Doomsday Condos Available for a Cool $1.5 Million (or More)

In the year 2035, the world is going through some changes. The economy is still struggling under the weight of debt and economic recession. People are becoming increasingly concerned with their personal security and preparedness. Some people have even gone so far as to build underground bunkers in case of disaster or other problems that may arise in society. These shelters are called Doomsday Condos.

The idea behind these types of shelters is pretty simple: You live in a luxurious underground bunker designed to withstand any type of natural disaster or attack from outside forces. You then sell your house when it’s no longer needed and move into one of these facilities.

There are many different models available, but they all follow a similar design philosophy. They’re usually built out of steel and concrete, with large rooms connected by long hallways and staircases. Most of them feature living areas equipped with everything you might need, including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and even a TV room. Many of these shelters come complete with private parking spaces for cars.

There are several advantages to building one yourself. First off, there’s the cost savings associated with having your own shelter.

Second, you’ll probably save money on utilities since most of these places don’t rely on electricity or running water like conventional houses do. Plus you don’t need to pay property tax or worry about home insurance. That said, the costs can add up over time. It’s an extremely expensive endeavor and not one most people can afford.

Most of these shelters are sold by private owners such as real estate agents and construction companies. You can also buy pre-made condos from companies that specialize in these facilities, but you’ll pay a pretty penny for the ease of installation.

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