Echo 58V Hedge Trimmer Review

Echo 58V Hedge Trimmer Review: What Is An Electric Hedge Trimmer?

An electric hedge trimmer is a type of mowing machine that uses electricity to cut through vegetation. They are used for various purposes such as trimming hedges, removing weeds from driveways and sidewalks, pruning trees and shrubs, and other similar tasks. These machines have been around since the late 1800’s when they were first introduced into homes. Today, these machines are still being manufactured and sold.

The main advantages of using an electric hedge trimmer over manual mowers are:

No need to hire someone else to do it for you. You don’t even have to leave your home! (Unless you want to) No tools required.

All you need is a hand held electric mower or a power saw. They come with all the attachments needed for any job. You can use them anywhere – at anytime! They require no maintenance. There is no need to replace batteries, oil or gas.

Another advantage of an electric hedge trimmer is that you can get one for cheap. Many models start at under $100 which makes them very affordable compared to other types of machinery. The cost savings comes from less labor costs and lower energy bills due to their low running costs.

How Does An Electric Hedge Trimmer Work?

Here is how an electric hedge trimmer works:

The motor is connected to the blades which spins at a high speed of up to ten times per second. The motor uses electricity. You plug it into a power outlet and away you go.

An electric hedge trimmer is perfect for smaller gardens and yards, but as mentioned earlier, they can also be used for large-scale projects in industrial areas too. They are very convenient and easy to use.

The Blades

Electric hedge trimmers all have one thing in common, which is their blades. A hedge trimmer’s blade is usually covered with a protective metal shield to prevent the operator from getting hurt. They also feature a dead man’s switch which stops the machine if your hand ever loses contact with it.

This prevents injuries and accidents from happening. Some hedge trimmers use a curved blade that resembles a sickle. They are ideal for quick and efficient cutting of shrubs, tall grass, and hedges.

If you are looking to buy an electric hedge trimmer, you now know how they work. If you need more information about a specific brand or model, do your research. Online forums are a great place to start.

Just make sure you’re reading the opinions of people who actually own the product. Online shopping is also a very popular option today.

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These machines are not complicated and there’s really no reason to overspend on a brand name if you’re just occasional user. Just buy what you can afford and remember, the important thing is that it gets the job done!

Which brings us to our next point…

How To Choose The Best Hedge Trimmer For You?

If all you plan on doing is trimming the hedges around your home, then any cheap hedge trimmer will do the job. But if you want to tackle bigger projects such as tall grass, shrubs and anything in between, then you’re going to need to buy a more powerful machine. The more power a machine has, the more expensive it will be.

Here are some other questions to ask yourself before buying a hedge trimmer:

What kind of power source do you want?

(Gas or electricity)

How much are you willing to spend?

How tall are the hedges you need to cut?

What other features do you want? (Straight blades or curved blades?


Here is a simple chart that can help you choose what type of hedge trimmer is best for you.

As you can see, there are many different types of hedge trimmers out there. The type you choose all depends on your personal preference and what you will be using it for. Even if you don’t have the money to buy a brand new one outright, you can almost always buy a good used one at a dealership or online auctions.

Look around, do your research and before you know it, your hedges will finally be trimmed to your liking!

How To Maintain and Care For Your Hedge Trimmer?

Even the best hedge trimmers eventually need to be cleaned and oiled. This stops them from jamming and allows them to run smoothly. It’s a pretty easy process that does not require any special knowledge. You just need a few tools and about 30 minutes of time.

Here is what you need to do:

Grab your toolbox and lay out all the tools you’ll need. Wrench



Cleaning Brush

Lubricating Oil

Clean Rags Unplug your hedge trimmer and wait for it to cool down. This is an important safety tip. Make sure there are no kids or pets in the yard, just in case.

Lay your hedge trimmer on its side and remove the casing that protects the blade. Some models have a screw that holds it in place while others use a snap on clip. Once the casing is off, remove all the attachments and pieces that came off with it. Place them aside; you’ll re-assemble them later. Using the cleaning brush and rags, start to clean out all the dead grass and gunk that has built up around the inside of the casing. This is where using a regular screwdriver or prying tool can help. Also make sure you clean out all the crevices and corners where dirt and sand may have built up. Using the rag, apply some lubricating oil to all the moving parts. This includes the blade, all the joints in the housing and anything else that moves. Be generous with the amount of oil you use, you can always wipe off any excess. Re-assemble your tool and then pull on each part to make sure it’s snapping into place and isn’t wobbly. If using a corded hedge trimmer, re-attach the blade casing. If using a cordless hedge trimmer, place the casing on the back of the tool and re-insert the screws.

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Follow these steps every time you use your hedge trimmer and they’ll serve you well for many years to come.

Where Can I Find The Best Deals On Hedge Trimmers?

Almost any big box store like The Home Depot or Lowes will do. They usually have good everyday prices on tools.

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