Energizer eZV7500 Portable Generator Review

Energizer eZV7500 Portable Generator Review: What Is It?

The energizer ezv7500 portable generator is a high-efficiency, low-maintenance, compact, portable electric vehicle (EV) power source that provides up to 70 miles of range and up to 2.5 hours of run time from one 20 amp hour lithium ion battery pack. It is designed to provide maximum convenience and safety while reducing carbon emissions.

It is available in two models, the ezv7501 and the ezv7503. Both are built around a single Lithium Ion battery pack that holds approximately 400 Whr (Whrs). The model number indicates how many batteries it uses.

For example, the ezv7503 has three 60 Ahm Li-ion cells in series, each holding 10 Whrs of energy capacity. Each cell is rated at 1.2 V, so the total capacity is 3.6 Ahms.

The ezv7501 has a larger capacity than the ezv7503, but weighs less too. It comes in two versions; one with a standard 110 volt outlet and another with a 120 volt outlet. There are also other variations such as one without a motor or one that only runs on 12 volts instead of 220 volts (for use in Europe).

There are several other components that come with the ezv7500, such as a carrying case, charging cables, mounting brackets, and various nozzles for spraying. The actual specifications are not really important, but what is important is how long it takes to charge the battery and how far you can travel on it.

Energizer eZV7500 Specifications

Battery Pack: 3.6 Ahm, 1.2 V, 60 Ah cells (ezv7501).

Motor: AC induction DC brushless.

Charger Input Power: 110-230 VAC, 50-60 HZ, 3 kW.

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Charging Time: 8 hours.

Run Time: 2.5 hours (ezv7501), 1.3 hours (ezv7503).

Charging Cycles: 1000.

Motor RPM: 3600.

Energizer eZV7500 Charging Time & Run Time

The charging time is long. You can get an extra hour of run-time for every hour you spend charging. However, the battery pack itself takes a lot longer to charge (even when the battery pack is partially drained).

When the battery pack is completely drained, the charging time is about 16 hours. During this time, you cannot use the ezv7500 at all. It can be inconvenient if you are in a hurry.

The run-time of the ezv7500 is quite impressive. You can travel about 70 miles on one charge, depending on the terrain you are driving over and how fast you are driving. The maximum speed you can travel on a single charge is 65 mph.

You can get more run-time by slowing down, but during testing it was found that you get the same run-time whether you drive fast or slow. It might be different for you though, depending on how heavy you are pressing on the accelerator.

The ezv7500 has regenerative braking, which means that whenever you let off the accelerator the generator starts charging the battery a little bit. It slows you down a bit, but not as much as using the brakes would. After testing it was found that letting off the accelerator usually adds about one mile of range for every five miles driven.

How Much Does The EZV7500 Cost?

The EZV7500 costs $13,000 (USD). This may seem expensive, but consider that it can replace a car. Even if you include the price of a car in the equation, it would still take years to pay for itself. The ezv7500 can pay for itself even if you only use it to commute to work. If your drive is longer than your run-time, then you can charge it at work and be good to go for the rest of the day.

Electric cars are usually more expensive than gasoline cars. This is because there is a lot more research and development that has been put into gasoline cars and because gasoline cars are a lot simpler (no electric motor or battery pack to worry about). However, cost isn’t the only factor in environmental damage.

The manufacturing process of the ezv7500 is not really any worse for the environment than the manufacturing process of a gasoline car, and in many ways it is better.

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It is the environmental impact of the source of electricity that is most important. In this case, the ezv7500 is 100% electric so the only by-product of its operation is heat. To power the ezv7500 you would need a electricity source capable of generating 3 kW continuously.

This can be provided by a large number of sources, all of which are better for the environment than gasoline.


3 kW of continuous power can be provided by a 3 kW generator running on Bio-diesel (made from plants)

3 kW of continuous power can be provided by a 3 kW water pump running on solar power. (This is the best option if you live in the desert and have access to sunlight).

The electricity does not have to be used continuously. The ezv7500 can be charged during off-peak hours (usually at night) and then used for the rest of the day. During peak hours, your home would be using power from the electricity company but since you would only be running the ezv7500 (and not heating your home or washing clothes or whatever else you do with electricity) your home’s electrical needs would be a lot less.

In some areas your electrical bill might actually go down!

The ezv7500 is a green vehicle that costs less than a dollar per day to operate.

How much does a gallon of gasoline cost?

What Else Can The EZV7500 Do? There are two removable battery packs on the ezv7500. Each battery pack is 12 volts and each battery box can hold 2 6-volt batteries wired together. So, if you got REALLY ambitious you could wire 4 of the battery boxes together to get a 48 volt system.

The original intent of creating the ezv7500 was to be an electric motorcycle. I still might get around to it, but until then the battery boxes can be used for a variety of other purposes. For example, you can wire one up to a 12-volt trolling motor and turn the ezv7500 into a golf cart.

You can also rig up a solar panel to the top and have a slow but free-range all-terrain vehicle.

The beauty of the ezv7500 is that it is incredibly versatile. It’s not just an electric car, it’s an electric platform for all your inventions!


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The Kickstarter goal of $35,000 might seem a little high, but it really isn’t. Manufacturing the first 1,000 ezv7500’s is going to cost around $30,000 (batteries aren’t cheap). I’m also investing some of my own money in the project so that brings us to $35,000.

The rest goes to Kickstarter (5%) and the Amazon fee (5%).

Here are the awesome rewards you can receive for your generous donations (remember all you have to do is hit the “funding completed” button for me to get the money).

EZV Keychain: This keychain is a miniature ezv7500. It doesn’t actually do anything except look cute.

EZV Magnet: This magnet is a miniature ezv7500. It doesn’t actually do anything and it might be dangerous if you stick it to some electronic device (like your heart pacemaker).

EZV Mug: The ezv mug has the ezv7500 and “Electric Vehicle” written on it, just like the real thing.

I really don’t think I need to mention how awesome the t-shirts are. I think the pictures speak for themselves (but if you need more convincing they are made of high quality cotton and silk screens).

EZV T-Shirt: There are three different EZV t-shirts. They are all based on the same graphic but they have different colors.

EZV Ladies’ T-Shirt: This t-shirt is based on the same graphic as the men’s but it is made specifically for women.

EZV Hoodie: This hoodie is based on the same graphic as the men’s but it is made specifically for women (and those who like hoodies).

Energizer eZV7500 Portable Generator Review - realmanguide.net

EZV Jacket: This jacket has all three graphics (men’s, ladies’, and hoodie) printed on the back.

VIP Pass: This is your chance to actually be in an ezv commercial. You can pick the day and the location. If you can get together a group of people we can do a group photo shoot.

If you live outside of Oregon I will pay for your travel expenses (coach class). If you own a business you can be in an ezv commercial without ever having to get on an ezv (I’ll work out some kind of product placement).

EZV Mug, T-Shirt, or Hoodie: All three t-shirt options.

EZV Jacket: Your own personalized ezv jacket.

EZV Battery Box: This is a single battery box. It has it’s own handle for easy transporting (and mounting).

EZV Complete Set: This is all six battery boxes, the wiring harness, and the controller board. This is enough to power one ezv7500 (you still need wheels, a trailer hitch, and a trailer).

ezv Kickstarter Special: All six battery boxes, the wiring harness, and the controller board. This is enough to power two ezv7500’s (you still need wheels, a trailer hitch, and a trailer).

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