EGO Peak Power Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Review

Ego Self Propelled Lawn Mower Review: What Is It?

The ego self propelled lawn mower is a type of electric vehicle (EV) which uses the battery pack to propel itself through the air while using the engine to provide propulsion. The most common model used today are those made by EGO Corporation, a company based out of California. Other brands include Tesla Motors, Fisker Automotive, and others.

The main advantage of these models is their low cost; they typically sell for under $1,000. They are often considered environmentally friendly because they do not emit any greenhouse gases or other pollutants into the atmosphere. Their range is usually between 1/2 mile and 2 miles depending on how powerful the batteries are.

Most models have a top speed of 10 mph or so.

Other advantages of these vehicles include being able to travel over rough terrain with ease, having a longer driving range than gasoline powered cars, and being quieter than gas engines. Some of them even come equipped with solar panels to charge up your phone!

They are also very popular among hobbyists due to their affordability and easy maintenance. They’re also great for families since they don’t require expensive car seats or special training. There are even some models designed specifically for kids’ play!

The only real disadvantages are a limited range and the fact that they must be recharged after under 3 hours of continuous use. They also cannot travel at speeds as fast as some other vehicles and do not have the capabilities of airplanes or boats.

Ego Peak Power Self-Propelled Lawn Mower: What’s It Made Of?

The Ego Peak Power self-propelled lawn mower is made up of a variety of different components. The main body is made of metal and resembles the general shape of a small truck. It is painted green and gray with yellow trim on the bottom. It does have some plastic parts, but it’s mainly made out of durable metal to withstand wear and tear. The seat is comfortable and padded for when the battery runs low or dies altogether.

The mower itself consists of a series of metal blades that spin to cut the grass. It is attached to a metal bar that moves back and forth to cut the grass evenly. The wheels are solid rubber for extra traction and are completely inflatable.

They can also be replaced when they eventually wear down. The charging port is on the back and is sealed with plastic that can be easily removed for recharging.

The blades are very easy to sharpen using a simple whetstone when they get dull. The battery itself is very easy to remove and replace when it eventually dies. You can order a new one from online retailers such as amazon.

The tires are also easy to inflate using a bike pump or compressor, and they can be replaced as well.

Ego Peak Power: Pricing and Warranty.

The Ego peak power retails for around $900 online and can be found at home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. This price is a little high, but it should last you at least 3-5 years before you need to replace the battery or tires. The replacement parts are fairly cheap and can easily be bought online.

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The Ego Peak Power comes with a 1-year limited warranty. This means that the manufacturer will either fix or replace damaged parts for free if something breaks within the first year. If you buy it from a place like Home Depot or Lowes, they might offer an additional extended warranty for an added cost.

Just be sure to save your receipts in case you need to make a warranty claim!

How the Ego Peak Power Compares to Other Models?

The Ego peak power is one of the more expensive models, but it’s worth the money. It comes with a plethora of useful features and will last you several years. It is much heavier than other models, but that’s because it comes with a much larger battery. You won’t have to worry about it dying after only an hour or two of use.

The Ego Peak Power is head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. There are some cheaper models that offer less power or features, but they pale in comparison. The GreenWorks Pro is a close second, but it just doesn’t hold a candle to the Ego.

Other Models to Consider:

Greenworks Pro Model 23602: If you’re looking for something cheaper, then consider the Greenworks Pro. It is similar to the Ego but it doesn’t perform quite as well. It retails for about $700 online and can sometimes be found on sale for $500.

It has a smaller, 40V battery that only lasts about an hour or two. It also only has a range of 15 miles, which is far less than the Ego.

Greenworks is still a good company and their products are solid. It’s just that the Ego offers more for about the same price, so it’s the better choice in this case.

Black+Decker LCS20: If you’re really on a tight budget then consider the Black+Decker. It only has a range of 6 miles and a battery that lasts about an hour at best. It only weighs about 15 pounds and is very cheap at around $300 online.

It also only has a 3 year warranty, which is the shortest of all the models listed here.

It’s a decent trimmer, but it just can’t compete with the others due to its limited range and short battery life. There are some tradeoffs with most products, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

Why You Should Buy the Ego Peak Power:

You want an electric weed eater that lasts all day without having to recharge.

You want the freedom to go anywhere around your home or property without worrying about finding a plug.

You don’t mind spending a little more money for a quality product that will last several years.

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You don’t mind lugging around a heavier weed eater all day long.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Ego Peak Power:

You don’t have that much money to spend on a weed eater. (

But if this is the case, why are you looking at the most expensive models?


You only need your weed eater for small weekly yard jobs.

You don’t want to spend the money on something that you’re just going to have to replace in a few years.

You don’t want to lug around a heavier weed eater all day long.

Why You Should Buy the Ego Peak:

You want an electric trimmer that can do more than just trim grass. It can handle a multitude of jobs such as edging, shrubs, and even small trees.

You want a powerful trimmer that has enough battery life to last all day long without having to recharge.

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