Diablo Snap Lock Hole Saw System Review

Diablo Snap Lock Hole Saw System Review

The Diablos are a small company which makes a wide range of products. They have been around since 1995 and they make their own tools, but they also sell many other brands. Some of these brands include:

Milwaukee Screwdriver Company (MSC) – MSC is one of the most popular screwdrivers in the world. They are made from stainless steel, chrome vanadium steel, titanium and other materials. There are over 100 different models of MSC screwdrivers available.

Wylde Tools – Wylde Tools was founded in 1973 by two brothers who were both electrical engineers. Their first product was a power drill with a cordless motor that could cut through wood and plastic without damaging them. Today, Wylde Tools offers a variety of cutting tools including drills, jigsaws, hand planes and routers.

Dremel Tool Co. – Dremel Tool Company started making precision rotary tooling machines in 1956. These machines are still used today by some of the top manufacturers such as Boeing and General Electric.

Alfred Sloan Products – Alfred Sloan Products was founded in 1954 by two mechanical engineering students at Cornell University. Their first product was a pneumatic air hammer that is still used by dentists and doctors.

Griffin Technologies – Griffin Technologies is famous for their popular line of compact, high performance rotary tools.

Snap Lock Tools – Snap Lock Tools was started in 1995 as a division of Prentiss Industries. Their main focus is on high end cordless power tools.

Snap Lock Tools has a wide range of power tools for drilling holes and cutting materials like wood, metal and stone. They also make industrial saws, grinders and sanders. Most of their tools use a unique pilot point system that uses a blade with a small hole on the tip to prevent the material from breaking or splintering.

The company prides itself on extensive training programs, continuing education and certification programs for its employees.

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