Festool Edge Bander KA 65 Conturo Review

Festool Edge Bander KA 65 Contro Review:

The Festool Edge Bander KA65 Contro is a compact table saw blade with a high cutting capacity. It features a heavy duty aluminum alloy handle and an ergonomic design which makes it easy to use.

Its blade has a sharpened diamond tip. The blade comes with a durable stainless steel guard, and the saw’s body is made from hardwood.

The Edge Bander KA65 Contro has a capacity of 5.5 lbs., making it suitable for woodworking projects such as trimming, planing, sanding and finishing.

It can cut through 1/8″ thick plywood or 3/16″ sheet metal without any problem at all!

It is designed to work best with a power cord of 12 volts. If you need to use it with a battery pack, then make sure that the charger has enough energy to charge the battery pack.

The Edge Bander KA65 Contro is equipped with a safety switch located on its back side. When turned off, the blade will not operate unless you press the button on top of it again after turning on the machine.

This safety feature is perfect for people who are not very familiar with operating a table saw. Another safety feature is its embedded magnets, which help keep the blade from spinning out of control in case a foreign object gets trapped between the blade and the material being cut.

One of the best things about this tool is that after you snap on the guard and the aluminum alloy handle, you can easily move it around. You can even carry it up and down the stairs without straining your back or getting tired in the process.

It is best to use this tool with a miter saw because you can transfer the finished pieces from the miter saw right onto the table. You can also use this table with an existing miter saw stand if you already have one.

The Festool KA 65 comes with a durable plastic box, which is perfect for transporting the tool around.

With the KA 65, you can easily create perfect angled cuts. You can also set the desired cutting depth and lock it into place.

Once it is locked, you can make repeated cuts without having to adjust it each time. In addition, the saw has a spare blade hidden underneath the table for emergency purposes.

Have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected with the Festool KA 65. The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty on this product.

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This product is part of Festool’s Arbortech line of woodworking tools.

The Good

Here are some of the good things about the tool:

The saw blade can be easily adjusted for different cutting depths – Whether you want to trim a protruding piece or cut through a thick board, you can adjust the blade to the desired depth with just a few turns of the handle. You do not have to go through hoops just to make the blade go deeper or shallower.

The aluminum handle is comfortable to grip even for long periods of time – The Festool KA 65’s handle is made from a durable material that keeps your hands from tiring out even after hours of use. The handle fits comfortably in your palms, and its shape also provides you with plenty of leverage even when cutting through thick and tough materials.

The saw blade is equipped with magnets – The embedded magnets in the saw blade are designed to kick in whenever a foreign object gets trapped between the blade and the material being cut. This prevents the two from becoming entangled and causing serious injury.

The table can be used as a stand-alone product – You do not have to transfer the finished pieces to another platform if you do not have an extra miter saw stand laying around. You can immediately place the newly cut pieces on whatever platform you have available.

You can move the entire product around with ease – Carrying this product from one place to another is a walk in the park. Even people with minor accidents do it, and you will not need any help doing so.

The bad things about this product are:

The blade gets dull after some time – You can prolong the life of the blade by not cutting through bones or other hard materials.

The blade guard gets in the way when working – The Festool KA 65’s blade guard is handy when you are cutting, but it does get in the way if you are trying to manually spin the piece around to line up the next cut.

It can only cut through a certain thickness before it starts to bend – It is best to use the tool for cutting smaller pieces as opposed to one thick piece all at once.

You may have to apply pressure when cutting – Some users have found that they need to push the material down to make a straight cut.

Despite its minor flaws, the Festool KA 65 is still a fantastic tool that will make your woodworking endeavors a lot easier.

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Things To Look Out For

There are several things you should look out for when buying a miter saw, and these should be factors that will influence your decision in one way or another. Let us take a look at some of these factors so you’ll have an idea of what to look for.


How easy is the saw going to be for you to carry around? How heavy is it? Will you be able to lug the thing around your worksite without breaking your back or straining your arms?

These are questions you need to ask yourself.

Most miter saws have a weight of around 40 pounds. While this may not seem like much, you have to remember that you’ll most likely be using this for extended periods of time, making that 40 pounds feel like 80.

Ask a firefighter what they think about carrying around 80 pounds of gear during an extended period of time.

That being said, if you know that you won’t be able to carry the saw with you without getting a hernia, look for a lighter alternative. Sometimes, surprisingly, the lighter options turn out to be better anyway.

Safety Features

Obviously when using any type of power tool there is always going to be a risk for personal injury. However, there are some safety features that have been integrated into these tools to minimize the risk and make the operator’s job easier.


Most of the time, when operating a miter saw you’re going to be placing your fingers very close to the blade, if not on it. This obviously is dangerous since fingers can easily get cut off if proper precaution isn’t taken.

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So look for a saw that has a “fingersafe” guard. These devices cover the top of the blade and come down over the teeth, effectively keeping your fingers from getting into the line of fire.

In addition to this, there are some miter saws that come with a laser guide to help you out. Though these aren’t as common as they should be yet, their presence can certainly increase the safety of using the tool since it helps guide the saw along the proper cutting path.

The Verdict

As far as miter saws go, the Hitachi C12RSF2 is a pretty good one. It has a powerful motor with great cutting capacity and wonderful accuracy.

It also comes with several safety features to help keep the user safe. Really, the only gripe most people tend to have with this tool is the weight; at 40lbs it can be a little on the heavy side.

However, considering all of its features and how much easier it makes your work, we’d say it’s well worth toting it around!

What are you waiting for?

Go try it out for yourself and get cutting!

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