DeWalt Atomic One-Hand Reciprocating Saw Review DCS369

DeWalt Compact Reciprocating Saw Review: Pros & Cons


1) Good price (under $100).

You will get a good quality product at reasonable prices.

2) Comes with everything you need to start cutting wood.

No extra tools are required for basic use.

3) The saw blade is made from high strength steel which makes it strong enough to cut through most materials without breaking.

It’s sharpness is very good too!

4) The saw comes with a metal carrying case which provides protection against scratches and damage during transportation.

DeWalt Atomic One-Hand Reciprocating Saw Review DCS369 |

5) Easy to operate and maintain.

There is no need to purchase special tools or accessories like belts, straps, etc.. You just have to take your time while using the saw.


1) The handle of the saw is not ergonomic for right handers.

If you are left handed, then you might experience some discomfort while operating the saw.

2) The blade is not flat so it doesn’t make straight cuts easily.

It would be better if the blade was curved instead of being flat.

3) Some users complain about vibration when using the saw due to its design.

4) Users may encounter problems with the saw catching on things such as nails and screws during installation and removal of parts.

5) There has been some issues with the switch and trigger.

If they are not working properly, then the saw will be useless until they are fixed.


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1) Remember to wear safety goggles when operating the saw!

Safety should always be your number one priority.

2) Only make cuts on material that is appropriate for this type of saw blade.

Do not force the saw to cut through materials that it can’t handle.

3) Always store the saw in its protective case when not in use.

This will prevent damage to the blade and other parts of the saw.

4) Don’t try to change or modify any parts on the saw without consulting a professional first.

Even though the saw comes with a special tool for this, you might still experience unexpected problems if you don’t know what you’re doing.

5) Be sure to clean the saw after using it.

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Dirt and dust can enter the small gaps in the tool and cause problems later on.

6) Always wear gloves and safety gear when operating the saw.

Even if you are experienced with other types of saws, a reciprocating saw can be very dangerous for you if you’re not careful.

The last two warnings are definitely the most important ones when using this product. Using a reciprocating saw can be very dangerous if you don’t exercise caution.

In conclusion, the DeWalt compact reciprocating saw is the best product in its price range. It might not be as high quality as some of the other more expensive saws on the market, but it’s sufficent for most DIYers and carpenters.

Let’s say you want to mount a big screen TV on your bedroom wall. Instead of hiring a professional to do the job, you can do it yourself using this saw. It’s that easy! All you have to do is make sure you know how to use it properly.

I hope this review has helped you learn more about this product. Feel free to leave any questions in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you and have a good day!

-Matty B.

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