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DeWalt DWHT43003 Torpedo Level Preview: Empire DeWALT DWHT43003 Torpedo Level Preview: Mil-Spec

In the world of torpedoes there are two types of torpedo, Empire and Mil-Spec. Empire type of torpedoes have been designed with more power than mil-spec type. For example, an imperial class ship has a larger diameter main battery which provides better range and speed.

Imperial torpedoes are usually longer and heavier than mil-spec ones. Empire torpedoes have a higher explosive yield too. However, they require less maintenance since they do not need to be refitted every time a new warhead is added to them.

The other difference between these two types of torpedoes is their weight and size. Empire type of torpedos weigh more than mil-spec ones because it takes more energy to propel them through the water. They are also bigger in size than mil-spec ones.

Therefore, they take up more space in the ship’s hold.

There are many differences between Empire and Mil-Spec torpedoes. There is no doubt that the Empire type of torpedoes provide better performance compared to the one from mil-spec. However, Empire torpedoes may be dangerous if used incorrectly or carelessly due to their greater destructive potential.

The standard torpedo is used by almost every empire ship from small gunboats all the way to the largest carrier class vessels. Due to their simple design they can be mass produced and easily maintained by even a third-rate shipyard. They may not have the destructive power of Empire torpedoes or the technical sophistication of those from the Toral system, but they are still very dangerous weapons when used in great numbers.

It is the type of torpedo that you see on most empire ships. The torpedo is shaped like an oversized fish with a tapered nose and flat base. It has two small wings near the head which help control the flight path.

The torpedo has an explosive warhead. As it flies through the air, it makes a high-pitched whistling noise. Due to its simple design, it can be mass-produced easily in almost any manufacturing facility regardless of quality. Also, they are easy to maintain.

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When launched the torpedo makes a whistling noise as it flies through the air. There is a small amount of explosive material inside it which is used to break the surface of a planet or moon. It does not explode, instead, it breaks the outer layer of a planet to form craters.

The power of the explosion is enough to destroy the structural integrity of an unarmored ship and cause blast damage to anything within 500 meters. It has an explosive yield of 4 tons of TNT.

There are some variants of the torpedo, such as the mini torpedo and heavy torpedoes. There is also a gigaton-class torpedo which has a yield of 1 Gigaton. A new type of torpedo has also been recently developed by the Xenosian Alliance, this type of torpedo is still in testing stages and not used in large numbers.

These torpedoes have a secondary stealth technology built into them so they can get closer to a target without being detected.

Since the beginning of the Empire, torpedoes have been used to bring down large amounts of destruction upon the enemy. After World War 3, a new form of warfare was needed to restore order. The Torpedo, which uses water to cause destruction instead of explosives, was one of the many inventions created at this time.

Empire Torpedoes are generally larger than their counterparts from other nations because they use more powerful explosive material. Empire torpedoes are more likely to break a planet in two, rather than just cause a lot of damage.

The main weapon used to take down capital ships, due to their destructive nature and ease of use. Use them wisely.

Recent Conflicts


Battles of Note

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Year 560

The Battle of Orenia: The first major battle in the war, where the fleet attempted to break through to Orenia. Large amount of Republic ships were destroyed but enough made it to deploy their soldiers onto Orenian soil. The Orenian navy was all but destroyed, and most of the cities were captured within a month.

Year 561

The First Battle of Yartien: The Republic attempted to take the the city, where the Orenian royal family had fled to. They were beaten back with great losses, but at the cost of most of the city of Yartien having been destroyed.

Year 562

The Republic launched a large-scale invasion of Orenia. The initial landing was successful but soon the Orenian army managed to muster a force to fight back, and the ensuing battles slowed down the advance of the Republic troops to a crawl. At the same time, the Navigator’s Guild reported that another large fleet had suddenly arrived from off the coast of Quala.

Year 563

The Qualans immediately attacked the Arat Confederacy, catching them by surprise and seizing control of most of the territory in a month. The Arat Confederacy surrendered to the Republic two months later, and the Republic was able to use these newfound resources to launch a renewed offensive against the Kingdom of Oren. Despite this, the Orenian army has refused to surrender or retreat, and has managed to slow down the advancement of the Republic forces to a crawl once more.

Year 564

The First Battle of Lenay: The Republic, having suffered great losses to its navy earlier in the war, managed to summon enough ships to break through the Lenay coast and deploy its soldiers onto the mainland. The Orenian army was caught off-guard and unable to fight back due to being unfamiliar with the Republic’s new weapon, the rifle. The city was taken within a day, and the rest of the province soon fell under Republic control.

Year 565

A Republic task force was sent to conquer the Qualan territory. Using their new weapon, they were successful in destroying many of the forts along the border with Arat. The Arat Confederacy have complained, but due to their own struggles with the newly-independent states have not sent any military force to assist their ally.

Year 566

DeWalt DWHT43003 Torpedo Level Preview |

The Republic sent a task force to conquer the Arat Confederacy due to its lack of support. It will likely experience the same result as the Qualan States.

The Arat Confederacy has surrendered to the Republic, giving them even more recruits and ships for their war machine. The Qualan States, with no allies to support them, have been crushed by the Republic’s forces.

Year 567

The Second Battle of Lenay: The Orenian royal family, along with the remnants of the shattered Orenian army, attempted to make a last stand at Lenay. Despite being hopelessly out-numbered and under-equipped, they inflicted heavy casualties on the Republic before ultimately being defeated. Lenay was besieged, and finally conquered.

The Orenian royal family was caught and executed.

The conquest of Orenia is complete. The once-mighty empire has been defeated and occupied by the Republic.

Year 568

The Arat Confederacy has been reduced to a Republic military outpost. The various city-states that once composed it have been liberated, but find themselves under occupation by the army of the newly-formed Grand Alliance and are being treated as leverage against each of the city-states in order to force their compliance with the alliance’s demands.

Year 569

The Grand Alliance attempted to conquer the the Svelk Clans, but suffered a humiliating defeat at their hands. The clans have united into a single entity and, under the leadership of Clan Chief Dravin, have successfully repelled all future attempts at conquest. In addition, the Svelk have begun launching raids into Arat and even Orenia.

The Grand Alliance is in a weaker position than it once was.

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Year 571

A direct assault on the Svelk Clans has been formulated due to their increasing raids. The invasion commences this year.

Year 572

The Svelk Clans are defeated after a long campaign. Many have retreated to the Delerg islands and others may have fled into the western forests. Clan Chief Dravin has been MIA, many assume he’s dead though his body was never found.

His second in command, Garth Volarus, has taken his place as ruler of the Svelk.

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