EGO Commercial Backpack Battery BAX1501

The Batteries for Power Tools are used in various types of electric tools such as: saws, drills, routers, etc. There are different kinds of batteries for power tools. For example there are lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries and nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries. Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries have better energy density than NiCd cells. Li-ion batteries are also cheaper.

Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries are rechargeable, but they do not last as long as NiCd or lead acid batteries. They must be recharged every few months to two years depending on usage.

In addition, Li-ion batteries have some drawbacks. First of all, they require a charge before they can be used again. Second, their life span is shorter than those of other batteries. Third, the voltage drop when charging them increases with time and thus reduces their capacity over time.

Nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries are non-rechargeable and do not need to be charged once they reach full capacity. They can be recharged several hundred times and last for five to ten years.

On the other hand, they are toxic and heavy and have not been made in many years. They are now considered obsolete.

Lead acid batteries have a low self-discharge rate, which means they can sit around for a long time before being used and still be effective. They have more power than other types of batteries and can be charged and discharged more than 1,000 times. They last for one to two years and are cheap.

One of the main drawbacks with this type of battery is that they can be very heavy. They are also large and have a short life span. The lead in them is also toxic.

When using any type of battery, your safety should always be your number one priority. Batteries can explode or cause fires if used improperly. Be sure to read the instructions that come with your product and use only batteries designed for it.

Do not try to recharge a non-rechargeable battery and never put a standard rechargeable battery (such as those in a digital camera or cordless phone) in a charger meant for a AA or AAA size.

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When charging any battery, make sure the area is well ventilated and keep the battery away from any flammable materials. Always wear eye protection when working with batteries and make sure to wear protective gloves as well.


This is a high capacity, 15 Amp Hour, 12 Volt Battery designed for Commercial & Industrial Applications. The EGO Series offers a wide range of options to meet your professional needs.

Multiple Heavy-Duty Backpack or Wheeled Battery Packs

Featuring a state of the art Lithium Iron Phosphate battery chemistry, this battery offers extreme durability, shock and vibration resistance, and competitive weight-to-energy density. These batteries are extremely safe and can be mounted in almost any position. They also offer high amp draw capabilities and unparalleled protection from discharge on short circuit, over current, over load, over charge and over temperature conditions.

Choose the battery best suited for your particular application, from our selection of backpacks or wheeled batteries. All batteries feature a built in battery management system (BMS) with charger. All you have to do is connect a battery to a load and it will automatically regulate the current going to and from the battery to ensure safe operation and long life. Each battery comes pre-wired with alligator clamps (for safety reasons, the alligator clamps cannot be unclipped).

For most common applications, no other equipment is necessary.

Multiple Charging Options

The EGO battery series comes with a built in charger. The charger automatically regulates the current going to and from the battery in order to ensure safe operation and long life. Most common applications can be accomplished by simply hooking the alligator clamps directly to a power supply. For those with more elaborate needs, an optional external Charger can be purchased separately.

The external charger can fully charge a battery in as little as 3 hours and is capable of recharging 4 batteries simultaneously.


EGO Commercial Backpack Battery BAX1501 -

The Ego comes with 24 speed settings . This allows the user to control the speed when working, saving wear and tear on the equipment and getting the job done faster. The torque sensor gives tactile feedback to the operator through the trigger allowing the operator to match the power output to their individual preferences.


The adjustable ergonomic design of this battery pack provides operator comfort whether using the product for short periods or extended use. This battery can be worn on the back with a padded back support harness or carried like a backpack. The durable nylon construction protects the battery from the elements and accidental drops. The battery can also be locked to prevent unauthorized use.


The Ego comes with a commercial grade quality and will never require replacement parts from third party companies.


This unit is available in a convenient toolbox with a lift-out tray and pre-cut holes for easy cable management. The tray can be easily removed allowing quick access to the internal battery. This allows the battery to be charged inside the box without having to remove it first. This model is also available in a durable steel construction for use in industrial settings.

*The exact weight of the Ego Series Battery Pack may very depending on the cell composition and battery management system. Heavier battery packs will have a higher payload capacity.

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