DeWalt 12V Green Cross Line Laser Review DW088LG

DeWalt 12V Green Cross Line Laser Review DW088LG – What’s New?

In this latest update of the review of the dewalt 12v green line laser, we have added some new features. We will explain them here:

1) Improved Beam Intensity Control (BIC):

The beam intensity control (BIC) feature was improved in this model. Now it allows to adjust the intensity of the light output from 0% to 100%.

2) More powerful LED:

The current model uses a single Cree XM-L2 U3 LED. The next version of the unit will use two Cree XM-L2 U4 LEDs instead.

These are brighter than the previous models and they emit more light. They are rated at 1000 lumens each which means that they produce one thousandth of the amount of light produced by a standard incandescent bulb.

3) Improved lens:

The lens of the dewalt 12v green laser is made out of a stronger material now. It is designed to withstand higher temperatures and wear better over time.

This makes it more durable and less likely to break down over time. You may notice that the lens does not fit perfectly onto the head of your device. You may also notice that it is slightly misaligned. This is normal for this latest unit, the previous one had a perfectly aligned lens.

4) Improved Mechanism:

The track-switch mechanism was re-engineered in this model. It uses less moving parts now, making it more durable and reliable.

There are only three moving parts in this new mechanism, compared to the five in the old one. This also makes the new unit slightly lighter as well.

5) More Durable Body:

The exterior casing of the unit is now made out of magnesium. This material is lighter than aluminum but also stronger and more impact-resistant.

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It can withstand higher impacts without breaking. The magnesium case is also anodized which helps prevent corrosion.

6) Improved Battery Life:

The next version of the dewalt 12v green line laser will have a longer battery life than this current model. It will last for up to 3 hours continuously on a single charge, compared to the roughly 2 hours that this current model lasts.

This is due to a more efficient power supply and a more energy-efficient LED.

7) Improved Charger:

The charger for this next model will be more efficient than the one included with this current model. The new charger will be 100% efficient, meaning that none of the energy supplied by the wall outlet is wasted.

This will also make the charger slightly heavier since it requires a more robust power supply.

8) More Robust Battery:

The battery that comes with this next model is more durable and more resistant to drops and other types of physical damage. This is due to the use of newer technology in the manufacturing process of the battery cells.

This also means that this next model will be slightly heavier than this current one.

9) Improved Design:

DeWalt 12V Green Cross Line Laser Review DW088LG from our website

The case of the unit is made out of magnesium which is both lighter and stronger than aluminum. The lens of the next model is designed to have a more precise fit onto the head of the device.

The battery compartment of the next version will also be more accessible and shallower. This will make it easier to change the battery if needed. The on/off switch of this next unit is designed in a way that prevents accidental activation when dropped.

10) Better Warranty:

This next model comes with a three-year limited warranty, compared to the one year warranty of this current unit.

11) Improved Manufacturing Process:

The magnesium used in this next model is smelted in a newer, more efficient machine than the one used for this current model. It is also processed using a new and improved technique.

It will cost more to buy this next unit due to the higher manufacturing costs but will be cheaper in the long run due to the durable magnesium case and longer battery life.

12) Improved Packaging:

The next version will include a carrying case, compared to this current model that only comes with a cardboard box. This next unit will also be packaged in a wooden crate rather than a plastic one due to it being sturdier.

How would you improve this new model?

What changes or additions would you make to this next version?

How could you improve the way in which it is packaged for shipping and displayed in stores?

Please explain your answers and also tell me why you made the choices that you did.

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DeWalt 12V Green Cross Line Laser Review DW088LG from our website

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