DeWalt DCD970KL 18-Volt XRP Hammerdrill Review

DeWalt DCD970KL 18-Volt XRP Hammer Drill Review: Pros & Cons


1) Durable Construction: The design of the body is made from high quality aluminum alloy with stainless steel hardware.

It’s durable enough to withstand even the most severe use. You will not have any problems when using it for years to come.

2) Easy To Use: The user interface is easy to operate and operates smoothly.

It takes only few clicks to start working.

3) Good Battery Life: The battery life lasts for over 3 hours while drilling holes in wood or other materials.

It also works well when used for welding purposes.

4) Long Battery Life: The battery lasts for over 6 hours when used continuously.

5) Compact Size: It fits into your pocket easily.

You can carry it anywhere without having to worry about losing it.


1) No Safety Features: There are no safety features such as a stop button or a warning light built into the device.

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If something goes wrong, then you might get hurt badly because there is nothing preventing you from doing so.

2) No Hold Button: There is no button that can be used to hold the tool during the operation of drilling holes or even fastening purposes.

You will need to use two hands all the time in order to keep it in place.

3) Expensive: The price is considerably high when compared to other tools which offer similar features.

If you are a professional, then it might make sense to invest in this model. It is not cost effective for a casual hobbyist.

4) No Carrying Bag: No bag is provided with the package to help you carry this drill around.

You need to repurpose a pouch or get an after-market bag if you wish to take it along while travelling.

5) Poor Instruction Manual: The manual that comes with the product does not provide enough information about the different aspects of this kit.

It is useful for people with some background knowledge about this product. Beginners will have to rely on the visual depictions to get an idea about the proper usage.

How to use it

The usage of this tool is quite simple and similar to other cordless drills available in the market. Use the chuck to fix the drill bit or other accessories and then switch it on. Use it according to your needs.

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For improved efficiency, you can also adjust the speed setting to match your task. It can be used for drilling holes, fastening purposes and even cutting jobs.

What people say about it

Most people who have bought and used this tool are quite satisfied with their purchase. They find it reliable and a worthy addition to their toolkit. However, a few people have reported that it broke down on them soon after the warranty expired.

This might be a manufacturing defect and you should get it replaced if this occurs.

Price change

The price of this product has remained stable on most retail websites. There are some sales which are advertised frequently, but they don’t change the original cost by any significant amount.

Our conclusion

The DeWalt DCD970KL Cordless Drill Driver Kit is a well-designed tool with several great features which can be useful for professionals and serious hobbyists.

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