DIY Spooky Halloween Tree Project

DIY Spooky Halloween Tree Project: How To Make A Spooky Christmas Tree?

The most popular holiday in the world is halloween. Halloween is celebrated with costumes, candy canes, trick or treating and other fun activities. There are many different types of decorations made from various materials such as paper mache, plasticine, wood and so on. The decoration can be used to decorate your home or even put up at a party place. Halloween trees are usually decorated with paper mache, plasticine, cardboard and other materials. They look very impressive when they are displayed. However, if you want to have a real scarecrow like one then you will need some special tools and supplies. You might think that it would be difficult to make a scary looking tree but you don’t need any special skills or equipment. All you need is patience and time. Here’s how to make a spooky tree using only common household items.

Materials Needed For Making A Spooky Halloween Tree:

• Paper Mache (You can use any type of paper mache) – You can buy it online or you could also try making it yourself. You will need to purchase the right kind of paper mache.

• Broom Stick (You can use any type of Broom Stick) – You will need to cut it to the desired size.

• Wire Mesh (You can use any type of wire mesh) – Cut it into a star shape. You can buy it online or in any major retail store.

• Brown and Beige Paint – These are optional but they do help in making your tree look more realistic.

• A Bowl (You can use any type of Bowl) – You will need to cut the bowl into rounds disks.

• A Needle (You can use any type of needle) – You will need to poke holes in the disk for the branches.

Steps To Make A Spooky Halloween Tree:

1. Cut a large broomstick into the size you want your tree to be.

2. Using paper mache, start covering the broomstick.

Make sure it is thick enough so that the stick cannot be seen through.

DIY Spooky Halloween Tree Project |

3. Let it dry and then a second layer can be applied to make it stronger.

4. Once it is completely dry, cut some disks out of bowls to serve as your tree’s ornaments.

5. Now take a needle and using thread, string the ornaments to your tree.

Make several different designs and patterns.

6. Next, take some wire mesh and cut it into a star shape.

7. Using paper mache, cover the wire stars and attach them to the tree.

Let it dry and then paint them brown and beige to look like an oak tree.

Your spooky tree is now ready and you can use it to decorate your home or put it up at a party. These trees look very realistic when they are painted properly.

This article can help: halloween ornaments

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