Delta Random Orbital Sanders with Variable-Speed

Delta Random Orbital Sanders with Variable-Speed (DSOR)

The Delta Random Orbital Sanders with Variable Speed (DSOR) is a popular type of sander used for small projects and home improvement projects. They are usually made from plastic or metal, but sometimes they are made out of wood. The name comes from the fact that each one is randomly assigned to a specific location in your house where it will be used.

They come in different speeds, ranging from very slow to extremely fast. You can use them to remove old paint, clean up grout lines, smooth out rough edges around windows and doors, and many other tasks.

How do I Use a DSO?

Using a DSO is easy if you have the right tools. There are two types of sander: linear and variable speed. Linear sander are generally faster than variable speed ones. If you’re going to be using a DSO for a long period of time, then it’s better to go with one that is slower so you don’t burn yourself out.

Linear Sander – The most common type of sander, these are the ones you’ll see at any hardware store. They are cheap and easy to find. They also break easily so you have to be careful using them.

Variable Speed Sander – These are more expensive but a much better option for the professional. With the push of a button, you can slow down or speed up the movement of the pad on the table. This enables you to have more fine control over the object you’re working on.

These types of sanders also come with different types of pads that can be installed.

Grit Pads – These are rough and will take off a lot of material. They’re good for stripping paint or taking off old finishes.

Finishing Pads – If you’re working on a project that requires high precision, then you’ll want to use a finishing pad. These are much softer and smoother and will apply even pressure without scratching the surface.

Velcro Pads – These are used specifically for sanding curved surfaces. They have a sticky back so you can attach them to the actual sander.

What Do I Do With It?

The DSO is one of the most versatile tools in your collection, and there are many uses for it. If you’re doing woodworking, then it’s an invaluable tool that you’ll use nearly every day.

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