Festool Cordless Tools = Festool Unplugged

Festool Cordless Tools = Festool Unplugged:


The Festool tools are known for their quality and reliability. They have been around since the 1980’s and they still remain one of the best brands in the industry today. Their products are used by professionals all over the world and they have won numerous awards.

They were founded in Germany in 1981 and they have been producing tools since then. They started out with just a few basic models but now there are hundreds of different models available from them, which makes it difficult to choose which ones to buy.

Their most popular model is the Festool CX-3D which was designed to provide maximum performance at a low price. The company has since expanded into other areas such as industrial machinery, medical equipment and even building materials. The company has also branched out into making accessories for their tools including batteries, chargers and cables.


All of the different cordless dryers that we are going to be looking at today use a similar system of connecting an air hose to the nozzle so that you can direct the air around the job that you are doing. All of them also allow you to adjust the airflow with a simple trigger mechanism, and all of them come supplied with a range of interchangeable nozzles for precision airflow.

In our opinion the real “editorial choice” when it comes to cordless dryers is between the two big manufacturers; Festool and Fein. The other manufacturers just don’t have the build quality, design, or reputation that these two do. There is also another Chinese manufacturer called Metabo which produces a range but they are nowhere near as popular or well-known as the other two big players.


The first and arguably the best (although some people might disagree) of the cordless compressors is the Festool CT22EQ Airazor. Like all other Festool tools, this is a beautifully engineered piece of machinery that just exudes quality. It has the largest capacity of any cordless dryer on the market at 5.5 liters.

This is enough for most jobs and means that you don’t need to be constantly refilling it in the middle of a job. The Festool CT22EQ Airazor also has an advertised operating time of 30 minutes making it again one of the best on the market. Finally it is also one of the quietest at just 72db, which means that you can actually have a conversation while using it!

The only real downside (if you can call it that) is the cost. At $1000 it’s by far the most expensive of the cordless dryers but if you use your tools a lot, then it’s actually works out cheaper because you don’t need to keep paying to get your compressor filled with every job. If you want the best of the best then this is the cordless dryer for you!


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The Metabo CTB 7.0 is the next best cordless dryer and certainly a very good alternative to the Festool unit. It has the same operating time of 30 minutes and has the same functionality as the Festool along with a similar noise output of 72 db.

It also has a 4.0 liter capacity which is more than adequate for most jobs. It’s a little cheaper than the FESTOOL unit and is also a well-known brand. It’s definitely worth considering if you want to save a few bucks without losing out on quality.


The next cordless dryer that we are going to look at is the STANLEY SLB9664 which is the cheapest option of the three. It has a similar noise output to the others at 76Db and has the same functionality but it only has a 2.4 liter tank size which is substantially less than the other two.

This means that you are going to need to keep refilling it, and if you’re working in a large area then this can become quite tiresome. It’s also a noticeably cheaper build quality than the other two and doesn’t look anywhere near as nice. It also doesn’t have quite the same brand reputation as the other two and is generally seen as a lower quality but cheaper alternative to the other two brands. All of these things added together means that this isn’t really a great option and there are better cordless dryers available.


The last cordless dryer that we are going to look at is the PORTER C2002-WK. This is definitely the cheapest option and comes with a cheap price tag to match. The problem is though, you get what you pay for and there are several reasons why we wouldn’t recommend this cordless dryer at all.

To start with it has the shortest operating time at just 15 minutes which makes it unsuitable for most jobs. In fact the operating time is so short that the battery doesn’t even last long enough to completely dry cement, which renders the whole unit pretty pointless. The noise output is also the highest at a whopping 92 db which is as loud as a leaf blower. This is only 2db lower than a standard electric drill which is considerably louder than the other two units. Last but not least it’s also the heaviest cordless dryer at 18.5lbs making it by far the most tiring to hold and work with for any length of time. It does have a 4.0 liter solution tank but this is of little importance when the operating time is so short. This cordless dryer has quite simply been designed for small, light duty jobs and at just 8 Amps it falls well short of the 15 Amp rating that most other similar tools operate at. In our opinion there are far better options available.

Cordless Dryers VS Air Compressors

So we have looked at the main cordless dryers currently on the market but what about an air compressor? Do you need to spend all that extra money on a cordless dryer when you could buy an air compressor instead?

Well you certainly could do that and in fact many people do, however there are several disadvantages to this option. The main problem with an air compressor is the size and weight. They just take up a lot of space and are very heavy. You also need to remember to refill the tank before you begin any serious work, and more often than not you’ll be doing this in the middle of a job anyway. Of course the other problem is the noise that they make which is another major disadvantage. The good thing about cordless dryers is that they don’t have either of these problems. They are small, lightweight, and extremely quiet which makes them perfect for working in small or enclosed spaces.

So Which One Should I Buy?

Now you have looked at all of the different cordless dryers available on the market, you need to decide which one is right for you. First of all let’s rule out the Ingersoll-Rand TD-450K and the PORTER C2002-WK. The Ingersoll-Rand unit is just too expensive and the PORTER is just too cheap to be any good so that really only leaves the RYOBI and the DEWALT to choose between. Both of these cordless dryers are good units but let’s look a little closer at their features so you can make a better choice between the two…

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