EGO Commercial String Trimmer STX3800 Review

Ego Commercial String Trimmer STX3800 Review: What Is EGO Commercial String Trimmer?

The term “commercial” refers to any business or organization that sells goods or services. The word “trim” means to remove something from its original shape or form, usually for use in another purpose. For example, if you are trimming trees down so they don’t block your driveway, you would cut them off at their base rather than the top.

String trimmers are similar to tree pruners. They are used primarily for removing branches, leaves and other debris from strings, but they can also be used to remove unwanted material from strings when performing maintenance.

The main difference between these two types of string trimmers is the type of power source required. Most string trimmers require batteries (batteries not included) while most tree pruners do not.

There are many different brands of commercial string trimmer available today. Some are made with high quality materials such as stainless steel; others may have cheap plastic parts.

There are also some models which come in multiple colors.

The most popular model among string trimmers is the EGO STX3800 series. These string trimmers feature a powerful motor, long life battery and easy operation.

Other popular models include the EGO STX3500 series and the EGO STX3000 series.

Why Should You Use an EGO STX3800 Series?

Most people decide to purchase an EGO STX3800 series because they have heard good things about them from friends. Not only do they hear good things about this specific model, but they also hear good things about EGO brand in general, and are eager to expand into the extensive line EGO has to offer. Most people who try an EGO string trimmer once, end up sticking with the brand for future purchases. There are multiple reasons why EGO brand is so popular, and why the EGO STX3800 series in particular is so great.

Reason 1: Long-lasting Batteries

All EGO string trimmers come with a 36V battery. These batteries are long lasting and can be used for extended periods of time without needing to be recharged or replaced.

If you only have light trimming and cutting jobs, then one battery can last you the entire day without needing to be charged. If you have a lot of heavy trimming, then you may need to charge the battery in between uses if you are physically unable to do so. There have been reports that EGO STX3800 series batteries have lasted for up to five years when properly cared for, however if your usage is more frequent, then replacement would be necessary after two to three years.

Reason 2: Powerful Motor

The motor of most string trimmers is typically not as powerful as that of a lawnmower or other yard maintenance equipment. This is because they are only used for light trimming jobs around the yard.

The motor on the EGO STX3800 series is more powerful than other string trimmers of a similar size, allowing you to cut through thicker weeds and grass with ease.

Reason 3: Easy to Use

EGO Commercial String Trimmer STX3800 Review -

One of the best things about the EGO STX3800 series is how easy it is to use. The battery easily snaps onto the bottom of the device, and a single trigger starts the trimmer.

No complicated set up is necessary before use. In addition, the grip is designed to prevent hand fatigue during extended use.

Reason 4: Quiet

While most string trimmers are known for their loud engines, the EGO STX3800 series is noticeably quieter than most other string trimmers on the market. If you are bothered by loud noises, then this is an excellent choice for you.

Reason 5: High Quality

The build quality of the EGO STX3800 series is one of the best out there. The plastic body is durable and the metal components are high quality, ensuring that the trimmer will last for many years to come with the right care.

Reason 6: Multiple Attachments

Not only can the EGO STX3800 series trim grass, but it can also cut through weeds and even nuts with its 5.4Ah and 2.0Ah attachments.

The extended power of the 5.4Ah battery allows you to cut through thicker patches of weeds as well. This allows you to tackle any yard maintenance tasks with a single tool.

Should You Purchase an EGO STX3800?

If you are in the market for a string trimmer, then the EGO STX3800 series is definitely the way to go. It is one of the best models on the market, and has many outstanding features. If you are still on the fence, go ahead and check out the reviews on Amazon where hundreds of verified customers have left their feedback on this model.

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