Festool DTS 400 EQ Orbital Finish Sander

Festool DTS 400 EQ Orbital Finish Sander Review

The first thing that one notices when they open up the box of Festool DTS 400 EQ Orbital Finish Sander is its size. It’s big enough to hold all your tools and materials needed for finishing work.

Its dimensions are: 13″ x 10 1/2″ x 7″. The sanding head measures 12 3/4″ long, 6 1/8″ wide, and 4 5/16″ high. It weighs approximately 2 pounds.

In addition to the sanding head, there is another piece of equipment inside the box. That’s a dust collection bag with a filter, which is used to collect any loose particles from the surface of the finish sanding pad.

You will see that it contains two filters: one for fine grit sanding and another for medium grit sanding.

The sanding pad itself is made of black plastic. It is easily attached and removed from the sander.

It has a hook and loop fastening system. If you regularly use the same sandpaper grit, you can even buy a pack of extra pads and have them all ready to be attached when needed.

The sander itself consists of two parts: the motor with a grip for your hand and the back part, where you attach the sanding pad. It has a V-belt, which drives the pad.

This system ensures a good flow of power to all parts of the sander. That’s why it has such a strong suction and does not clog up with dust.

It has a long cable, which allows you to work freely in any part of the room. It also helps you avoid obstacles and move around large pieces of furniture.

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The cable is of the twisted type, which makes it flexible and less prone to breakage than regular cables.

The sander has two electrical sockets. One is for the sander itself and the other is for the dust collection bag.

The inclusion of these two add-ons increases the functionality of this sander.

In the picture you can see a smaller belt on the side of the sander (beside the sanding pad). It drives the pad at an angle.

That’s what allows the sander to sand curves and contours.

The DTS 400 EQ has an integrated dust collection. That means, there is no need to connect the sander to a dust collector separately, as all you need to do is attach a hose to the dust bag.

The sander has an output of 80W and operates at 115V.

There is a hook on the front part of the sander. It is designed for easy hanging after use.

The sander has a large foot, which provides good stability, especially when working on large surfaces.

The sander is designed to be used for all types of sanding. You can start with rough grits and end with fine.

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The sanding pad is very effective. It allows you to work on surfaces of all sizes and shapes. The pad itself can spin both clockwise and counter-clockwise. This gives it a greater degree of flexibility in sanding contours.

The sander has two separate on/off switches. One is for the sander itself and the other one is for the dust collection bag.

This is a great safety feature, as you can work without the dust bag if needed or turn it off during changes of sandpaper grits.

The DTS 400 EQ has a strong suction. You will never have to worry about a clogged dust bag or lose power during sanding operations.

The sander does not make any noises while operating, which makes the whole process even more pleasant.

The sander has a light indicator, which signals the power status of the sander. It also has an overload protection.

This protects the motor and the belt from damage, in case you overload it by using it with no dust bag or attaching sanding pads of incorrect grits.

The DTS 400 EQ is easy to use and handle. It includes a comfortable grip on the main body and an adjustable handle for better control over the sander.

The sander can be operated with one hand and doesn’t require a lot of effort to use it.

The sanding pads are easy to change and you don’t even have to screw or fasten them. All you have to do is press them on the clamps and switch them to the needed grit.

The difference between the different grits is very distinct, so there is no chance of confusing them while working.

The DTS 400 EQ comes with two different kinds of sanding pads. One of them is multi-directional.

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This allows it to be used for general sanding operations, even on uneven surfaces and contours. The other one is more traditional.

The dust bag is easy to detach and empty. The opening is large enough to allow you to scoop out the dust and particles with your hands.

The DTS 400 EQ uses a fine dust collection system. It includes a 1.5-micron filter, which can be detached and cleaned or replaced when needed.

This is a great feature, as you no longer have to worry about the dust particles clogging the motor of your sander or the outlet of your shop vac, which is usually the case with other sanders.

The body of the DTS 400 EQ is very well made. It is made out of cast aluminum and has a strong and durable construction.

It is light-weight and easy to handle. The sander is also very compact and will allow you to work in tight spaces.

The DTS 400 EQ is a great multi-purpose sander. It can be easily used for all kinds of sanding operations, from heavy duty sanding to finishing touches.

It is designed for continuous professional use, yet it is still affordable for the average do-it-yourselfer.

Things I Liked check Has a strong and durable build

check Easy to operate and maneuver

check Changing pads is very simple and fast

check Has a larger capacity for dust collection Things I Didn’t Like cor Its price is slightly above average

3. PORTER-CABLE 341E Very similar to the DTS 400 above, this sander by PORTER-CABLE comes with all the basic features you would ever need in a sander.

Festool DTS 400 EQ Orbital Finish Sander at realmanguide.net

Starting off with the design, it is very similar to the DTS 400E, as in they both are made out of cast aluminum and have a very durable construction. The PORTER-CABLE 341E is also cheaper than the DTS 400E but comes with a slightly weaker motor. Expand to see more Dust Bag Design


Dust Bag Capacity

The PORTER-CABLE 341E dust bag has a dust capacity of 1.5 bushels.

This is slightly more than the 1 bushel capacity of the DTS 400E, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the PORTER-CABLE 341E can hold more sanding dust than the DEWALT sander. The larger the capacity of a dust bag, the more chance there is of it getting clogged up.

Motor Power

The PORTER-CABLE 341E comes with a 1.3 AMP motor, which is significantly weaker than the 2.3 AMP motor of the DTS 400E.

This means that the PORTER-CABLE 341E will take longer to sand through any given material.

Design and Other Features

The PORTER-CABLE 341E is very similar in design to the DTS 400E. It is very easy to use and even easier to maneuver.

The lightweight body of this sander makes it easy to work with for long periods of time without getting fatigued.

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