DeWalt 12V/20V Max Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

DeWalt 12V/20V Max Bluetooth Jobsite Radio Review: Pros & Cons


1) Easy to use – There are no complicated buttons or menus.

You just press the button and it starts working immediately. No need to fiddle with any settings first.

2) Works well in low light conditions – I was able to test out my new job site radio without too much problem at night time when there wasn’t many people around.

3) It’s easy to operate even if you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge – You just push the button and it works.

No complicated menu screens to navigate through.

4) It’s very lightweight – The radio weighs only 1 pound which makes it extremely portable.

(I’m not sure how durable it will be in the rain though).

5) Very simple design – It doesn’t look like anything else I’ve seen before.

It looks very professional and industrial looking.

DeWalt 12V/20V Max Bluetooth Jobsite Radio -

6) Great battery life – I got over 5 hours of listening time from one charge!

That’s amazing considering the size of the radio itself.


1) Not waterproof – Although it says it is, but I haven’t tested it yet in water so we’ll see how true that statement actually is.

2) The strap could be longer – But this isn’t really a big problem since I can just hold it in my hand or carry it in my toolbox.

3) No backlight on the button – You have to literally guess or remember which one turns it on and which one changes stations.

4) Not loud enough – I wish it could go louder as sometimes, it just doesn’t seem loud enough.

My Final Verdict:

I would recommend this to anyone who needs a small yet powerful job site radio. It isn’t big in size but it gets the job done with great sound quality. I will most likely be using this to listen to music on at night when working alone.

DeWalt 12V/20V Max Bluetooth Jobsite Radio Questions and Answers

Q: Does this come with wall charger?

A: Yes, it comes with a car charger and a wall charger out of the box.

Q: What is the sound quality like?

A: It sounds very clear and it definitely gets loud enough.

Q: My 12v battery died, can I use this to power a 12v tool?

A: You can if it takes 5V, but you will not be able to run a 12V tool because the radio itself only puts out a maximum of 5W.

Q: Does this play music from the radio or does it only play music from bluetooth?

A: The bluetooth works very good and pairs immediately. However, there is no CD player or tuner so you can’t play music from the radio.

Q: Can I use it to charge other devices?

A: Yes, you can if they are 5V.

Q: Is this waterproof?

A: Sort of, it says it is “water resistant”. It really just means splashes and light rain should not be an issue. Do not submerge it in water.

Q: Can this run off a 20V battery?

A: Yes, it can. It will draw more current from the battery though so it will not last as long.

Q: Does this have a carabiner on it?

A: No, it does not.

Q: Is this loud enough to use as a PA system?

A: While it can get loud, the sound also distorts at high volume. It is not recommended for use as a PA system.

Q: Can I use this to power my phones?

A: This only puts out 2A so while it can charge a phone, it will take all day. We recommend the USB Charging Hub and a 10,000 mAh battery.

Q: What size is the speaker?

A: The speaker size is 4.5″ in diameter and 1.1″ thick.

Q: Does this have Bluetooth?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Does the radio tuner work off of battery power or do you have to plug it in to a power source?

A: The radio will only work while plugged into a power source to draw the current it needs.

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