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DeWalt Quiet Trim Compressor Review:

The DeWalt Quiet Trim Compressor (DWPC) is a small electric motorized vacuum cleaner with a compact design. It was introduced in 2006 and it is manufactured by DeWalt Corporation. The DWPC is designed to fit into tight spaces such as closets or under beds.

It uses a motor to suck up dust particles from the floor and move them away from your home.

It comes with two attachments – a brush attachment and a dust bag attachment. These attachments are useful when cleaning carpets, hard floors, or other areas where regular vacuums may not reach. The Dust Bag Attachment is made out of durable plastic material which prevents it from breaking easily while moving around the floor.

The Brush Attachment can be used to clean hard surfaces like tile, glass, wood, etc.

You need to use the dust bag attachment for dusting furniture and carpeted areas. You can also use it to remove dirt and debris from behind doors and windows. The brush attachment is useful if you want to vacuum around corners or inside cabinets.

In addition to its main features, the DWPC has some additional features that make it unique among other vacuum cleaners. The most prominent one is its powerful suction that lifts up dirt in carpets and floors. The best part about the suction power is that the machine does not make too much noise while cleaning, hence its name Quiet Trim.

The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a two-step filtration system. The first step of the filtration process takes place inside the dust bag attachment. It blocks large-sized debris leaving only small dust particles to pass through.

The second step of the filtration process takes place inside the vacuum unit. It blocks even smaller dust particles to ensure only clean air passes through.

The hose and wand are also made out of durable materials to prevent it from breaking easily. The hose is a decent length and can be stretched up to three feet. The handle of the vacuum cleaner is well-cushioned making it comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a small accessory holster where you can place the attachments when not in use. It also has a lightweight design and only weighs about 8 pounds. The cord is about 25 feet long and the plug is three-pronged.

The cord is made out of heavy duty material and it is recommended that you do not replace it with any other cord.

The tool holder on top of the vacuum cleaner can be used to store the hose and wand when not in use. When you buy the vacuum cleaner, it comes with an additional dusting brush tool that should be stored here as well.

The only major drawback of using this vacuum is that the hose and attachments are not fixed to the main unit, hence they can easily get misplaced. Always remember to place the attachments in the accessory holster after using them.

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Even though it comes with multiple features, the vacuum is not too bulky or heavy and can easily be stored anywhere in your closet or under your bed. It is also very easy to push and maneuver around furniture and tight corners.

The DeWalt Quiet Trim Compressor is a powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner that allows you to clean a large variety of surfaces around your home. It is an excellent choice for those who have large carpeted or hard floor areas in their home and don’t want to spend too much money on a vacuum.

Best Selling Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil Dynamite Quick Lite Bagless Upright Vacuum, BD20035

The Dirt Devil Dynamite Quick Lite is one of the best selling portable vacuum cleaners for good reasons. It is a cheap and effective vacuum cleaner that offers excellent cleaning performance on both hard floors and low-pile carpets. The main feature that differentiates this from other portable vacuums is its swivel steering capability which makes it highly maneuverable.

The dirt cup can hold a lot of dirt, dust and debris before it needs to be emptied out. It has a capacity of 1.5 gallons, hence you won’t have to empty it too often.

The small nozzle on board can be detached and used to clean those hard to reach areas. It has a locking button to prevent it from falling off and getting misplaced.

The hose and the telescopic wand can also be detached and used for easier cleaning of higher spaces like ceiling fan or shelves. Just hook up the extension pole and you are ready to go!

One of the main issues with cordless vacuums is short battery life. But the Quick lite eliminates this issue with its reliable and long-lasting cord. You can easily clean an entire floor without having to constantly switch sockets.

This vacuum cleaner is also very lightweight and compact making it very easy to carry around and store it when not in use. The telescopic wand, extension hose, and accessory tools all fit inside the main body when not in use, hence saving a lot of space.

The plastic material used in the manufacturing of the vacuum is of good quality and is pretty sturdy. The machine also feels nice and solid to hold because of its weight distribution. If you are looking for a cheap but efficient portable vacuum cleaner that offers excellent floor to ceiling cleaning performance than the Dirt Devil Dynamite Quick Lite is an excellent choice.

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Eureka Quick Up Corded Hand Vacuum, 71B

The Eureka Quick Up is the best cheap quick corded vacuum cleaner you can get in the market. It comes with an array of tools that make cleaning a lot easier and faster.

The vacuum is equipped with a Dirt-Lifter Power Paw that allows it to pick up larger debris and pet hair without clogging. The suction power is excellent on both carpeted floors and hard floors.

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