DeWalt DW059HK-2 18V XRP Impact Wrench Preview

DeWalt DW059HK-2 18V XRP Impact Wrench Preview

The new DeWalt DW59HG-4K18A1 19V XRPM Impact Driver with 4,000 PSI Pressure Rating is a powerful tool that will do the job when needed. The large handle makes it easy to operate even if your hands are wet or cold.

It features a 3-position push button ignition switch that allows you to start the vehicle, open up a garage door, or turn on lights and appliances. The heavy duty steel body provides good protection from damage caused by nails, screws and other small objects. A built-in LED light illuminates the head of the impact driver for better visibility during use. It comes with a 12-volt battery pack that can provide power for several hours. The DW59HG-4K18A1 19V XRPM Impact Driver is available in two sizes: 18″ and 20″. This product is Green Compliant and RoHS compliant.

Ken is an expert on DeWalt tools and provides his readers with very thorough and detailed reviews of each power tool. On his blog, he also includes a buyers guide to help people make an informed choice before they purchase a new power tool.

Ken is very passionate about photography and loves taking landscape pictures whenever he can. He spends hours on end scouring the web for the latest photography tips and tricks.

The following is a guest blog post from Ken showing how he combined his interests in photography and power tools to take high quality pictures.

Ken’s DeWalt DW059HK-2 18V XRP Impact Wrench Preview Blog Post

More ideas, less clutter. That’s what I strive for when it comes to taking photographs.

Sure, you can go out and buy a bunch of fancy filters and other types of equipment that make your photos look artsy, but I like to keep things simple. I also like to be prepared whenever inspiration strikes, so having the right tools with me at all times is essential.

When I’m out on a job site, I always have my phone with me in case an important call comes through. I also like to take pictures of the work that I’m doing because it’s a great way to keep memories of the jobs that I’ve done.

DeWalt DW059HK-2 18V XRP Impact Wrench Preview at

Most cell phones don’t have the greatest camera in them, so I usually end up taking a lot of pictures and then picking out the best ones when I get back to my computer. Sometimes though, I come across a scene that is too good to pass up, so I have to get it while the moment is right.

This was the case when I found this old shed that was about to be torn down. The lighting was just right so I had to take advantage of it.

I rarely ever shoot buildings and structures, so it was fun to create a unique angle and setup for this shot. Most of the pictures on my wall are of landscapes, seascapes and portraits, so breaking out of my element was fun and very refreshing.

My process usually starts with finding a tool that will allow me to get the type of shot I have in mind. For this one, I wanted to shoot from a low angle so I could include the piles of rubble as well as the sky.

I found a small stepladder, and rested my phone on it while I framed up the shot. The ladder was small enough that it didn’t interfere with the composition of the shot, but I could still get high enough to see through the viewfinder.

Once I had my phone setup and turned on, I used the timer to press the button. This allowed me to get into the photo without having to manually press the button which could have jostled the camera and ruined the shot.

The final step was to find the perfect picture, which is always my favorite part. There are so many ways pictures can be interpreted, and it makes me appreciate photography so much more.

After looking at all of the photos that I had taken, this one seemed to have the best composition and framing.

Photography takes practice and patience just like anything else you’re trying to master. There is a reason that “the photographer” is usually depicted as hunched over a camera with big lenses coming out of it, because it isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Luckily with technology advancing the way that it has, all you really need these days is your cell phone.

Thanks to Ken for sharing his tips on how he creates such great photos! Be sure to check out his video on how he shot and created this shot.

Do you have any tips or tricks on how to take better photographs?

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