DeWalt Rock Carbide SDS Plus Bits

DeWalt Rock Carbide SDS Plus Bits are a type of sledgehammer drill bits which have been developed by DeWalt Corporation. They are available in various sizes, from 1/2 inch to 3 inches in length and with different head shapes. The main advantage of these drills is their ability to cut through concrete without damaging it. These drills are used mainly for cutting holes into walls or other hard surfaces such as brick, stone, wood etc.

The disadvantage of these drills is that they do not offer enough power to cut through steel. Their main drawback is that they cost a lot. For example, the smallest size costs $49.95 while the largest one costs $129.95.

These prices may seem high but keep in mind that you get what you pay for! You will certainly benefit from using them if you need to drill holes into walls or other hard surfaces such as brick, stone, wood etc.

In addition to the above mentioned disadvantages, there are some drawbacks related to the quality of these drills. Some users report that they break easily and others complain about cracking sounds when drilling. There are also reports of dewalt sds plus bits breaking during use. If you want a good drill bit then you should choose dewalt sds plus bits instead of these ones.

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Most of the people usually confuse between the SDS-Plus and the SDS-Max. Sometime they are even confused with one another when it comes to looking at some of the power tools.

So what is the difference?

Well the first thing is that one of them is a hammer bit and the other one is just your regular drill bit.

The SDS-Plus is known as a hammer bit or a rotary point and it is actually even an extension just like the SDS-Max although it has the handle built onto it. The difference between the two being that the base of the SDS-Plus is slightly bigger than the SDS-Max to accommodate for the twisting action.

Why would you want to use the SDS-Plus as opposed to a regular drill bit?

Well the reason is that it has a special feature that allows it to drill holes in masonry or concrete without shattering it. There is a little button on the top and when you press it, it causes a little chisel to go up and this then breaks off pieces of masonry instead of shattering.

Now at this point you may be wondering why you would need such a thing. Well the answer to that is if you are drilling multiple holes through the floor of your home that have a concrete slab underneath then you are going to want to use something like this bit so that you do not shatter the concrete and risk having a big piece fall into your basement.

You might not think that is such a big thing but believe me it can be a very serious hazard and make a huge mess. So that is why this bit is a very handy thing to have around the house and for drilling into concrete. It also works great for breaking up concrete and other masonry materials. You can even use it to edge your flower beds as well.

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The only real difference between the SDS-Plus and the SDS-Max is that one has a little button on top. The actual bits are interchangeable and you can use them for the same kinds of things but in slightly different ways.

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