EB Tools KwickGripper Review

Kwick Gripper Lowe’s Nail Pulling Tool Review

The following are some of the most common questions and concerns regarding the kwick gripper lowe’s nail pulling tool:

1) How do I use it? To remove your nails from your shoes or boots, simply place one end of the flexible plastic handle into your shoe or boot and grasp with your other hand.

Then squeeze gently until you feel a slight resistance. If you don’t have any nails in your shoes or boots, just apply pressure to the top of the sole and let go. You’ll know when your nails are removed because they will no longer protrude from the bottom of your foot.

2) Will it hurt my feet if I use it? No!

Although there is a small amount of force required to pull out all those little fingernails, the kwick gripper won’t cause damage to your toes or heels. And it won’t leave you feeling like you’ve been kicked in the face either.

3) What kind of nails does it work on? It works best on thick, tough to reach nails such as those found under the toenails and on the inside of your heel.

But it will get rid of even the smallest ones.

4) Will it get rid of all the little ingrown toenails on my feet? Yes.

In fact, it will even get rid of those painful black spots that form under your nails after you’ve been wearing the same shoes for too long.

5) Should I use it on my fingernails too? While you can, it’s not really necessary to do so.

It will work on your fingernails the same way it works on toenails.

6) Will this product be around for a long time? Yes.

We pride ourselves in providing products that are built to last and we back that up with a solid warranty. Ebtools is a company you can count on!

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We hope this information helps you make an informed buying decision. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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What Is It?

The Kwick Gripper is a nail pulling tool. It works by placing the ball of your foot on the plastic foot plate and gently squeezing the handles to place pressure on your toenails. The Kwick Gripper should be able to grab the flatter, broader toenails without too much force. If pressure is required to flatten the nails, you may want to consider an alternative, such as using pliers. The Kwick Gripper is designed to grab the thicker, tougher toenails (especially those that have grown inward toward the toe). If your toenail is very thick and tough, it can be used as a lever to pull the toenail out enough for the thinner nail inside to come out.

Why Use It?

Have terrible ingrown toenails that cause you pain when you walk? Are you tired of trying to dig the embedded toenail out with a tool or your finger only to have it break off and then having to dig out the piece that broke off? Does it hurt so bad that you don’t want to go barefoot because you’re afraid of brushing up against something that will cause extreme pain? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Kwick Gripper is for you! You’ll be able to get those stubborn nails out quickly and easily so you can get on with your life.

How Does It Work?

The Kwick Gripper is designed to fit most feet and comes in 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large. The small size is for women’s 4-5 or men’s 6-

7. The medium size is for women’s 6.

5-8.5 or men’s 7.5-9.5, and the large size is for women’s 9-11 or men’s 10-12.

If you aren’t sure what size you will need, check the size of your foot against a measuring tape.

The Kwick Gripper should be placed at the base of the toenail. Then you should gently squeeze the handles to apply pressure to the toenail. The Kwick Gripper works by grabbing the very tip of the toenail and pulling it out.

You should be able to feel the Kwick Gripper grab the toenail. You can then slide the tool back toward the toe to remove the nail. For some toenails, you may not need to move the tool at all. If you have a thicker toenail or if the toenail is ingrown, you may need to use the tool as a lever. After the Kwick Gripper grabs the toenail, you can rock it back and forth to widen the nail enough that you can grab a piece of the thicker nail to remove it.

What Comes With It?

The Kwick Gripper set includes one pair of pliers and a carrying case. The pliers come in a hard clamshell type case for easy storage and portability. You’ll never lose your pliers at the bottom of your purse again!

Maintenance and Care

The Kwick Gripper should not rust if proper care is taken. To clean, use rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to wipe down the pliers. The carrying case is designed to act as a drying station for your pliers.

If excess moisture is left on the pliers, it may cause them to rust if stored for an extended period of time.

The Kwick Gripper is not a luxury product, and we have priced it to be affordable, so if you need a new pair every couple of years, that’s perfectly fine. Also, because the tool pulls rather than cuts, there is no need to replace the pliers themselves. You should never need to buy new pliers after the first time.

What Size Do I Need?

If you have a small foot, the small size will probably fit you just fine. The large size is only for people who typically wear men’s large shoes. Check the sizing chart to be sure.

My Dog Ate Part Of My Kwick Gripper, Can I Still Use It?

Yes, the Kwick Gripper is made of very durable materials and can stand up to even the toughest chewers. Keep the Kwick Gripper away from your dog and you will not have any problems.

Does This Work On Toenails Too?

While the Kwick Gripper does work on toenails, it can be a little tricky. If you are able to pull off the toenail like you would a fingernail, then great! But if not, you can use the tool to pry the toenail out.

What Are The Nails Made Of? Will They Rust?

The Kwick Gripper works on metal nails and wood nails. Some woods are more difficult than others, so you may need to use a little extra force with some types of wood. The metal nail will stay the same color, but the wood nail may darken over time due to its exposure to air. This will not cause any harm and should not affect the way the tool works. Just like when your nails grow out and you don’t wash your hands, the natural oils from your skin will darken the wood over time, even if you keep it oiled.

How Do I Get The Nail Out?

There are a couple of techniques that can be used to remove the nail from the Kwick Gripper. The first way is to open the pliers and press down on the nail while pulling up on the handle. This can be a little difficult if the pliers are too small to grasp the handle.

The second way, which is easier for smaller nails, is to slide the pliers completely over the nail and then twist the pliers to the left or right. This will loosen the grip of the pliers enough that you can pull the nail out.

What Is The Warranty?

The Kwick Gripper has a full lifetime warranty. We will repair or replace your tool free of charge if you experience any problems with it. You must include $5 for return shipping and the problem must not be caused by abuse.

Does It Come In Any Colors?

This campaign is to raise money for the first production of the Kwick Gripper. At this time, we do not have plans to add any additional colors or designs. We may consider adding new colors in the future depending upon demand, so let us know you want one!

Is My Credit Card Information Safe?

Absolutely. We use PayPal for our site’s shopping cart. They are very protective of their users and, while they don’t guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong, they make sure that you are not responsible for any fraudulent charges. In the very unlikely event that your credit card information is compromised, you are never responsible for more than $50 USD.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship Kwick Grippers internationally using USPS. The shipping cost is built into the pledge levels on the right. Please be aware of any duty or tariff fees that may be applied upon delivery.

Can I Have A Sample To Try Before I Pledge?

Not yet! We are still finalizing the details on our production process, but you can rest assured that a quality product is coming your way. If you like the idea of the Kwick Gripper, we think you will be very satisfied with the real thing.

How Do I Pledge?

It’s easy! Click on the Kickstarter logo at the top of this page and it will take you to our Kickstarter campaign. Look over the pledge levels on the right and find one that suits you. Each level has a description that should explain the basics of what is included. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

When Will I Receive My Kwick Gripper?

While we would love to be able to promise you a Kwick Gripper for this Christmas, the reality is that it will still be December before we are ready to ship. Between production and shipping time, we expect it will be mid-January before you receive your tool. You will, however, be among the first to own one!


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