EGO Commercial Hedge Trimmer HTX6500 Review

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The EGO HTX Series Hedge Trimmers are designed with the most demanding users in mind. They feature a powerful motor that can easily cut through thick branches or even large trees without breaking a sweat. Their compact size makes them easy to carry around and they’re also portable enough to take anywhere.

The HTX series features a sleek design that’s perfect for any office or home environment where space isn’t at a premium.


• Powerful motor with 1/2 HP motor delivers fast cutting speeds.

• Compact size means it fits into tight spaces and is easy to transport.

• Powerful LED light gives you the ability to see what you’re doing during your workday.

• Easy-to-read LCD screen displays all functions and settings so you don’t have to look at a manual or instruction sheet.

• Automatic power-off when not in use.


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Model Name: HTX6500 (HTX = High Torque)

Motor Type: Brushless Motor

Max Power Output: 25W / 2.1A @ 12V / 0.5A @ 5V

Max Amps Per Charge: 6 – 8 Max Amps per charge depending on configuration and usage conditions. Battery voltage must be above 4.0V before testing.

Charge Time: 3 Hours (2 Amps Charger)

Weight: 1.87 Pounds (0.85 Kilo)

Length: 18 Inches (45.7cm)

Width: 3.5 Inches (8.9cm)

Height: 8.2 Inches (20.8cm)

Chainsaw Type: 2 Stroke 40.3cc, 4.5” Chainsaw

Chainsaw Bar Type: 0.05 Inch (1.3mm) Low Noi

Chainsaw Line Type: Regular .065” (1.65mm) Low Noise

Package Contents:

1 Ego Power+ HTX6500 40.3cc Chainsaw (4.5”)

EGO Commercial Hedge Trimmer HTX6500 Review on

1 Ego Power+ 4.5” Chainsaw Bar (0.05” / 1.3mm Low Noise)

1 Ego Power+ 4.5” Chainsaw Chain (Regular 0.065” / 1.65mm)

1 Extra Ego Power+ 40.3cc 4.5” Chainsaw Chain (Medium-Hard 0.050” / 1.27mm)

1 Ego 2-Tool Bag (Case)

3 Year Full Warranty

Important Safety Information:

Always wear eye protection and approved ear protection. Also wear long pants, shirt, and boots when operating this unit. Inspect your unit for wear and tear before use and don’t use if any parts are damaged or missing.

Keep all parts of your body away from the chain and monitor the position of the chain at all times. Do not overreach or try to trim branches that are stuck or hard to cut.

Do not start or operate this unit while you’re barefoot or wearing open-back clogs, sandals, or while wearing loose clothing that may become caught in moving parts.

Do not operate this hedge trimmer/chainsaw after consuming alcohol or any sort of drugs or medication.

Do not operate this hedge trimmer/chainsaw if you’re tired or fatigued.

Do not allow children to operate this unit.

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Inspect the area before using this tool. Don’t operate it in areas with loose clothing, sandals, or any other item that may get caught in moving parts. Keep all people and pets at least 20 feet (6m) away from the unit during operation.

Only use this hedge trimmer/chainsaw in well-ventilated areas.

Do not pull the trigger quickly. This can cause the machine to accelerate suddenly, resulting in loss of control. Only apply pressure on the trigger when you are cutting.

Avoid sudden stops or striking the unit against hard objects.

Keep the nails and screws on your property. This tool’s chain can kick and cause serious injury.

Don’t over-tighten the chain. It should not be tight enough to bend the bar but just enough to keep the links tight.

Don’t wear any jewelry or clothing that dangles or could get caught in the chain.

Do not cut damaged cords or cables. Unplug a damaged extension cord before using this tool.

Ego Power+ Hedge Trimmer (HTX6500) with 40.3cc, 5.5″ Bar and 0.065″ Chain


EGO Commercial Hedge Trimmer HTX6500 Review at

1 Ego Power+ 40.3cc Hedge Trimmer with 5.5″ Bar and 0.065″ Chain

1 Extra Ego Power+ 40.3cc Hedge Trimmer Bar (5.5″ Bar)

1 Extra Ego Power+ 40.3cc Hedge Trimmer Chain (0.065″

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