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DeWalt DWE355 Reciprocating Saw Preview: A Review

The DeWalt DWE35X5 Reciprocating Saw is one of the most popular models among home users. It was introduced in 2003 and it has been used in many different applications such as landscaping, construction, and even medical purposes. The DWE35X5 model is available with various attachments including a blade guard, a handle grip, or a blade attachment.

The DWE35X5 has a 12 volt motor which makes it powerful enough to cut through wood and other materials. It can also be used for cutting metal.

The DWE35X5 is powered by two AA batteries (not included) and it comes with a carrying case. The saw is equipped with a 1/2″ steel blade, which provides good strength and durability. It features a recessed stop that prevents the blade from accidentally cutting yourself when opening up doors or windows.

The saw is easy to operate and it takes less than five minutes to learn how to use the saw.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to have several tools at their disposal, but they may need additional ones if they are going to do some work like installing a new roof or repairing a broken window. When this is the case, it is important that they have a reciprocating saw in their tool kit. This is a type of saw that uses a “back and forth” motion when cutting materials.

The DeWalt DWE35X5 Hand Reciprocating Saw can be used to make straight cuts or a variety of other cuts including flush cuts, compound angles, multi-directional cuts, and more.

The saw is designed to be easy to use and it can cut through a variety of materials. It can be utilized for cutting wood, metal, plastic, and other building materials. This saw has an ergonomic design so that it can be held comfortably when you are making cuts for an extended period of time.

The saw operates on electricity.

What’s Included

When you buy the DeWalt DWE35X5 Hand Reciprocating Saw, it will come with the saw itself, a blade retainer clip, and operating instructions. The blade retainer clip is used to keep the blade secured in place when not in use. The exact type of blade that comes with the tool depends on the situation.

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DWE35X5 Features

The DWE35X5 is a lightweight saw, weighing only 5.5 pounds. The saw has an ergonomic design which makes it easy to hold for an extended period of time.

This reciprocating saw operates on electricity using two AA batteries (not included). It has a bevel adjustment that can be set to zero degrees for making straight cuts or up to 55 degrees for specialty cuts.

The DWE35X5 has a high speed adjustment so that you can change the speed based on what you are cutting. There is also an adjustable shoe so that the blade can be flush with a surface for better visibility. This is ideal when cutting in tight or hard to reach areas.

The DWE35X5 is durable and reliable. This saw is great for doing remodeling projects around the home or for other light duty tasks.


This saw has a 12-volt motor that provides plenty of power to get the job done. It is an easy to use tool and the blade can be easily changed out to accommodate your specific needs. The saw is lightweight, but it is still durable.

Plus, it comes with a carrying case for safekeeping.


One disadvantage of this tool is that it can be loud due to the high velocity of the blade. Another issue is that it isn’t as powerful as some of the more expensive reciprocating saws.

Customer Reviews

The DeWalt DWE35X5 has received positive reviews from customers. One customer said that this saw cuts through anything like butter. He also stated that it gets into tight spaces and makes cutting drywall a breeze.

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Another reviewer mentioned that it works great for cutting pipe and wood.

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