Exmark Radius X Series Zero Turn 60 Inch Review

Exmark Radius X Series 60 Inch Review

The Exmark Radius X Series 60 Inch Review is a new entry into the market. It was launched in May 2016.

The company claims that it is the first blade with “zero turn” design. They claim that their product will offer high performance at low cost, which means they are trying to compete against cheaper competitors like Spyderco’s Griptilian and Kershaw’s Mantis.

The Radius X series is made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy and features a black oxide finish. The handle scales are titanium and the blade is stainless steel.

The handles have finger grooves, which makes them comfortable to hold even when wet or dirty. There are four thumb studs on each side of the handle. The handles have a reversible tip up carry clip so you can easily switch between right hand and left hand carry mode without taking your knife off the table!

The Radius X series comes with a pocket clip, which is reversible and works well with either hand. The clip has two locking mechanisms: one that locks the clip in place and another that prevents it from being accidentally released while the knife is open.

Both locking mechanisms work very well. You won’t lose your knife if you drop it or forget to close the blade release button (which is located just above the clip).

The blade of the knife is 3.5 inches long and features a full flat grind, which gives it an excellent edge for slicing and other chopping tasks.

The spine of the blade is unsharpened and shaped like the top of an isosceles triangle. The unsharpened spine can be used for hammering tasks as well as self defense without fear of damaging the sharp edge.

The belt clip is of excellent quality and the knife locks into place when you release it. The clip attaches to either side of the knife so you can carry it on your right or left hand.

This allows you to draw the knife with either hand; a useful feature for lefties and a nice convenience for righties.

The handle is slightly thicker than typical folding knives–about 1.5 cm at its thickest point.

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This gives your fingers a good grip on the knife even when wet or dirty.

The handle has a lanyard hole so you can quickly secure the knife to your wrist or ankle if necessary.

None of the components are interchangeable with other knives, so you won’t be able to swap out parts from a cheaper knife to save money. The quality of the components justifies the price, however.

This is an excellent knife and any owner will get many years of use from it.

The knife feels good in your hand. The finger grooves and gently curving handle make it easy to hold, even with slippery hands or when wearing gloves.

The knife opens smoothly and easily due to the strong pivot. It locks firmly in place when opened, which is reassuring if you are using the knife as a weapon.

The lockback mechanism is strong enough that you won’t close the knife accidentally while using it. This can be a problem with other knives.

The belt clip is well designed. It attaches to either side of the knife so it can be carried on your right or left hand side without any modification.

The clip snaps firmly into place when you release it, so it won’t simply come loose. Since the clip locks on either side of the knife, you don’t need to swap it when you switch from left to right handed carry.

The stainless handle makes the knife easy to find if you drop it in the grass or snow. It is also less likely to stain or discolor from prolonged exposure to moisture or sweat.

The oversized hole makes it easy to remove the blade when you need to sharpen it. There is a small hole on the other side of the handle for threading rope or other attachments if you need it.

The handle is comfortable and curved to fit the shape of your hand. The finger grooves and slight downward curve towards the blade helps keep your hand high on the handle where it can be securely locked in place.

The upper edge of the blade has a sharpened false edge that can be used for scraping, cutting or skinning. The tip has a fine point, ideal for detail work and carving.

This is an excellent all-purpose knife that can be used for a variety of tasks without being too large or heavy.

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This knife can serve either as a basic tool or as a defense weapon when hunting or camping. The quality construction makes it a pleasure to use and beautiful to look at.

The knife has the CAMILLUS name etched on the blade and the Camillus logo on the front of the handle.

Looking for a high quality folding knife that’s suitable for hunting, camping and general outdoor use?

The Camillus 601 skinner knife makes a perfect outdoor companion.

The blade has a partially serrated edge and a drop point blade shape. The blade is partially serrated near the tip for saw-like cuts while the sturdy tip can be used for puncturing.

Made of full tang construction with a Sandvik stainless steel blade, this knife is built to last. It has a comfortable rubber handle with finger grips and a heavy-duty nylon sheath with leg tie downs.

The size is just right if you are looking for a medium sized knife that can be easily carried in your pocket or tucked into your boot.

This affordable knife has all the features of more expensive knives without the expensive price tag. The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, you’ll want to carry this knife with you every day.

This knife has been carefully crafted by one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of professional and quality knives.

Measuring just 4.1 inches in length when closed, this little pocket knife is easy to carry in your pocket or purse.

Made of 3Cr13 stainless steel, the blade features a strong, pointed tip and a durable edge that can withstand a lifetime of regular use.

This compact folding knife has a comfortable, slip resistant handle and protective finger ridges for safety. It has a strong, oversized lock to keep it from closing accidentally.

At just 4.

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