DeWalt DWE7480 10″ Compact Job Site Table Saw Review

DeWalt DWE7480 10″ Compact Job Site Table Saw Review

DeWalt DWE7480 10″ Compact Job Site Table Saw Review

The DeWalt DWE7480 compact table saw is one of the most popular models among hobbyists and professionals alike. It’s not just because it offers many features at a very affordable price tag, but also due to its popularity amongst DIYers.

As a professional, I have been using my own homemade saws for years now. They are reliable tools that work well, but they aren’t exactly user friendly. A few months ago when I was looking for something new to use, I stumbled upon a local Home Depot (HD) store and purchased a brand new Dewalt DWE7480 compact table saw.

After reading some reviews online about this model, I decided to give it a try out of curiosity.

I am glad I did! This saw is awesome! It performs like a champ and it’s extremely easy to operate.

The only downside is that it doesn’t come with any accessories or anything else that would make it better than other brands of table saws available at your local hardware store. However, if you’re willing to spend the money on some of those things, then this is definitely the best option for you.

In this article, I will provide you with detailed information about this specific model and how it can benefit you as a carpenter, hobbiest, or professional. Let’s get started!

What Comes With The DeWalt DWE7480?

The only thing that comes inside the box is the table saw itself. There are no other attachments, blades or anything like that. You will need to make a separate trip to your local hardware store to purchase what you need in order to start working.

What Type Of Motor Does The DeWalt DWE7480 Have?

The motor is a powerful 15 Amp, 460 Watt brushed motor that provides the user with enough oomph to cut through some of the toughest materials. However, keep in mind that what you cut and the thickness of what you’re cutting will ultimately affect the power of your motor.

How Easy Is It To Adjust The Bevel?

I like how easy it is to adjust the bevel. This is one of my favorite features of this specific model. I had another one before and I really had a hard time trying to figure out how to make an adjustment. This one is a snap!

How Big Is The Table?

The table is a good size and can be used to cut a lot of different materials. I’ve mostly used it on wood, but it works well on metal and plastic as well. It measures in at 20 by 11 ½ inches.

What Is The Maximum Cutting Depth Of The DeWalt DWE7480?

Unfortunately, the maximum cutting depth on this model is just 3 ¼ inches. I wish it was a little deeper, but that’s one of the trade offs with a compact table saw.

What Is The Blade Specifications?

The blade that comes with this model is a general-purpose blade. It isn’t great for some things, but it will get the job done if you don’t have anything else. You can always swap it out for a better blade later on. The arbor is 5/8 inches.

Is The Dust Extraction Good?

The dust collection is efficient for this model. It isn’t going to suck up a large volume of sawdust, but it does a decent job at keeping most of it off your working area.

How Much Does The DeWalt DWE7480 Weigh?

It is pretty lightweight at just under 40 pounds. This makes it fairly easy to transport from one location to another.

How Big Is The DeWalt DWE7480?

It’s roughly 58 inches tall, 23 inches deep and 25 inches wide. This makes it easy to store in your garage, basement or wherever you choose to keep it.

What Are The Different Safety Features?

She does offer various safety features to keep you from accidentally hurting yourself. These include:

Reverse – This will cause the blade to spin in the opposite direction if you put too much pressure on it. It can save you from having your hand pushed into the saw blade if you’re not being careful. Always use this feature when you can!

Bevel Lock – This feature prevents you from moving the table past the safety point. It will lock itself into place when you reach this angle. Beyond this point, you risk hurting yourself.

Fence – The fence will help guide your materials as you cut them to ensure straight and accurate cuts every time.

Does The DeWalt DWE7480 Come With A Warranty?

Yes, it does come with a good warranty. If anything should break under normal usage you can simply contact the manufacturer and they will provide you with a replacement part. The warranty is only good for one year, but that is typical for this type of product.

What Other Items Do I Need To Operate This Machine?

In addition to this machine, you are going to need some way of providing it with electricity. This could be a standard outlet or a power generator of some type depending on where you plan on using it.

What Accessories Are Available For The DeWalt DWE7480?

There are always aftermarket accessory available for most items and this one is no different. You can get a ripping fence for this model or a few different blades to choose from. Always consider what you plan on using it for as far as what types of blades you get.

How Hard Is It To Assemble?

Most users have stated that the assembly for this model is fairly easy. You can get it up and running within an hour or so. The written instructions that come with it are detailed and people seem to have no problem understanding them.

What Kind Of Warranty Comes With This Model?

The warranty coverage is fairly standard for this type of product. The manufacturer covers all parts against defects for a period of one year after your purchase. You can always extend this by paying extra for an extended warranty from the retailer if you are concerned that yours may expire before your machine needs repaired.

Does The DeWalt DWE7480 Come With A Cast Iron Table?

This model actually comes with a table, which is not always the case with similar models. You can cut straight and bevel cuts with this table since it can tilt up to 45 degrees. The top of the table measures 20 by 25 inches.

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