EGO Multi-Head Attachment System Review

Ego Multi Head String Trimmer Review

The EGO Multi-Head String Trimmer is one of the most popular multi-tool kits among DIYers. It is not only used by professional electricians but also by hobbyists.

It was designed with the idea of having all the tools needed for cutting, trimming, drilling and other handy tasks.

It comes in various sizes and configurations so that it can be easily attached to your belt or even strapped onto your wrist. You have a choice between two different types of attachments: a regular knife blade and a screwdriver blade which are both made from stainless steel.

They are both sharpened on opposite sides of the blade.

In addition to these standard attachments there are also special ones like a bottle opener, a bottle cap cutter, a flathead screwdriver and many others. These special attachments can be attached at any time without taking them off.

There is no need to remove the whole unit to use them.

A powerful string trimmer is also included. It has a long reach and is ideal for trimming weeds and grass.

The EGO string trimmer has a comfortable handle with an anti-vibration system that reduces hand fatigue and wrist strain. It also features a handy tool-free quick release button for fast guard, clutch and spool access. This not only makes the process easier but also faster than before.

The unit is very powerful and comes with an automatic oiling system too. This makes it easy to use and requires no maintenance at all.

The EGO string trimmer uses the same 20V battery that every other EGO product does. It has a range of up to 1,000 sq feet on a single charge and gets fully charged in just 45 minutes.

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When fully charged, you can trim for around 70 minutes non-stop.

Why You Should Buy This String Trimmer?

The EGO Power+ string trimmer is very easy to use and does not require any special knowledge or training to get started. It comes with a whole range of attachments and add-ons that let you perform a wide range of tasks around the home or garden. The EGO string trimmer is surprisingly quiet for a battery powered string trimmer, it is around 75% quieter than other leading models on the market. You can trim all day long without experiencing any fatigue or discomfort. The range of this unit is also impressive since you can use it for up to an hour without having to change the battery or recharge it.

The EGO string trimmer has a powerful 2-stroke engine which means that there are no ongoing fuel or oil costs. It also produces very little emissions so you do not have to worry about the harm that it could be causing the environment or your health.

The EGO string trimmer is one of the most reliable and powerful cordless units on the market. It has a huge range of attachments that let it do a whole host of tasks around the home or garden.

You can use it to edge walkways, fences and driveways, trim grass and weeds or clear foliage. It is even powerful enough to cut through light brush and small trees up to an inch in diameter.

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