DeWalt DCS331 20V MAX Jigsaw Preview

DeWalt Cordless Jig Saw Review

The following are some interesting facts about DeWalt 20V MAX Brushless Portable Power Tool:

• The tool weighs 1.2 pounds (0.7 kg) without batteries or charger; it’s 3.4 pounds (1.8 kg) with battery pack and charger attached, which includes one AA cell and two AAA cells.

• The maximum cutting power of the saw is 0.5 inches (.12 cm).

• The blade is made from hardened steel, and its cutting edge is 0.6 inch (17 mm) thick.

• The saw comes with a corded motor that delivers up to 30 watts of continuous power, but it can cut through wood faster than the standard 12 volts used in most electric tools.

• The blade is held securely in place by a stainless-steel clip that fits over the handlebar grip.

• The saw is equipped with a built-in safety lock mechanism that prevents the blade from being turned off while the operator is holding it.

• The saw has a head designed to cut through soft materials such as plywood, MDF and particle board. It’s capable of cutting through hard plastics, too.

How To Use DeWalt DCS331 20V MAX JIGSAW?

For best results, never attempt to cut through frozen lumber or any wood that is frozen together. The blade will become dull and may not cut straight.

DeWalt DCS331 20V MAX Jigsaw Preview from our website

When cutting hard materials such as plywood or MDF, apply even pressure on the front of the saw. Plunge the blade into the material and pull it toward you for a clean cut.

Check the blade for damage before and after you use the saw. The teeth are very thin and can break off if you apply too much pressure.

How To Maintain Your DeWalt DCS331 20V MAX Jig Saw?

Keep the blade of the saw dry to prevent rust. If it does rust, use a cloth with some WD-40 or other non-petroleum based product to remove it.

If the blade becomes dull, don’t try to sharpen it yourself. Take it to an authorized service center.

Don’t expose the tool to rain or snow. If it does get wet, wait for it to dry completely before using it again.

How To Store Your DeWalt 20V Jig Saw?

Because the tool uses lithium-ion batteries, it’s not necessary to fully discharge them before storage. If you store the tool for six months or more without using it, it’s best to remove the batteries and store them separately. Make sure the battery terminals cannot come into contact with one another or other metal objects to prevent the buildup of heat.

Charge the battery pack completely before use.

Why Should You Buy A DeWalt Jigsaw?

We think the DeWalt 20V MAX Jigsaw is an excellent choice for someone looking for a powerful cordless jigsaw without spending a fortune on a milwaukee m18 Fuel model. It doesn’t have as many features, and the battery life isn’t quite as long, but it’s still longer than most other jigsaws of this power range.

It also comes with a two-year warranty and is used by a variety of professionals, so you know it’s going to stand up to some abuse.

Who Should Buy The DeWalt 20V MAX Jigsaw?

The DeWalt cordless jigsaw is perfect for someone who needs a powerful tool for cutting wood, plastic, and even metal on occasion. The long battery life is a bonus for those who have large projects to complete, and the tool will easily cut through most types of wood. It’s not perfect for every situation, but it should meet the needs of most homeowners and a lot of professional contractors.

What Are The Struggles Of The DeWalt Jigsaw?

The only real issue we could see someone having with this jigsaw is that it’s relatively heavy compared to other cordless jigsaws on the market. At just over 13 pounds, some tool-savvy users may prefer the lightweight freedom of a Milwaukee Fuel model. But, considering the power and long run-time of this tool, the added weight is a fair trade-off.

What’s Next For DeWalt?

We could definitely see DeWalt expanding their selection of cordless saws. A few heavier-duty models with more power and a bigger battery would be great for professionals. Additionally, a lighter model with less power for the average homeowner would broaden their appeal.

We hope you’ve found this DeWalt DCS331 review to be informative and helpful in discovering if this is the right tool for you.

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