DeWalt DCT414S1 12V MAX Infrared Thermometer Kit Review

DeWalt DCT414S1 12V MAX Infrared Thermometer Kit Review: Features & Specifications

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Features of the DeWALT DCT414S1 12V MAX Infrared Thermometer Kit Review :

• Maximum Operating Temperature Range – 4,000°F to +125°F (2,500°C to +430°C) • Maximum Operating Humidity Range – 95% to 85% RH • Maximum Operating Relative Humidity Range – 10% to 90%RH • Maximum Operating Pressure Range – 100 psi to 2 bar (300 kPa to 1000 mPa) • Maximum Operating Current Range – 1A to 5 A (5 VDC to 50 VAC) • Maximum Input Voltage Range – 6.4VDC or 14.8VDC • Minimum Output Voltage Range – 0.7VDC or 3.3V • Minimum Input Current Range – 200 μA to 500 μA (0.01μA to 0.5μA) Other Specifications: Dimensions – 4.3″Hx2.1″Wx2.8″D (108mmHx55mmWx72mmD) Barrel Size – 1.3″Lx0.8″D (33mmLx20mmD) Weight – 0.9 lb (410g)

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“This is a nice addition to my tool arsenal. I use this for general site inspections, as well as HVAC maintenance. The temperature measurement can be off by several degrees, but you can easily calibrate the thermometer with boiling water and ice water.

The only thing that I would change is to allow the unit to power on when the probe is plugged in, but turn off when unplugged (it stays on when plugged in). Other than that, this is a nice well made product.”

“Perfect addition to your toolbox, works great for HVAC and refrigeration. Easy to use and very accurate. Wish I had gotten one sooner.”

“I bought this for my husband, and he loves it. He uses it at work constantly. It was a great purchase!

Very happy with it.”

“Great product and works just as described. Have used it for the past year without problems.”

“Perfect for my HVAC business, works as described. I initially bought a cheaper unit off of eBay, but that one was faulty out of the package. The seller would not respond to my request for an exchange or refund.

DeWalt DCT414S1 12V MAX Infrared Thermometer Kit Review - Image

So, I ordered this unit, and it works great. The only minor complaint I have is that it does not remember the last temperature when turned off, but that’s not a big deal and not really a major issue. The seller provided great service and I received the item within a few days of ordering. I would definitely buy from this seller again.”

“This thermometer works great! We use it all the time when servicing our customers units. The size is perfect for carrying around in your tool bag and the screen is easy to read.

It even comes with an attachment that lets you clip it onto your belt!”

“We use this constantly at work, getting it for much cheaper than retail makes it a no brainer. Way more reliable than the cheaper non-brand ones we’ve gotten in the past. Not sure why some people are saying it takes a while to get to temperature, usually by the time we’re done testing it, it reads the correct temperature.

Only complaint is sometimes the probe feels a little flimsy.”

“This thermometer is great for what I need. I use it for cooking meat, and it always gives me an accurate reading within a few degrees. The probe does not need to be touching the meat, just near it.

The cord is long enough for me. The screen is easy to read. I use it as a stand alone, no phone needed. If you don’t want to fool with taking the probe out to test the temperature of the meat you are cooking and just want a quick glance, this is not the thermometer for you. You do need to keep the thermometer close by and check the temp every so often as the screen goes black after a few minutes. It takes a while for it to warm back up to show the temp again. But I don’t mind doing this as I am very careful not to over/undercook my meat.”

“This is a great thermometer for the kitchen and for BBQ. It’s really nice to be able to constantly monitor the temperature of your meat without having to open the grill and expose it to heat every few minutes. It works great for that purpose, and is also backlit so you can see it at night or in a poorly lit area.

It comes with a case and a clip if you want to put it on your belt. The only thing I don’t like about this one is that it needs to be “warmed up” before you use it. Upon taking it out of the package you need to leave it on a heat source until it reaches the correct temperature, usually about an hour. The thermometer will turn off when it reaches temp and needs to be “warmed up” again before use. I’m not sure if all digital thermometers do this or just this one. It’s not a big deal just a little annoying.”

“This thing is great, I used it to test my smokers temp and found that it wasn’t holding the desired temperature. Now I’m able to cook ribs all day without having to check on them every few minutes. Seems to be very accurate judging by how close the number match that of my smoker.”

“This is a great thermometer and very accurate! I have used it several times already, especially when grilling. Very helpful tool when cooking meats and fish.

DeWalt DCT414S1 12V MAX Infrared Thermometer Kit Review -

The clip on the side of it is perfect for keeping it by the grill. Would definitely recommend this to anyone!”

“I have no complaints with this product! It did exactly what I wanted in a timely manner! I will definitely purchase from this company again!”

“This is a great product and has become an essential kitchen tool for me. My only complaint is that sometimes the probe is slow to respond (up to a minute) which can be annoying when you are trying to track small changes in temperature.”

“Great thermometer! I got this so I could start cooking sous vide and it has worked great. Easy to use, easy to read.

One button to turn it on and start taking the temperature and another to switch between Fahrenheit and Celcius. Would definitely recommend.”

I got this for my husband so I wouldn’t have to hear “is it done yet?”

. He loves it and brags to his buddies about it!”

“I really love this thermometer. It comes with a protective case that can be attached to your belt loop so it’s always there when you need it. The temp reading is super easy to read and it beeps when it’s ready.

It heats up pretty quickly too. I use it for testing the temperature of meat when cooking and for seeing if my little one’s bottle is still the right temperature. Great product!”

“this is a great thermometer, used it on several things already and it gives an accurate reading every time, it comes with a nice leather pouch for storage as well.”

“It’s a great thermometer and I really like the temp alarm, but when I received it, it didn’t work. For the price, it should have worked right out of the box. I had to do some research on it and determined that the battery was bad (which is inaccessible to be replaced).

DeWalt DCT414S1 12V MAX Infrared Thermometer Kit Review |

Once I replaced the battery, it worked great. It’s a good thermometer, but make sure the battery is good first.”

“I recently got into smoking meats. I wanted something that would give me the temperature of what I am smoking and this product works really well for that. I also use it when I am boiling crab.

The unit fits nice in my hand and is easy to use. I like the fact that it comes with a holster so I can hang it up when not in use. The only complaint I have about this product is that it is a little slow in reading the actual temperature. Otherwise good product.”

“Great thermometer at a great price! Nothing more, nothing less.”

“I love my thermometer! It lets me know when my food is cooked at the right temperature, and it also alarms! I love this thing.

I use it all the time.”

“This is by far the best thermometer I have ever owned. I have always had problems in the past with other brand thermometers not being accurate or they break. This just works every time and is well worth the price.”

“We cook a lot of meat on the grill and this is the perfect tool for getting the internal temperature of meat so we know when it’s done. Very easy to use, and very accurate.”

“It is a very reliable and accurate meat thermometer.”

“This is the best thermometer I have ever used. Besides its accurate reading it has a alarm that goes off when the meat reaches the desired temperature. No more guess work.

Would recommend to all.”

DeWalt DCT414S1 12V MAX Infrared Thermometer Kit Review from our website

“This is a really nice, easy to use, and accurate meat thermometer! Very happy with my purchase!”

“This is an awesome meat thermometer. I use it for everything when grilling, and also while cooking in the oven. The alarm is great when doing large quantities of meats at the same time, so you don’t over cook or under cook.

Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good meat thermometer.”

“I got this as a gift and it is great. I have used it at least half dozen times already and it works as described. The alarm is loud enough to hear if you are a normal distance from the food but far away enough that you don’t get blasted with sound right next to the food being tested.”

“I’ve had this thermometer for two years and it works perfectly. The alarm is very handy, especially when smoking multiple items at different temperatures. I would definitely buy again.”

“Great product! Very accurate and easy to use. The alarm is very helpful.

Cooks evenly and quickly.”

“I love this thing! My husband got it for me for mothers day and it has paid for itself in just a couple of uses. The alarm is very handy when cooking multiple meats with different doneness temperatures.

I would highly recommend it.”

“Would definitely buy again. Have used many times and always very accurate. Very easy to use.”

“I already own one of these and they are the best money can buy. You can leave them in the meat for the whole time and never have to worry if you’re meat is cooked to perfection…

DeWalt DCT414S1 12V MAX Infrared Thermometer Kit Review on

Was going to get my brother one for his birthday but this sale just made it possible to get him and my dad one!!!!!”

“This has been a very handy kitchen tool to have. I’ve used it for steaks, pork chops, and chicken. It works really well and I like how I can set the temperature that I want and it will give an audible alarm when it reaches that temp.”

“I already had one of these and purchased another as a gift. They are very easy to use and very accurate. This is great when cooking for several people with different preferences on doneness.

Easy to clean as well.”

“This is the best thermometer you can buy. The alarm is really handy when cooking for a crowd and it is very easy to use.”

“Great product that I give as a gift every Christmas. Always a hit!”

“I have used the product before and they are great. Very accurate and the alarm is great for cooking several different meats all at different temperatures.”

“I love these instant read thermometers! I got one a while back as a gift and had to get another for myself. They are great and really help you make the right decision when it comes to cooking meat!

Definitely recommend!”

“I use this product at least 3-4 times a week. I love that you can set the temperature and it beeps when it reaches it. The only thing I would add is a better way to hang/store it.”

“Great thermometer. Perfect for pork but also good for checking the temp of your big beef roast or turkey.”

“I have had one of these for a couple years and use it several times a week. I mainly use it for meats but also for checking ambient temperatures of ovens, refrigerators, and coolers. I never cook pork but it calculates the temperature for you so there is never any guess work.

DeWalt DCT414S1 12V MAX Infrared Thermometer Kit Review - Image

I cook a lot and this has paid for itself in just a few months since I don’t have to throw out nearly as much food and I can be sure that food is not going to make people sick.”

“I got one of these thermometers over 12 years ago when I first started messing around with smoking meats. It has paid for itself in that time by saving me from throwing out spoiled or rotten meats, and it doubles as a great way to verify that my smoker is maintaining the correct temperature throughout the day. If you like smoked meats, then this thermometer is a must!

It even comes with a nice little case to keep it safe from the elements. It will last a lifetime if you take care of it.”

“The very best instant read thermometer for the money! The quality and accuracy is the same as the other more expensive ones. I have used and owned both.

This one is better because it has a backlight, a magnet, and a case. Set it to sound when it reaches your desired temp and never worry if your food has been on too long or not! Try it….you will love it…guaranteed!!!”

“This is an outstanding product at a great price!

The other name brand units cost twice as much, but do they really perform twice as good?

The main reason to get one of these is for the preset buttons. Just press the button that corresponds with what your are cooking, and it will instantly tell you what the correct temperature is. You can also put it in instant read mode, and take the temperature of the meat directly. This unit has come in very handy for me, and has saved my butt on several occasions. It comes with a nice case to keep it safe, and even a magnet to attach it to your fridge. This is one of those things you might not think you need, but trust me, you will be glad you have it! I don’t know how I cooked without it!”

“This is a great thermometer! The magnet and case that it comes with make storage and keeping the probe sanitary a snap. The preset temperatures for various meats means you never have to think about what temperature your food really is.

No more wondering if your roast is medium or well done. It beeps at you when your desired temperature is reached, then pops up so you can easily see the reading. I have used mine on everything from pork roasts to briskets to making sure my oil is hot enough for deep frying. Cleaning is a snap. I just run the probe under some hot water, after each use, and dry it off before the next use. I’ve had mine for years and I still love it!”

“I absolutely love this product! I can’t believe I didn’t buy one of these things sooner. I can set it to go off when my meat is cooked to the temperature I want, it beeps when it reaches that temperature, and there’s a magnet on the back so I can stick it right on the inside of my oven door so I can keep an eye on it while its cooking without having to open the door and let all the heat out.

It’s great for checking the temperature of my smoker, and I never have to worry about burning my fingers since I don’t have to stick my hand in a hot smoker to get a reading. I wouldn’t be without one!”

“I use this all the time to keep an eye on what my grill or smoker is up to temperature-wise. If you’ve every wondered if those temperature gauges that come with most grills are anywhere close to being accurate, well they aren’t. But this thermometer is.

It’s like having a precision scientific instrument for telling you if your cooking or smoking project is ready now or in the near future. The probes are easy to clean since they are stainless steel, and the magnet on the back allows you to attach it pretty much anywhere. Even the protective case it comes with has magnetism, so you can easily stash it away in a kitchen drawer and never worry about damaging the unit. It even comes with a waterproof pouch for those times when you want to use it for outdoor cooking like smoking or barbecuing.”

“I love this product. It works great for keeping track of the temperature of anything you’re cooking on the grill or smoker. I’ve used it several times to keep track of the temperature of my meat so I know when its cooked through without having to cut into and ruin the way its supposed to look.”

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