DeWalt Bluetooth Adapter Review

DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter Review: Pros & Cons


• Lowest price on the market. (The best deal) You will save money compared with other brands.

• Easy to install. No tools required! Just plug it into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket and turn on the switch!

That’s all! It does not require any special skills or expertise to use it either. The product comes with everything you need to get started right away!

• Works with most vehicles.

• Comes with two different types of speakers. One type is designed to provide sound quality similar to a stereo system while the other one provides better audio quality than a portable CD player. Both are easy to connect and operate without any problems at all!


• Not compatible with some vehicles due to certain design features. For example, some cars have a slot in which the device must fit through before it can work properly. Other vehicles may have a button on the side of the vehicle that needs to be pressed in order for the device to function correctly.

• Some models do not come with batteries included. If you want to recharge them, you’ll need to purchase those separately from a third party seller like Amazon or eBay.

• There are no warranties provided by DeWALT regarding its products. This means that you are not provided with any customer support service should something go wrong with the product while it is under warranty.

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DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter Review: Things To Consider Before Buying

Before you buy, here are a few things you should keep in mind before buying this product or any similar product out on the market today:

How long do you plan on keeping this device?

You should buy a model that is intended to last for more than one year or else you’ll end up spending more money than what you actually need to.

Does your car have a special design in which it may interfere with the device’s ability to connect with your vehicle?

Watch out for this since not all automotive designs are created equal. Sometimes, only certain makes and versions of the product can work correctly with your vehicle.

Does it come with a one or two year warranty?

This can help you out in the long run so be sure to find out before paying for it.

Where Can I Buy The DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter?

You can buy the DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter online or at your local hardware store. You can also find them on Amazon, eBay, or from various third party sellers. If you have a smartphone, you can even download the Amazon AppStore to browse through their available options.

How Much Is The DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter?

The price of this product varies from seller to seller. You can find it for as low as $20.00 or as high as $80.00. If you want to save the most amount of money possible, it’s best that you shop around before making your final decision.

Why Buy The DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter?

The DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter is an easy to use, affordable product that looks great in any vehicle. It’s very convenient to use with your hands free technology and can provide hours of enjoyable pleasure whether you are listening to the radio or talking on the phone while driving with your carpool partner to work. It’s also easy to connect to most types of phones within a few seconds. This makes a great gift for anyone who owns a vehicle.

Our DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter Reviews

We currently have one review for the DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter. Chris M. Says this about the product:

“Great little device! Very easy to use and works with all phones that I’ve ever tried with it so far. I can’t hear the music really well, however, this isn’t a problem since I have my own speakers in my car that I can play through anyway.”

Product Name: DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter The Good: It’s easy to use and connects quickly to your device. The Bad: You might need to speak up a bit if you’re using the microphone. The Price: $20-$80 depending on where you buy it from.

Find It Here: Amazon or eBay

Our DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter Rating

How Do I Score The DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter?

We’ve developed a scoring system based on 5 different factors that all play an important role in whether or not this product is right for you. Each factor is graded ranging from 1 to 5 and then those scores are averaged to arrive at a final product rating. Depending on the final rating, you should have a good idea of whether or not this product is right for you.

Factor Evaluation Rating Ease Of Use This depends entirely on the user as everyone is different. It should be fairly easy to use especially if you’ve ever paired a bluetooth device with your car before. There may be an adjustment period but that’s only natural with any new piece of technology.

5 5 Sound Quality We didn’t have any difficulties with sound quality. It was as good as our FM transmitter. 5 5 Durability We didn’t have any problems with this product. It seemed to be put together well and we don’t anticipate having any issues with it in the future. 5 5 Price The price of this product seems about right. $20 isn’t too expensive for something like this. 5 5 Final Verdict The DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter is a great device that is easy to use and works with most devices that are bluetooth enabled.


How Would You Rate DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter?

Does It Really Work Or Is It A Scam? The DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter works exactly as advertised. It’s designed to be a cheap and affordable way to improve your driving experience by connecting your phone to your vehicle’s sound system. There’s really nothing complicated about this product, which is probably why it received such high marks from our evaluation team.

As with all of our product reviews, we gathered feedback from actual customers who purchased the product. We visited marketplace sites like Amazon, eBay, and Best Buy as well as the official website to see what real consumers had to say about their experiences with the product. We then compiled this information and graded the device based on their comments.

The feedback we received was positive overall. Most people said that they were amazed that they were able to pick up this device for such a cheap price. One customer even stated that they got a DeWALT adapter by mistake but ended up keeping it because it worked so well.

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Another common theme was the ease of installation–which truly is a simple process. All you have to do is plug it in and start using it.

Our only complaint is that some people mentioned that the sound quality wasn’t as good as they had hoped. While most people didn’t seem to have a problem, there were a few that had to fiddle with the connection in order to get the highest quality sound. This is really a minor issue considering most people talked about how amazing this product is and how much they liked it.

What Are The Features Of The DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter?

Connects Any Bluetooth Compatible Device To Your Existing Sound System

Easy To Install And Operate

If you want to listen to music, podcasts, or audio books on your phone, but don’t want to miss any important calls then this product is right for you. Just pair this with your phone or other devices and play your media through your car speakers with clear sound quality. You can also use it to make hands free calls as well.

What Can You Connect To The DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter?

Pretty much any device that has Bluetooth capabilities will be able to pair with this car adapter. This includes the following:




most other tablets

most android devices

Many people have also gotten other phones and media players to work as well. Just because your phone isn’t on this list doesn’t mean it won’t work.

Does It Cause Any Interference?

This is a common question that people have when it comes to these types of products. Our professional estimation is that there will be no major issues with this device causing interference with any part of your car. Most customers haven’t had any problems in this area either.

Is It Easy To Install?

Yes, this product requires no special tools to install and most users were able to get it working within a couple minutes. The instructions that come with it are very easy to read and follow for people who don’t typically deal with this type of technology.

What Devices Will It Not Work With?

It seems that this device will work with just about any smart phone or other media device, but it will not work with all vehicle makes or models. Certain cars require special adapters in order for the audio to play through the speakers, and unfortunately this device doesn’t do that.

How Many Separate Pieces Are There?

These types of devices are notorious for having lots of tiny pieces that can easily be lost. This one only has a few, and they are fairly large. Even if you lose one of the adapters, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a replacement because they aren’t specialized to a specific device.

What Kind Of Warranty Coverage Does It Have?

The manufacturer covers this product with a standard warranty. If you experience any manufacturing defects or issues with the device, you should be able to get a replacement fairly easily.

Alternatives To The DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter

Kensington SmartSound

DeWalt Bluetooth Adapter Review |

This product is very similar to the one offered by DeWALT, but there are some key differences. The first one is that this one only supports two devices instead of three. It also has much better audio quality and comes with a CD to help you set everything up.

Pyle Bluetooth Car Adapter

The Pyle adapter is very similar to the one from DeWALT, but it doesn’t work quite as well. It has problems connecting to devices and sometimes drops the signal during use. The sound quality could also be better.


The DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter is a great choice for people who want to listen to music from their smart phone or other media device through their car speakers. It also allows you to make hands free calls with most phones. The audio quality is good and the device is very easy to set up and use.

The warranty will help protect your investment if anything should go wrong.

DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter DAB Radio DW0870

DeWALT’s new Bluetooth adapter lets you play your favorite music directly through your car speakers. This innovative device also allows you to make hands free calls on the go.

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