EGO Nexus Power Station Review | Modular Battery Inverter

Ego Nexus Power Station Review | Modular Battery Inverter

The Ego Nexus power station is a modular battery inverter. It comes with three different types of batteries: lead acid, nickel cadmium (NiCd) and lithium ion. These are all rechargeable batteries which have a long life span.

They can be charged up to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes, and they will last for many years without any maintenance or replacement needed.

In addition to these three types of batteries, there are two other modules which make up the system. One is a control module which controls the flow of electricity through the system. The second one is a storage unit where you can store energy generated from your solar panels.

This storage unit does not need to be connected directly to the power station, but it must be plugged into another electrical outlet such as a wall socket or car cigarette lighter socket.

You can charge your batteries using either a standard 110 volt household plug, or a 240 volt automotive plug. If you want to use both plugs, simply connect them together. You do not need to purchase special adapters for each type of outlet.

Just connect the appropriate wires to the outlets.

When it comes time to generate enough electricity to run your home appliances, you can buy extra batteries and store them in the storage unit until you need them again. The included software allows you to monitor your energy usage and control demand charges. When demand charges are in effect, it will automatically prioritize which appliances get the most electricity, and which ones get the least.

If you do not have enough solar panels to charge all of your batteries, you can also use the software to control when your storage unit draws from the power grid.

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This power station is all you need to run your home appliances. It allows you to monitor your energy usage and prioritize what appliances get the most electricity. It has a very small casing that can fit anywhere in your home.

The software is extremely easy to operate, even for non-technical people. This power station is perfect for homes with limited space, or difficult to access buildings.

EGO Power Station

The Ego power station is a modular battery inverter. This means that it converts DC power generated from solar panels into usable AC power at either 120V or 240V. It can also be charged using a standard 110V household power outlet, or a standard automotive power outlet.

This particular model comes with lead-acid batteries, which are the cheapest but also have the shortest lifespan. It can be upgraded to use lithium-ion or ni-cad batteries which have longer lifespans and are cheaper over time, but are more expensive to purchase. The storage unit is not included but can be purchased separately.


Lead-Acid batteries have the cheapest initial cost, but also have the shortest lifespan. They are good for a few years of heavy use before they need to be replaced.

Lithium-Ion batteries last substantially longer and have a medium price tag. They last about ten years with moderate use before needing replacement.

Nickel-Cadmium batteries last the longest and have a higher initial cost, but cheaper over time. They will last up to 25 years with normal use before they need replacement.

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Batteries can be replaced by hand, however if you purchase the storage unit, the power station will take care of battery change.

Size Comparison

Storage Unit

The storage unit is not necessary for the power station to operate. It allows the power station to charge batteries and monitor their usage as well as monitor energy usage of connected appliances. Without the storage unit, you must manually switch out batteries when they run low on power.

The storage unit can be used to prioritize which appliances get the most energy, and is necessary if you want to use your power station to its full potential. The storage unit can be used with any of the available battery types.

The storage unit is stackable, allowing you to have multiple storage units with a single power station. Each additional storage unit increases the load that the power station can handle. For example, a single power station can handle several lights and a refrigerator, but when using a storage unit you can add a coffee maker and toaster oven along with the other appliances without a problem.

The storage unit also monitors the energy being used by devices. This allows you to see which appliances are consuming the most energy, so if you have a tendency to leave the toaster oven on when you’re not home, the storage unit will let you know.


These schematics allow you to build your own solar panels or power stations. They can be purchased directly from the corporation, or you may attempt to hack them from public websites if you have the know how. These schematics are protected by advanced encryption and anti-tampering technology making such attempts near impossible, but not entirely implausible.

If you’re caught illegally downloading these plans, your computer may be hacked and the plans erased, or worse.


You can find a seller on the darknet who can upgrade your power station. The seller is an anonymous figure, known only by their handle ‘E’, and seems to be very knowledgeable about their product. You send them a PM offering their services, and they simply tell you to put the money in an account titled E Inc.

EGO Nexus Power Station Review | Modular Battery Inverter |

The first upgrade increases the power station’s storage ten-fold as well as increasing it’s battery life and energy transfer rate. The second upgrade allows the storage unit to connect to wifi, allowing the station to act as a wifi hotspot and share it’s energy amongst all the devices connected to it.


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