Echo 58 Volt Blower (Model CBL-58V2AH) Review

Echo Battery Problems?

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Why the CBL-58V2AH is Hot!

Are you tired of using gas powered leaf blowers, and wish there was a greener alternative?

Well, the CBL-58V2AH by Echo might be the leaf blower for you. The Echo Leaf Blower is a battery powered tool that uses air flow and speed rather than gas and fumes to do the job. The battery allows the air to be blown out at speeds as high as 270mph. This makes it perfect for people with small yards and large driveways. If you only need to clear light dust on your driveway or sidewalk, then the low speed setting will do the job just fine and will save you on battery life as well.

The CBL-58V2AH is also designed to be very safe to use. The air flow is designed to shoot debris away from the user at all times. This keeps the user from having any debris thrown back into their face.

It also has a ring of LED lights around the tip of the nozzle to allow the user to see what they are blowing without straining their eyes.

The CBL-58V2AH comes with an automatic charging system so the battery can be charged as soon as it runs low on power. A full charge can last up to 40 minutes.

So if you need a greener leaf blower, then the new CBL-58V2AH by Echo is perfect for you.

10 Reasons to Buy This New Release!

Echo 58 Volt Blower (Model CBL-58V2AH) Review from our website

1. The CBL-58V2AH uses air flow rather than gas and fumes to blow leaves and other debris away.

It is much easier on your yard and the environment as a whole.

2. The CBL-58V2AH can blow air at speeds as high as 270mph yet still be very easy to handle and remains safe to use due to the way the air flow is directed.

3. The CBL-58V2AH uses a battery pack that holds a charge for up to 40 minutes of constant use.

A full charge can be achieved in only 2 hours.

4. The CBL-58V2AH comes with an automatic charging system that will charge the battery as soon as it gets low, so you don’t have to remember to plug it in.

5. The CBL-58V2AH has an adjustable nozzle ring with 10 different settings so you can easily move from blowing leaves to blowing dirt off car windows or any other light cleaning task quickly and easily.

6. The CBL-58V2AH has 10 LED lights built right into the nozzle ring so you can see what you’re blowing even if there is no light at all.

7. The CBL-58V2AH’s handle is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and has special shock absorbing abilities to reduce fatigue and wear on your hands and arms after long use.

Echo 58 Volt Blower (Model CBL-58V2AH) Review from our website

8. The CBL-58V2AH is very easy to maneuver due to its light weight and small size so even if the battery runs low you can still finish the job without having to stop and recharge.

9. The CBL-58V2AH comes with a 3 year full manufacturer’s warranty just in case anything should malfunction or break.

10. The CBL-58V2AH also comes with a money back satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not absolutely happy with your leaf blower, you can return it within 30 days and get all your money back, no questions asked.

With so many great features and a full 3 year warranty, the CBL-58V2AH is the leaf blower you have been waiting for.

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