DeWalt DCH213L2 20V Max SDS Rotary Hammer Review

DeWalt DCH213L2 20V Max SDS Rotary Hammer Drill Review

The best way to describe the features of a rotary tool is “power tools for your hands”. These are powerful drills that can do everything from drilling holes in wood to cutting through metal.

They have been around since the early 1900’s when they were first invented. Today, there are many different models available. Some are designed specifically for woodworking while others are used for general purpose use.

In this review, we will look at the dewalt 20v max sds rotary hammer drill. The sds stands for special duty and these drills have a variety of uses such as removing rust off car bodies or building furniture.

They come in various sizes and price ranges so it is important to choose one that fits your needs.

What makes the dewalt sds rotary hammer drill so good?

First of all, it is very powerful. It has a motor that runs at 3200 rpm which is fast enough to cut through steel without breaking too much. Second, it comes with a battery pack that allows you to power up to 6 drills simultaneously (or 2 batteries). Third, it comes with a carrying case that protects the drill from damage during transport.

In fact, the only thing that is not included is the SDS 20V Netz 2 quick connect chuck. This is a special chuck that allows you to quickly switch from one drill bit to another.

It’s not too expensive though and can be purchased separately.

The dewalt dch213l2 is designed for professionals and people who work on a regular basis. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty so you know that the company has confidence in their product.

You can read more about this drill here.

Who Should Buy This Product

The dewalt 20v max sds rotary hammer is an excellent drill for people who work in a professional trade. It is especially good for building and construction workers.

The heavy duty motor can cut through metal and it can do so very quickly. It can even be used to drive screws into wood or concrete without damaging the head of the screw.

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People who work on cars will also find this drill very useful. The SDS chuck makes it easy to switch between drill bits without the use of a wrench.

It can fit any standard size drill bit from 1/8 to 3/8 inches in size.

This rotary drill is ideal for people who work from home or on a part-time basis as well.

The dewalt dch213l2 is a quality piece of equipment. The SDS chuck means you will never have to worry about the drill bit falling off into what you are working on again.

If you need a cordless rotary hammer that can handle the toughest jobs, then this is the one to get.

What Are the Disadvantages?

The only disadvantage of the dewalt dch213l2 is that it does not come with a SDS-20V quick connect chuck. This is an optional piece and you will need to order it separately or already have one if you want to use this drill immediately.

Another thing to note is that this drill is very heavy. While this is good for keeping it steady while drilling, other users might find it a little too heavy to use on a regular basis.

The weight of the drill is actually one of the reasons why it stays so stable while in use. It is made out of high quality materials and it has a very strong motor.

The one year warranty may be a concern for some as well. Even though the company does offer a 2-year limited warranty on this item, it can still be a bit concerning.

Most of their products come with a 3-year limited warranty so for them to only offer one year of coverage for this drill is a bit odd.

How Does It Compare?

The Makita XFD10R is another popular rotary hammer. It is almost identical to the dewalt dch213l2 in terms of performance and quality. It has an 11.5 AMP motor, 2-speed transmission, electronic brake and weighs about 10 pounds. The main difference is the fact that this one only comes with a 1-year warranty.

The MAKITA XTD20BL comes with 3-speed settings and a 2-year limited warranty so it seems to be the better deal.

The main advantage of the dewalt dch213l2 is that it comes with a SDS-20V quick connect chuck. This means you can use any standard size drill bit without having to switch chucke.

The Makita chuck can only hold SDS MAX bits which means you are limited in your choice of bits.

Another rotary hammer to consider is the Hitachi RH18VC. The main advantage of this one is it offers 4-speeds.

It also has a very fast 0-500 RPM rate so it can be used for a wide variety of applications.

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The main disadvantage is the limited 2-year warranty that comes with this drill. The price is also higher than the other two models mentioned above.

Which One Should You Get?

All of these cordless rotary hammers are great and it mainly comes down to personal preference. If you want the best of the best then go with the dewalt dch213l2. It has a superior warranty, extra features and can be used for years to come.

If you are looking for something a bit cheaper then the MAKITA is a good choice. It is also a very durable piece of equipment.

Hitachi cordless rotary hammers are a favorite for many contractors and this one certainly deserves to be included when comparing the best of the best. It has a very fast RPM rate and comes with a great warranty.

The only thing it is lacking is additional speed settings.

You won’t go wrong with any of these drills. Just make sure you look at the warranty information before making a final decision.

DeWalt DCH213L2

Makita XTD131

Hitachi RH18VC

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