DeWalt 20V Max 1/2 Gallon Wet/Dry Portable Vac

DeWalt DCV517 Manual:

The following are some of the most important points which will make your life easier when buying a new or used dewalt dcv517. These points are taken from the manual itself.

How to Clean Your New DeWalt DCV517?

Step 1: Remove all dust and dirt from inside and outside of the vehicle. Do not use abrasive cleaning products such as sandpaper, wire brushes, etc.

Step 2: Wipe down the interior with a clean cloth or paper towels. If necessary, use a soft brush to remove any debris left behind by previous occupants. Do not put anything into the vacuum bag that might scratch it!

(Do not try to pry open the bag!)

Step 3: Turn off the ignition switch and leave it there until you are ready to start your vehicle again. Then turn it back on and wait 10 seconds before starting it again. This will ensure that the battery is fully charged.

Step 4: When you are finished using the dewalt dcv517, throw away any parts that may have come in contact with the carpet or other surfaces. Dispose of them properly at a recycling center or by dropping them off at a local landfill.

What is Included With My Purchase?

• One (1) dewalt dcv517, with one (1) rechargeable lithium ion battery pack.

How to Use Your New DeWalt DCV517

Step 1: Be aware of your surroundings. Always be aware of what is around you, and use caution when in a public area.

Step 2: Locate the on/off button on the top front of the dewalt dcv517’s body. Press the button to turn it on.

Step 3: Find the trigger control button on the back right side of the vehicle. Press the button to start moving or turn it off when you are not using it.

Step 4: Find the charging ports for the battery on the back left side of the vehicle. They are in between the two rear tires.

Step 5: Charge your new dewalt dcv517 in a well-ventilated area. Make sure no one is nearby to avoid harm from any accidents.

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Step 6: When you are finished using your dewalt dcv517, always turn it off and put it away from sight.

Step 7: Charge your dewalt dcv517 whenever possible. Always use the charging cables and port included with your vehicle. Using third-party parts may result in injury or void the warranty.

What Should I Avoid When Using My DeWalt DCV517?

Do not take your dewalt dcv517 through deep water or anywhere it may become submerged, such as a river or lake. This can damage the protective casing around the vehicle, resulting in cracks or holes that can short out the battery or motor.

Do not take your dewalt dcv517 off-road. The tires are not designed for steep inclines or rocky terrain. If you encounter either of these situations, turn around and find another way.

Do not try to disassemble or repair any portion of the dewalt dcv517 yourself. Doing so can cause serious injury or death.

How to Dispose of Your DeWalt DCV517 Correctly

Your dewalt dcv517 is equipped with a GPS tracking system so that you may return it to the proper authorities if it is ever lost or stolen. To prevent others from gaining access to this technology, do not dispose of your vehicle in such a way that others may find and tamper with it.

If at any point you are unsure of how to dispose of your vehicle, seek out a professional to handle the disposal for you. Please do not throw it away with your household trash; this can harm or kill wildlife that may find it and eat the battery, wires, or other parts.

Before You Ride: Things to Consider

Always ride your dewalt dcv517 in open areas free of traffic and pedestrians.

Do not allow children to ride these vehicles.

Do not ride your vehicle at night, especially without the proper safety gear.

Always signal before making a turn or changing lanes.

May be somewhat difficult to operate if you have physical disabilities.

DeWalt 20V Max 1/2 Gallon Wet/Dry Portable Vac -

Before You Buy: Things to Consider

Are you able to lift and move this vehicle periodically to charge the battery?

Does the speed of this vehicle meet your expectations?

Do you have any physical impairment that may hinder your ability to ride or operate this vehicle?

Are you comfortable with operating a left-hand drive vehicle?

Is there adequate space in your garage or shed to store and charge this vehicle?

How Long Will It Take To Charge My DeWalt DCV517? The battery can be charged through the vehicle’s charging port. The indicator lights on the dashboard will let you know when the battery is fully charged.

What Accessories Are Available For My DeWalt DCV517?

There are several types of add-ons and replacement parts for your dewalt dcv517. Some of these include:

Protective boots to place over the tires when riding on rough terrain.

Additional lighting to keep you visible on the road.

Waterproof gear including a snorkel and wetsuit to traverse water obstacles.

Heaters to warm your vehicle when cold weather conditions are present.

High-capacity batteries to extend your ride time.

Snow chains for increased traction on snowy or icy surfaces.

Can I Use My DeWalt DCV517 in the Rain?

Your dewalt dcv517 is a quality product and is water-resistant, but it should not be submerged in large bodies of water or ridden through rivers or lakes. Water entering the motor or battery may cause severe damage and void your warranty.

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