DeWalt 4.0Ah DCB204 vs DCB182 Battery Packs

DeWalt 20V xr Battery 4Ah (DCB204) vs DCB182 Battery Pack

The DeWalt 20V xr battery 4Ah (DCB204) is a high capacity lithium ion battery pack with a nominal voltage of 19 volts and a maximum continuous discharge rate of 2.5 amps. It comes in two versions: DCB202A and DCB202C.

The DCB202A is rated at 200 watt hours (Wh), while the DCB202C is rated at 150 Wh. Both are available in three configurations: single cell, dual cell or triple cell.

The DCB204 battery packs have been designed to meet the needs of heavy duty applications such as forklifts, excavators and dump trucks. They are used in locations where high energy density and long life over extended periods of time are required.

The DCB204 battery pack is manufactured using a proprietary nickel cadmium chemistry. The batteries are made up of four cells each containing 16 individual cells. Each cell contains one positive (+) terminal and one negative (-).

All four terminals are connected together through a common cathode electrode which consists of an aluminum foil sandwich sandwiched between two layers of carbon fiber cloth. These electrodes provide superior thermal conductivity, allowing the battery to operate at temperatures up to 600°F (373°C).

The anode is a perforated nickel-cobalt-manganese dioxide (NCM) electrode. The cathode contains a proprietary chemistry of nickel oxyhydroxide and aluminum tris (phenyl).


Long life span, which can allow it to last as long as three times longer than other types of batteries.

Quick charge cycles, which can be charged up to 1,000 times before its useful life is over.

DeWalt 4.0Ah DCB204 vs DCB182 Battery Packs - Picture

High storage capacity allows the battery to provide a high amount of work per charge.

Excellent resistance to high and low temperature usage (from -4°F to 122°F).


Low energy density, hence it is heavier than other types of batteries.

The higher internal resistance leads to increased heat generation.

The high internal resistance leads to decreased efficiency (energy is wasted as heat).

DeWalt 4AH Battery Twin Pack (DCB414)

The DeWalt 4A battery pack uses the latest high energy Lithium Ion technology. It has an integrated charge indicator which shows the level of charge left in the battery pack. The batteries have a no memory effect so you do not need to completely discharge the battery before re-charging it.

The battery pack is supplied with a 10 hour automatic smart charger. It has a power indicator and a trickle charge to keep the battery pack ready for use at all times. When not in use for long periods the battery pack should be stored in a cool dry place, approximately 50% charge is ideal.

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