DeWalt FlexVolt Blower Review

DeWalt DCBl72X1 Brushless DC Motor Review:

The DeWalt DCBl72X1 is a high performance brushless motor with a maximum torque of 300Nm. The motor has a speed range from 2200RPM to 5400RPM. The DC motor is designed for use in small electric tools such as drills, grinders, screwdrivers etc.

The DC motor comes with a built-in protection circuit which prevents damage due to over voltage or short circuiting. Also it has a low starting resistance which makes it suitable for powering hobbyist’s electronic toys like radio controlled airplanes.

The DC motor is made of N52 alloy and features a metal gearbox with high efficiency at up to 80% power output. The motor is equipped with two high-torque stator windings and a low-noise bearing. A special design allows the motor to operate at different operating temperatures including -40°C to +85°C.

The DC motor has an integrated temperature sensor which automatically shuts down when the internal temperature reaches certain limits. The DC motor can be used in applications where reliability and durability are required, such as medical devices, electrical equipment, industrial machinery and other similar applications. The motor is designed for professional use and not recommended to be used with toys.

Its powerful performance makes it suitable for many DIY projects in the household. The high-quality brushless motor can be easily integrated to power a wide range of tools and equipment.

The DeWalt brushless motor also features a double insulated design which protects the user against hazardous electrical shocks. The product comes with a 12-month warranty, including free replacements and a 30-day money back guarantee.

What is the Difference Between DeWalt 60V and 20V?

The difference between these two types of power tools is the voltage. As the names suggest, the 20V line consists of power tools that run at a maximum of 20 volts while the 60V line consists of power tools that run at a maximum of 60 volts. The main advantages of upgrading from one type to another are higher voltage and more torque. A higher voltage means a more powerful motor while more torque means higher starting force and better performance in general.

For example, a 60V drill will have more starting force compared to the same model 20V drill. This makes it easier to drill through harder materials such as wood or metal. A drill with the same amount of volts and amps will always have more overall power than one with a lower voltage.

We provide a comparison of the two types in the table below:

Parameter 20V 60V Voltage 20 volts 60 volts Torque 12.5 inch-lbs (1.5 Joules) 33 inch-lbs (3.3 Joules) Weight 4.0 lbs 6.2 lbs Starting current 0.860 A 2.610 A Running current 0.450 A 1.330 A

The DeWalt DCBV62X1 cordless drill is the most popular and versatile tool in their range of cordless drills and drivers. It has a high power to weight ratio and a great balance for comfortable use. The high-performance brushless motor provides maximum power and durability.

It has an industry-leading battery run time of over 1,500 screws on one charge. The drill can also operate at up to 2,900 RPM which makes it suitable for a wide range of drilling applications.

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The drill features a three-speed all-metal transmission (0-400, 0-1,500 and 0-2,900 RPM) and an adjustable torque clutch that allows the user to control the maximum amount of torque going into the screw without breaking or stripping it. It has an integrated belt hook for easy accessibility. It also has an onboard bit storage with one magnetic bit holder and five storage slots.

The DCBV62X1 has a lightweight and compact design for high maneuverability and improved handling. It has an efficient dust protection system that channels dust and debris away from the internal parts to ensure consistent performance in all job sites.

What Type of Battery Comes With the Drill?

This cordless drill comes with a 60V lithium-ion battery that delivers more power in less size. The battery has an extended run time of over 1,500 screws and can be recharged in just 30 minutes. The battery also has a fuel gauge which allows the user to easily check the charge level at a glance.

Which Batteries Are Compatible With This Drill?

The following 60V lithium-ion batteries are compatible with this drill:



What Else Do I Get?




Drill bits

How Much Torque Does This Drill Produce?

This drill delivers a maximum torque of 345 inch-lbs. It also has three adjustable speeds that provide maximum precision and control. The drill can produce up to 2,900 RPM for fast drilling and fastening.

How Much Weight Can the Chuck Bear?

The drill features a 1/2 inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck that has an excellent grip and can bear a load of 0.2 to 0.5 tons. This means you can easily use it to drill and drive even the largest of screws and bolts.

How Does It Compare to Other DeWalt Drills?

The DeWalt DCBV62X1 is one of the most popular cordless drills in its class. In terms of performance, it is similar to its closest competitor, the Dewalt DCD777C2 20V MAX Cordless 1/2-Inch Compact Drill/Driver.

The main difference between the two drills is their weight and size. While both are lightweight cordless drills, the DCD777C2 is the lighter of the two with a weight of just 3 lbs. The DeWalt DCBV62X1 weights around 4 lbs and is slightly longer.

The DCD777C2 is also more compact and is designed for greater handling ease. In terms of performance, the two drills are very similar. Both deliver a high power-to-weight ratio and have adjustable speeds which allow greater precision when drilling.

Both are compatible with the same range of batteries and chargers.

Which One Is Better: DeWalt or Bosch?

Both DeWalt and Bosch are part of the same parent company, so the two brands have a few similarities. Their designs are very similar and both offer a comparable level of performance. For most people, it will come down to minor differences that suit their personal preferences.

For example, the DeWalt batteries are slightly heavier than their Bosch counterparts. This means the drill is also a little heavier. The difference is small but could be enough to influence your decision.

In addition, some people prefer the grip on a DeWalt over that of a Bosch. When it comes to performance, there is very little difference between the two cordless drills and which is better will mostly come down to personal preference.

What Type of Warranty Does It Come With?

This cordless drill has a limited two-year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship.

What Accessories Are Available?

There are a wide range of accessories available for this tool. These include:

12V and 14.4V 6Ah batteries

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Battery charger

Wrench set

Carrying case

Which Battery Lasts Longer, the 12V or the 14.4V?

Both the 12V 6Ah and the 14.4V 5.2Ah batteries have a similar run time of around 15 minutes.

The main difference is in weight and size. The 12V is lighter but has less capacity. The 14.4V is heavier but can run for longer. For most people, the 6Ah 12V battery will be more than sufficient.

What Type of Charger Comes With the Drill?

A 120V charger comes with the drill which will fully charge a depleted battery in around 30 minutes. There is also the option of an upgrade 240V charger that will charge the battery in half the time.

How Many Batteries Can You Use With This Drill?

This cordless drill can work with two battery types: 12V and 14.4V. The standard 12V battery that comes with your kit will give you a run time of around 15 minutes, while the 14.4V will last around 20 minutes. The more powerful 14.4V battery is a good option if you need to work for extended periods of time without pausing to change the battery.

In addition, you can get a second 12V battery so that you always have a charged battery available. Having a second battery is more convenient than waiting for your first battery to charge and also ensures you always have power.

How Do You Change the Speed Settings on This Drill?

The trigger controls the speed of the drill and its setting can be changed to accommodate different tasks. The first setting is 0-500 RPM and is designed for drilling and fastening. The second setting is 0-1,500 RPM and is used for heavy-duty drilling. The third setting is 0-2,000 RPM and is for heavy-duty drilling with masonry.

What Size Drill Bits Can You Use With This Drill?

The chuck size is 1/2 inches and can accommodate most drill bits of that size.

What Is the Clutch Setting on the Drill?

The clutch setting determines how much power is applied when driving a screw. If you set it at the highest level, the clutch will not allow the drill to apply more power than is required to drive in the screw. This prevents the risk of damaging your material or damaging the drill bit.

If you set it at a lower level, the drill will apply more power and will allow you to drive in the screw faster. This is useful for when you are in a hurry but is likely to over-tighten the screw which can be problematic.

What Are the LEDs On The Drill Bit For?

The LEDs on the drill bit are specially designed to illuminate dark areas. They are powered by the battery in the drill and will work for around 15 minutes after just a minute of charging. This is a great feature that can help you to see what you are doing so that you do not damage your workpiece or drill bit.

How Loud Is This Drill?

This drill operates at 90 dBa, which is about as loud as a food processor. Operating it for long periods of time will produce a slight loss of hearing. Always wear ear protection and rest your ears every now and then.

What Warranty Does This Product Offer?

This product has a 1-year limited warranty that covers any defects that arise from the manufacturing process.

Pros and Cons

There are several reasons why you may wish to buy this product as well as some reasons you may not.

Let’s take a look at both so you can make an informed decision.

DeWalt FlexVolt Blower Review -

The Good Very powerful drill.

Excellent build quality.

2-speed gearbox.

LED lights. The Bad Quite heavy.

Quite expensive.

Not ideal for small hands.

Fragile battery.

Our Verdict on the DEWALT DCD995B

This cordless drill is a great option if you need to do a lot of drilling and fastening in a variety of materials. The power is particularly useful if you work with hard woods or need to drill large holes.

DeWalt FlexVolt Blower Review on

The price and weight of the product are probably the main factors that cause people to shy away from this but remember that you are getting a seriously powerful tool for your money. The weight is worth it for the power that you are getting.

If you are a professional who works with wood or a handyman who needs a drill for many different situations, this is an excellent choice of tool.

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