Duo-Fast FloorMaster 250BN 16-Gauge Angled Flooring Nailer Review

Duo-Fast FloorMaster 250BN 16 Gauge Angled Flooring Nailer Review

The Duo-Fast FloorMaster 250BN 16 gauge angled nailer is one of the best priced nailing machines on the market today. The price tag makes it very affordable for anyone looking to build a new home or remodel their existing house.

The product comes with everything you need to get started including the stand, two adjustable nails, a dust pan and storage bag.

In the following review I will share my thoughts on how well this nailer performs.

Features & Specifications:

Brand: Duo-Fast Brand Name: FloorMaster Model Number: 250BN Capacity (Nails): 1/2″ x 3/4″ Capacity (Nails) (WxHxL): 4’6″ x 2’0″ Weight (Kg.): 6 lbs.

Length (in.): 29 in. Width (in.): 19 in. Depth (in.): 14 in. Height (in.) : 9 in. Price: $299.99

Design & Build Quality:

I love the design of this nailer! It looks like a large drill press but it’s much smaller and lighter weight than that tool!

The front panel is made from heavy duty steel which gives it strength while still allowing easy access to all the controls and features you’d expect from a high quality machine.

The handle and trigger are made from durable plastic which makes it easy to use the machine with just one hand (even when standing on a ladder). The large track that the flooring slides across is made from high impact plastic.

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While this material might not prove as durable as steel, it allows the construction of a machine that is much lighter weight which becomes a major factor when working at high locations like a ladder.

The only thing I didn’t really care for is the storage bag. It looks like a cheap after thought and the zipper is located on the bottom of the bag making it very difficult to actually get the machine in or out of the bag.

The only way I’ve found to do it is to turn the bag inside out first.

Power & Performance:

This nailer is capable of firing off a complete line of staples or nails with a single trigger pull. If you only require a single line just pull the trigger and the job is done!

If you require two lines, all you have to do is continue to hold the trigger down and it will continue firing until you release it. This is great when working with thicker materials. You can set it up to fire in single or double lines and the dial is clearly marked so that you can see what setting its currently on.

This tool requires an air compressor to run. It cannot be operated with electricity which may prove to be a major drawback for some people.

My advice would be to only buy this unit if you already have an air compressor available. If not, you may want to look into a plug in electric unit.

The maximum operating pressure for this nailer is 120 psi. It uses 1/2 inch plastic air tubes which are not included with the tool.

You will need to purchase them seperately (they are relatively cheap and easy to find at most home improvement stores).

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