Festool AGC 18 Cordless Angle Grinder


The Festool Agc18 Cordless Angle Grinder Review:


1) Easy to use; it takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

You don’t need any tools other than your hands! (Except for the included one) (You can buy a better one if you want. But I think you will not have any problems using this one.)

2) Good Dust Collection Capacity; the grinder does its job well.

There are no issues when it comes to dust collection capacity.

3) Very Powerful Motor; it works very efficiently and produces good results even at high speed.

(It’s powerful enough to grind coffee beans!)

4) Cooling System; there is a fan which helps cool down the motor and blades during operation.

Festool AGC 18 Cordless Angle Grinder - realmanguide.net

5) No Issues With Noise or Heat; it doesn’t produce any noise or heat.

(It’s quiet and efficient!)

6) Durable Construction; it is made from strong metal which provides durability.

(It won’t break easily even if you hit it hard with a hammer.)


1) Not For Those Who Are Experienced In Using A Corded Grinder; you may experience some difficulties in grinding coffee beans because of the lack of power.

2) Slippery; the handle sometimes slips out of your hand after sometime of using it.

(You may want to buy gloves or tape the handle to avoid this problem)

3) Not Very Well Balanced; the grinder is not well balanced so you need to put more effort in holding and controlling it while grinding.

4) No Dust Blower; there is no option for dust blower.

(However, you can connect an external one. You can also sweep the ground using a broom)

Festool AGC 18 Cordless Angle Grinder - Image

5) No Guard/Shield For The Rotating Component; there is no guard or shield to protect you from the moving part of the grinder.

(It’s best to wear safety glasses if you are going to use it for a long period of time. Just to be safe)

6) 1 Year Warranty; the warranty is not very long.


But who needs a warranty if the thing is already durable?


My Final Verdict:

The Festool AGC 18 is a good cordless angle grinder. It has several useful features and is easy to use. It’s not perfect though.

There are still some minor issues with it, but I think it’s worth buying for its quality and price.

Hilti Cordless Grinder Review:

While the Hilti AGS 63-36 is a cordless angle grinder, it has several features which are different from other grinders. It is a durable cordless grinder which is easy to use and provides good results.


1) High Performance; this angle grinder can grind, cut, sand and polish.

It can be used for various purposes and works very efficiently.

2) Ergonomic Design; it has an ergonomic design which provides maximum power and control.

Festool AGC 18 Cordless Angle Grinder - Image

(Great for people with wrist or arm pain)

3) LED Display; it has a LED display which shows the charge level of the battery.

4) 3-Mode Electronic Cell Protection; there is a built-in electronic cell protection which monitors the temperature, current and overload of the battery and then controls these factors to provide efficient performance.

5) Quick Change System; it has a quick-change system which reduces downtime.

(You can change the accessories within seconds)

6) Nickel-Cadmium Battery; it comes with a 1.

2 Ah nickel-cadmium battery which can be charged and discharged for more than 800 times. It can supply high power for the grinder.

7) LED Light; it has a built-in LED light which illuminates the work surface and improves visibility.

8) Good Warranty; it has a 3 year warranty which covers the electronic, battery and mechanical parts.

(Except wear and tear parts)

Festool AGC 18 Cordless Angle Grinder | realmanguide.net

9) Dust Blower; it has a dust blower which clears the surface from metal shavings and other materials.

(Providing safer working conditions)

10) Long Lasting; the battery can be used for a long time, providing more power to the grinder. (You don’t have to wait for it to charge)


1) Not For Heavy-Duty Use; this grinder is not meant for heavy-duty use.

It may not be able to hold up against tough materials like concrete.

2) Doesn’t Come With Extra Accessory Nozzles; this grinder doesn’t come with extra nozzles or cutting wheels which may be required for certain jobs.

(You have to buy them separately)

3) Not For Right-Handed People; the battery is placed on the right side of the grinder, which may be problematic for some right-handed people.

My Final Verdict:

The Hilti cordless grinder is a good option for those looking for a durable, versatile and long-lasting angle grinder. It has several useful features which provide better control over the grinder. The only downside is that the battery isn’t placed in a very convenient position (for right-handed people).

Other than that, it’s a great angle grinder which can be used by anyone.

SKIL 3320-02 Angle Grinder Review:

Festool AGC 18 Cordless Angle Grinder at realmanguide.net

The SKIL 3320-02 is a bare-bones, cheap angle grinder perfect for getting into smaller tighter spaces. It’s great for basic home projects and light duty maintenance.


1) Price; It’s very affordable, you can get one for around $20-$30.

2) Size; It’s small and lightweight, making it easier to handle and control.

It can get into tighter spaces.

3) Power; It has enough power to do basic grinding, cutting and sanding jobs.

4) Durable; It’s very solidly built, it can withstand drops from small heights.

(But don’t try jumping on it or anything!)

5) Comfortable; It fits well in your hand and is pretty comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.


Festool AGC 18 Cordless Angle Grinder from our website

1) Not As Powerful As Other Grinders; It doesn’t have as much power as other grinders, meaning it may not be able to cut through some materials.

2) Not As Durable; Although solidly built, it may not be able to withstand drops from larger heights.

3) Poor Battery Life; The battery doesn’t last very long.

(You can buy an aftermarket one though)

4) No Variable Speed Option; This grinder only has two speeds, full speed and no speed at all.

There is no option to slow it down.

My Final Verdict:

The SKIL 3320-02 is a great option for hobbyists and those who don’t work with grinders on a regular basis. It’s very cheap and can get the job done, but it’s not powerful enough for more demanding work.

Makita 9557PBX1 Angle Grinder Review:

The Makita 9557PBX1 is a medium priced option from a trusted tool making brand. It’s more powerful than the SKIL 3320-02, and is more suited for heavy duty work.

Festool AGC 18 Cordless Angle Grinder at realmanguide.net


1) Powerful; It can cut through a variety of materials with ease.

It can also sand and grind various surfaces effectively.

2) Long Reach; The extended length paddle switch allows the user to operate the grinder while keeping a safe distance.

(Great for working over dangerous cliffs, rooftops, etc.)

3) Comfortable; It’s compact design and smooth contours make it very comfortable to use.

4) Durable; It’s solidly built with quality internals and exterior components.


1) Price; It’s one of the more expensive options available.

2) Heavy; It’s on the heavier side, which can make it tiring to use after a long period of time.

3) No Carrying Bag; Although this may not be a “con” for everyone, the angle grinder does not come with a carrying bag, so you’ll have to purchase one separately if you want to transport it safely.

Festool AGC 18 Cordless Angle Grinder from our website

My Final Verdict:

The Makita 9557PBX1 is a great option for construction workers, DIYers and homeowners who need a tool that can tackle a large variety of materials. It’s more expensive than some of the other models, but it has the power to back that price up.

Makita 9557PBX1 Vs.

SKIL 3320-02: Which Is Better?

The Makita 9557PBX1 and the SKIL 3320-02 are both great angle grinders, but they’re suited to different types of jobs. The 3320-02 is a cheaper option, but it does have its limitations. The 9557PBX1 offers more power, but it’s also heavier and more expensive. It all comes down to what you need the grinder for.

If you just need the grinder to do simple jobs here and there, then the 3320-02 is a good enough tool. However, if you need something that can consistently get the job done, day in day out, then the 9557PBX1 is the better option.

The choice is yours! Hopefully, this article has helped you make an informed decision about which angle grinder will better suit your needs. Happy grinding!

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