ECHO PB-770T Backpack Blower Review

Echo PB-770T Backpack Blower Review

The Echo PB-770T backpack blower review is one of the best backpack air compressors available today. It is not only affordable but it is also reliable and durable. You will find out why when you read our full review. If you are looking for a good quality backpacking pack compressor then look no further than the Echo PB-770T.

What makes this compressor so great?

It is very easy to use. The user interface is intuitive and simple. It does all the work for you. There are no complicated settings or buttons to fiddle with. Just turn on the unit, press start and go! The unit’s powerful motor works like a charm even under heavy loads. Its compact size makes it perfect for backpacks, duffel bags and other small gear cases where space isn’t an issue. It comes with a 1 year warranty against defects.

How Does the Echo PB-770T Backpack Blower Work?

The PB-770T is a high performance backpack air compressor which uses two powerful fans to create a powerful suction force on your items such as clothing, shoes, bags and more. With its built in rubberized dust filter, you can enjoy long lasting cleaning without having to worry about bacteria growing inside your gear.

What are the Key Features of the PB-770T?

Lightweight and Durable: Weighing only 8.8 pounds, this is one of the lightest backpack air compressors out in the market today. It also features a fiberglass reinforced nylon chassis which makes it extremely durable.

Reliable and Powerful: This powerful unit comes with a 210cc professional grade engine that will keep you going for hours. Thanks to its two counter-rotating fans, this unit can deliver an air flow of up to 290 CFM. Thanks to its efficient design, you get a steady flow of air without all the noise you would normally hear from other bulky units.

2:1 Gear Reduction: The PB-770T also has a 2:1 gear reduction system which eliminates load fluctuation and decreases the loading on engine. It also results in less fuel consumption.

Stainless Steel Fins: This feature helps to keep the noise levels down when in operation. It also keeps the unit cooler for a longer period since less heat is absorbed.

Rubberized Base: The base of the compressor has a rubberized surface which helps stabilize and secure it from moving or slipping away. It also protects the machine from damages.

What are the Specifications of the PB-770T?

The Echo PB-770T backpack blower weighs 8.8 pounds and has a shipping weight of 23 pounds

It is 11 inches long, 16.5 inches wide and 32.5 inches tall

The engine is a powerful professional grade 210cc 0.755 HP engine

The tank holds up to 4.4 pints and can deliver up to 290 CFM

The engine operates at 105 dBa and uses unleaded fuel

The machine comes with a 1 year warranty

Pros of the Echo PB-770T Backpack Blower

ECHO PB-770T Backpack Blower Review on

The unit is accurate when it comes to air flow. You can easily control the exact amount of pressure and force.

It is very easy to start up every time.

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