DeWalt 4-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac DXV04T

DeWalt 4-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac DXV04T Manual:

The manual of the dewalt 4-gallon wet/dry shop vac DXV04T includes a few tips for cleaning your shop floor. You may want to read it before using the vacuum.

1) Cleaning with water and soap: Use water and soap when cleaning your work area or workspace.

2) Disinfectant: When disinfecting surfaces, use a mild liquid household cleaner (like Dawn), not bleach.

3) Wipe off dust and debris: Wipe off dust and debris from the surface of any tool you are using.

Never wipe away dirt with your hands!

4) Wash your hands thoroughly after touching tools or other materials that have been contaminated with dirt.

5) If possible, clean up spills immediately.

Do not leave them anywhere where they might collect mold spores or bacteria.

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6) Dust mite control: Dust mites live in the air around us all day long.

They’re tiny little critters that crawl along our fingers and into our eyes every now and then. Most people don’t even realize how much dust there is in their home because most of it gets blown out the window during a storm. However, some dust is airborne all the time, even in clean homes.

7) The tiny mites that float around us are so small that you can’t see them without a microscope.

When you brush against something, some of those little beasties jump onto your clothes and later get tracked into your bed when you change clothes. When you sleep on your mattress, some of the mites get crushed by accident. When that happens, you might as well sleep in a pile of mud because they leave behind little heaps of glistening poop.

8) A full-grown adult can carry a few pounds of those mites on their clothes and skin without even knowing it.

All it takes is one combing of the hair to suddenly double the population. If that person has pets or spends time in other places (like carpets), they can easily grow ten times that amount.

9) The best way to stop the cycle is to wash your clothes thoroughly (especially your bedsheets and pillowcases), take a shower or bath, and vacuum every nook and cranny that you can reach.

10) If you find yourself with a serious mite infestation, throw away your mattress and anything else that you can’t disinfect.

11) There are also specially-formulated sprays you can buy to treat these kinds of problems.

12) The most important thing is to not panic. Mites are common and not dangerous for most people. Cleaning up your home should solve the problem.

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13) If you live in a humid, subtropical or tropical area, you might also have to worry about mold. Mold can look like a blackish-blue spot on your ceiling or walls. You might also see green patches of mildew growing among your ceiling tiles.

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