DeWalt Cordless 1-3/4″ Combination Hammer DCH614 | Hands-on Testing

DeWalt Power Tools Review: Pros & Cons


• Durable and reliable design. (Durable, but not indestructible)

• Very powerful. (Very Powerful, but not Indestructible)

• Easy to use. (Easy to Use, but not easy to operate)


• Not suitable for all jobs. (Not suitable for all jobs, but not unsuitable)

• Not suitable for every job. (Not suitable for every job, but not unsuitable)

• Too expensive. (Too Expensive, but not too expensive)

DeWalt Power Tools Review: Features

DeWalt Cordless 1-3/4″ Combination Hammer DCH614 | Hands-on Testing -

The following features are discussed in the article: DeWalt Cordless 1-3/4″ Combination Hammer DCH614 | Hands-on Testing.

1. Durability and Reliability of the Tool

A good quality cordless drill will last longer than a cheap one. If you were to compare the price and life span of a cheap cordless drill to a good one, the cheap one would end up costing more over the period of time due to having to replace it several times.

2. Power of the Drill

A cordless drill is only as powerful as its batter; this means that if the battery is weak, then the power of the drill will also be weak. A good cordless drill comes with a high current battery; this will make the drill more powerful and able to drill through harder surfaces.

3. Ease of Use

The easier the drill is to use, the better. You want a cordless drill that is light enough for you to carry around without feeling like you are dragging a piece of lead around with you. A drill that is too heavy can cause fatigue which can result in accidents happening due to lack of concentration.

The best cordless drills are easy to handle and also easy to use.

4. Versatility of the tool

A good cordless drill can be used for many purposes other than just drilling. Most cordless power drills these days are not just for drilling; most can perform a range of functions. This is very handy for someone who doesn’t own multiple tools since they only need to own one that can do it all.

Some of the functions a drill can perform include cutting, hammering, screw driving, grinding and more.

How to Buy the Right Drill for You

See what type of work you will be using the tool for: Do you need it for professional or home use?

This is a very important question to ask yourself since it will determine what you really need. If you are a professional contractor then you need a drill that can stand up to daily abuse and heavy duty work. On the other hand, if you do not use the tool on a regular basis then it may be better to invest in a prosumer grade model.

Know your Budget: Decide how much you want to spend before you start looking at drills. While quality is important, you also do not want to go overboard and break the bank. Know what you can afford and don’t go beyond that.

Research: Look up some cordless drills online and read reviews of them as well as see what features they have. It is important to know what each feature does before you invest in a tool so that you know how and when you will be using it.

DeWalt Cordless 1-3/4″ Combination Hammer DCH614 | Hands-on Testing - Picture

Consider the Warranty: Most decent cordless drills come with some sort of warranty. If you are buying the drill from a store, make sure that you check if they have a return policy as well as the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Just make sure that you keep your receipts in case you have to take advantage of either one of them.


What is the best cordless drill?

That really depends on what you are going to be using it for and how much you are willing to spend. There are several categories of cordless drills such as those under $100, under $200, and those over $200. The more you spend usually the better the features of the tool will be.

How do I take care of my drill?

You should make sure you keep your drill dry and clean after each use. Wipe off any dirt or debris from the outside of the tool and store it in a safe place that is away from children. You should also make sure you don’t expose your drill to extreme temperature changes as this could cause the internal parts to malfunction.

How often should I replace the batteries?

That is a good question; the answer really depends on how much you use your cordless drill. On average you should get at least one full year out of your tool or possibly even longer if you don’t use it constantly. When the batteries start losing power quickly this means it is time to replace them, but that could take months or even a year depending on how often you use it.

What are the differences betweenNiCad and Lithium Ion batteries?

Both of these types of battery are used in cordless power tools and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. NiCad batteries are slightly cheaper than their lithium counterparts but they are also heavier. They are also known to have a “memory” effect so it is important to fully drain then fully charge them after each use. Lithium Ion batteries are lighter than their NiCad counterparts and they don’t have the memory effect, but they are more expensive.

Do I need to adjust my clutch setting?

When you are using your drill one of the most important features is the clutch. The purpose of the clutch is to prevent the bit from either slipping or stripping the screw. If you are using a screwdriver bit in your drill then you can usually set the clutch to the lowest setting possible as the bit is not designed to drill through wood or metal. If you are using a drill bit which has the potential to drill through wood or metal then you need to adjust the clutch so that the bit does not spin out of control.

What is the best way to store my cordless drill?

The best way to store your cordless drill is by hanging it on a hook or from a place where the batteries cannot be knocked out or damaged. Storing your cordless drill in your garage or tool shed is fine, but do not store in an area which is prone to extreme temperatures or it could cause the battery to malfunction.

How long should the battery last?

That is again a matter of how much you use your cordless drill. On average a battery should last you anywhere from one to two years depending on how often you use it and for how long. If the battery starts losing power quickly then it may be time to get a replacement battery or if the battery seems very slow to fully charge then it is also time to replace.

What about battery chargers?

Just about all cordless drills come with a battery charger which is used to charge the battery once it starts to lose power. The nice part about battery chargers is that they have a indicator light which lets you know when the battery is fully charged. The average time it takes to fully charge a battery is between six to ten hours and this depends on the size of the battery as some are considerably larger than others.

What are the different types of clutch settings?

Most cordless drills are fitted with three different types of clutch settings, these are the low, medium and high range. The low setting is best used for screwdriving and lighter jobs such as putting up picture frames. The medium setting is good all round setting which can be used for most drilling jobs, and the high range is for drilling through harder surfaces such as metal or wood.

Why does my drill keep slipping when I am using it?

It is possible the clutch is not set properly. It is also possible that the bit you are using does not match the clutch setting. For example, you cannot use a high range clutch setting when using a screwdriver bit as the bit will just spin without actually drilling into the material. Check that the clutch is set to the right mode for the job you are doing.

What information should I look for when buying a cordless drill?

When you are buying a new cordless drill there are a number of features which you need to look at before making your final decision. The first thing you need to look at is what kind of batteries are included with the drill. There are two types of batteries which you can choose from, these are Nickel-Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride. Both these types will provide a decent charge but the main difference is that the Nickel-Cadmium batteries are slightly heavier but hold their charge for longer when not in use. Nickel Metal Hydride batteries on the other hand are lighter but do not hold their charge quite as well.

The next thing you should look at is the type of chuck the drill has. There are two types of chuck, these being the keyless and keyed chucks. If you are just going to be using the drill around the house then either one will suffice.

However, if you are going to be using the drill for more rigorous work which requires a lot of tightening and loosening of drill bits then a keyed chuck will prevent the bit from slipping.

Besides all these features, you will also need to consider the type of material you intend on drilling. If, for example you intend on drilling a lot of masonry then you will need to get a cordless drill which has a hammer action.

Can cordless drills be used for anything other than drilling?

The main use of a cordless drill is for drilling holes but they can also be used for a number of other things as well. The forward and reverse thrust can be used for a variety of tasks such as screwdriving, grinding, cutting and polishing.

Can cordless drills be used underwater?

While in the wrong hands, most power tools can be dangerous but if you are experienced with power tools then there is no reason why you shouldn’t use them underwater. However, if you want to do this, it will be very important that you make sure that all safety procedures are followed and that the tools are in full working order as any leakages could result in serious injury.

Can I use my cordless drill in the house?

Yes, you can use your cordless drill in the house but there are a few things you should keep in mind if you intend on using it as an appliance around the home. The first thing to remember is to not overload the device with too much weight as this can cause it to overheat and could even cause a fire hazard. Also, if you are going to be using the cordless drill very often around the home, you should consider buying one with an inbuilt hammer action.

How should I take care of my cordless drill?

If you want your drill to last you a long time then there are a few things you should do to make sure it stays in good condition. First of all, never leave the device charging for longer than is necessary as this can overheat the battery and could cause a fire. Also, if drilling through tough materials such as metal or masonry you should always make sure you use an appropriate screw as this will help prevent the bit from over heating.

Where can I find manuals for my cordless drill?

If you already own a cordless drill then there is a good chance that you will be able to find the instruction manual online. Alternatively, if you have lost the manual and cannot find it online then you can also always request a new one from the manufacturer. Most manufacturers offer this service free of charge.

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