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Duo-Fast Staple Gun: Dual Fast Staple Gun

Dual fast staple gun is a type of nailgun where one or two guns are used instead of just one. These dual fast staple guns have been around since the early 20th century but they were not widely available until recently due to cost and time constraints. Nowadays there are several types of dual fast staple guns available including single speed, double speed, and triple speed ones.

The main advantage of using dual fast staples is that it allows for faster work with less downtime. Also, because each gun works independently, the nails do not need to be placed in a specific order and the job can be completed much quicker than if all three guns were used together. However, there are some disadvantages to using dual fast staples such as having only one gun working at any given time and having to wait longer between each shot.

There are also other advantages to using dual fast staples such as being able to use different sizes of nails without needing to change out the guns. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting your hand while trying to remove a nail from one gun while attempting to place a nail into another gun.

How Does Duo-Fast Staple Gun Work?

A dual fast staple gun consists of two separate guns which are connected by a series of belts or straps. The main trigger controls both guns and works in much the same way as a single gun. These guns can be loaded one at a time or at the same time depending on your preferences and as such, whether you are loading strip staples or wire staples.

These guns work by means of a pusher which is connected to a drive belt connected to either a motor or a manual hand crank. The guns themselves consist of a magazine which holds the staples, a barrel where the nails are placed, and then an anvil which holds the finished product. The actual stapling mechanism works by first forcing the staple through a slit in the anvil which pushes it out the other end where it can be grabbed and hammered down using a hardened spike.

Once the staple has gone through the material you want to fasten it will be bent over on itself using a pair of pliers or other tools.

These guns can be used to fasten materials such as roofing materials, flooring materials, and even insulation. You can also use these guns to fasten material around electrical wiring. These guns are fairly easy to use but care does need to be taken around your fingers as you could get seriously hurt if you are not careful.

Not every job is suited to a dual fast staple gun and as such you need to make sure that you are purchasing the correct tools for the job. If you are working with something light such as roofing material then it will not be necessary to use the dual fast staple gun as a normal nail gun would be more than suitable. However, if you are working on something heavy duty such as hardwood flooring then these types of guns are definitely what you need.

Common Types of Fasteners Used in Dual Fast Staple Guns


Staples are widely available and can be used for a variety of different jobs. They consist of two or more prongs which will go through your material and then bend over on itself to fasten the material in place. Most staplers come with a strip of metal which has been pre-stapled together.

Others will require manual insertion.


Nails are very similar to staples and like staples they consist of a head and a shank. The main difference between the two is that nails do not fold over themselves but instead are bent when they go through your material. Nails are generally more popular than staples as they tend to be easier to use.

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When you think of tacks you probably think of the little ones that are used in cork boards. However, there are larger tacks which can be used for a variety of jobs. They consist of a large head and a long thin metal rod.

The tack is driven through your material and the head bends over on the other side creating a staple like appearance.

Nail Gun Safety Tips

It should go without saying but you should always wear safety glasses when working with a gun of any kind especially one that drives nails or staples into material. Even if you don’t think there is a risk of anything flying back at you, things can and do go wrong so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

You should also wear ear defenders as well since these things can be pretty loud and prolonged exposure to loud noises can affect your hearing ability. Furthermore, it’s just plain good manners to not inflict unnecessary noises on those around you.

When you are setting up your nail gun there will be some pressure that needs to be applied in order to load the magazine. Before you actually start doing this make sure that your safety mechanism is engaged otherwise you could end up getting shot by a stray nail.

Once you have your nail gun set up you should always keep your fingers away from the trigger as well as any other parts of the gun that might move when firing. This is fairly self-explanatory but there have been cases where people have had their fingers ripped off because they did not follow this rule.

Since these guns are fairly heavy you should also keep the business end away from yourself and anyone around you. This might sound like common sense but there are reports every year of someone being shot in the foot or even worse, a fatal shooting where a person was hit in the eye or somewhere else vital.

Never try to dislodge a jammed nail or staple by tapping it – if the gun doesn’t fire this could damage the tool. Instead, remove the magazine, open up the gun and remove the jammed item. Also, you need to learn how to properly clean the gun as leaving dirt and debris in there can also cause problems.

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