DeWalt D28710 14-inch Abrasive Chop Saw Preview

DeWalt D28710 14-Inch Abrasive Chop Saw Preview

The DeWalt D28710 14-inch Abrasive Chop Saw is a heavy duty, high performance cutting tool with a blade length of 14 inches. The DeWalt D28710 is designed for use in woodworking and general industrial applications where speed and efficiency are required.

The DeWalt D28710 features a blade made from carbon steel and comes with a dust collection system. The DeWalt D28710 is available in three different models:

D28705A – 15.4″ Blade Length (7.5 lbs)

– 15.4″ Blade Length (7.5 lbs) D28706B – 16″ Blade Length (8.0 lbs)

– 16″ Blade Length (8.0 lbs) D28710A – 14″ Blade Length (7.1 lbs)

The D28710A is the model we’ll be reviewing in this article.

Dewalt D28710 Key Features

The key features of the DeWalt D28710 are:

DeWalt D28710 14-inch Abrasive Chop Saw Preview -

14 in abrasive chop saw

Carbon steel blade

Seven and a half pounds in weight

2700 RPM no-load speed

Aggressive cutting line

Backed by a three year limited warranty

The D28710 is designed specifically for use with abrasive blades. These blades are made of a thin segmented steel and coated with a tough hard wearing material such as silicon carbide.

The abrasive action is ideal for quickly cutting concrete, stone, brick and masonry, however the D28710 is not suitable for cutting metal.

The D28710 features a flexible drive system to provide smooth powerful cuts. It can be used both right and left handed.

The D28710 has a variable speed trigger for fine control over the cutting action. The D28710 also has an adjustable shoe and ruler for accurate straight cutting.

The dust collection system is designed to be connected to a shop vacuum or cyclone to help keep the working environment clear of dust.

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