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Ego Leaf Blower Review: What Is It?

The ego leaf blower is a type of fan which uses a small amount of air pressure to blow cool or warm air through a series of holes in the top. These fans are usually made from plastic, but some models may include metal parts such as blades. They have been used since the early 1900’s when they were first invented. Today, most brands make these types of fans, and there are many different designs available. Some of them are very quiet, while others produce a loud noise. There are even models with built-in fans so that they do not need to be attached to your computer.

What Does It Do?

These fans are designed to increase airflow over a larger area than other types of fans. When the fan is operating at its maximum speed, it will draw heat out of the system and expel it outside. If the fan is running too slow, it will draw heat out of the system slowly.

How Does It Work?

When you turn on your computer, it draws power from the wall and turns on all of its components. The fan then draws in air through a series of holes and blows it across your system to keep everything cool. This helps prevent overheating problems because cooler air can circulate around your PC better than hot air can.

Are There Different Types?

Yes, there are many different types of fans available in the market. The basic models have two or three standard blades and look similar to a helicopter propeller. Other types of fans include desk fans, which are usually plugged directly into a wall outlet and do not require batteries or electricity. There are also tower fans, which look like small cooling towers and usually blow air from side to side. These are designed to sit on top of your desk and have a small base and a narrow midsection that is wider on the top. If you want to use the fan while you are sleeping or away from your desk, there are clip-on fans that you can carry around with you.

Do You Need One?

If your computer overheats or if it suffers from circulation problems, then you may need to buy a fan for it. These types of fans are usually quiet and do not make much noise, so they are perfect if you need to use your computer while you are sleeping. You can find quiet fans that sit on your desk, which can provide a soothing white noise without the loud hum of a cooling fan.

Who Might Use One?

Anyone who owns a computer may find that they need to buy a fan for it. Many computers today come with built-in fans to help prevent overheating problems. However, these fans can break or wear out over time. This means that you may need to replace your fan if it stops working properly. You should also replace your computer fan if you notice that it is making a strange noise or if the sound of the fan changes rapidly. Overheating can also cause problems for your computer, so you may wish to buy a new one if yours is malfunctioning.

Tips & Tricks

You should regularly clean the fan that comes with your computer to prevent overheating problems. Dust tends to pile up on the blades and interfere with the fan’s ability to circulate air properly. You can use a compressed air duster to blow away dust and other debris from the blades of the fan.

If you do not own a compressed air duster, you can try using a cloth or tissue instead. You should also blow in the area around the blades to get rid of any dust or dirt that has built up in the surrounding area.


It is extremely important to never spray a compressed air duster directly at your computer fan. While it may get rid of the dust and debris, the force of the air from the duster may also damage your fan and prevent it from working altogether. Always point the compressed air duster at the floor or away from your computer if you want to prevent possible damage.


You can buy a new computer fan for your system at most computer stores. It is unlikely that you will need to replace your computer fan more than once every two or three years, however, so you may not need to buy a new one very often. You can also find used fans at garage sales and on online classified sites, such as eBay.

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