and easy to use. It has adjustable vibration control to help prevent user fatigue.

The machine is also small and light enough to make it easy to maneuver when working on jobs that require a lot of detail.

The Black & Decker BDERO100 is a great sander for both professional and amateur wood workers and even people who just like to DIY around the house. It comes at a very reasonable price but does not lack in quality of performance.

This corded sander is easy to use and comes at a very reasonable price but does not lack in quality of performance.

The Ryobi BTS12Z is easy to use and will help you with all your sanding needs, from wood to metal. It’s great for both professional and amateur wood workers.

With its long cord, this sander gives you a lot of room to work and doesn’t leave you constantly having to switch sockets. It features a locking on switch, so you don’t end up wasting battery when not in use.

Festool LS 130 Linear Sander Review on realmanguide.net

The Ryobi BTS12Z is small and easy to maneuver so you can get into all the tight corners and hard-to-reach areas. It is a great tool for furniture refinishing and other fine detailed work.

The Ryobi is a lightweight sander that comes with a powerful 12-volt battery that delivers extended run time to help you get more done in one sitting.

The 12-gauge orbital action and the random orbit motion work together to eliminate the possibility of swirl marks and increase the smoothness of the finished product.

The hook and loop system offers three sanding layers for a range of sanding needs. The included dust bag helps keep your workspace clean and the entire unit is very easy to use.

The Ryobi RTS10Z is a powerful palm sander that can be used for both light and heavy duty sanding jobs around the house or for professional use.

This machine is very easy to use and helps you get the job done faster than you would with sandpaper. It also features a very powerful 6.0 amp motor and a convenient on/off switch for your convenience.

The Black & Decker BDERO100A comes with three different sized mandrels, an oversized foam grip and a convenient dust bag that keeps the work area clear of dust.

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