Delta Contractor Saw (36-5052) Review

Delta Contractor Saw (36-5052) Review

The Delta Contractor Saw (36-5052) is one of the most popular models among home contractors due to its low price and good performance. It’s main advantage over other models is its ease of use. Its main disadvantage is its high cost.

It was originally developed by John Deere Company. It is made from heavy duty steel with a durable powder coated finish. It features a blade guard and handle designed to prevent injury when cutting through wood or soft materials.

It comes with two blades: a standard blade and a pocket knife blade. These are both sharpened to provide excellent edge retention. The saw has a quick release mechanism that allows it to be easily adjusted for different work sizes or cut types.

Its design makes it easy to maintain and repair. It is equipped with a dust collection system that prevents rusting. The saw is very quiet during operation and requires minimal maintenance.

The DeWalt 36-5052 is a large and heavy saw. This makes it less portable and maneuverable than other models. It comes unassembled and requires some basic assembly before use.

The base is heavy and requires a large work surface for stability.

The Delta 36-500 is excellent for cutting through large branches or logs. It’s large size provides an excellent contact area with the wood, making it easier to cut through large pieces with fewer strokes. It is ideal for cutting through large sized tree branches and small-to-medium sized logs.

It requires the use of special blades that can be purchased separately if the included blades become damaged or dull. It’s large size makes it difficult to carry or store when not in use. It requires a stable, level surface for use.

The Delta 36-5052 is an excellent tool that is ideal for home maintenance and construction. It provides excellent value due to its low price and quality design. It’s large size can be inconvenient for some users.

It is important to have a good understanding of the saw before using it. Care should be taken to prevent personal injury. The saw should never be used near children or pets.

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It should only be used for its intended purpose and should not be modified in any way. Special care should be taken when handling the blades.

There are many types of blades that can be used with this model. For standard cutting, the general purpose blade works quite well. When cutting materials other than wood, the alternate blades can be used depending on the material.

The alternate blades should never be used to cut wood; this could cause the blade to warp or get stuck in the wood.

To use the special blades, the quick release button must be pushed in and then turned counterclockwise. While holding the release button in, pull the blade towards you to remove it from the saw. To attach a new blade, align it with the blade holder and slide it into place.

Push the button in and turn it clockwise to secure it into place.

This saw is designed to make quick work of hefty jobs. It features a large handle that can be easily gripped even when wearing gloves. The blade can easily be adjusted using the large wheel on the front of the saw.

The Black and Decker CS1000 is designed for heavy use and features a design capable of withstanding harsh job site conditions. It is ideal for cutting through large branches and small-to medium sized logs.

This model is simple and easy to use. It features a large plastic trigger that powers the saw on and off. The trigger should only be depressed halfway for starting and stopping the saw.

Depress the trigger all the way for actual cutting.

The ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue and provides maximum control. The over-molded handle provides extra grip even when wearing gloves. The durable metal and plastic exterior are built to last.

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This saw is designed with your comfort in mind.

You can find more information about our products online, or visit your local Harbor Freight store where our friendly staff will be happy to provide you with additional information and assistance.

Safety Tips

Contact with the blade will result in severe injury.

Always wear eye protection and approved ear protection.

Never operate a chain saw unless secure and stable.

Cut away from your body and only unto wood.

Hold the saw firmly with two hands.

Guide the tip of the blade using short quick strokes.

Before Sawing:

Always inspect and maintain your chain saw regularly. Check for damaged parts, cracks, or wear and tear. Replace or repair all worn or defective parts.

Never use a chain saw that is not in good working condition. Never use a chain saw while tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any medication. Always expect the unexpected.

When Using a Chain Saw:

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Keep all limbs and foreign objects away from the cutting area. Do not cut below your knees. Use extra caution when cutting overhead or at an angle.

Always cut away from your body and only upon wood. Be aware of where the tip of the saw chain is at all times. Keep handles dry, clean, and free of oil and grease. Keep handles in full view and check periodically. Let the saw do the work. Allow the chain to do the cutting.

After Using a Chain Saw:

Stop the chain saw, remove it from the wood, and let it come to a complete stop before touching or picking it up. Do not lay the tool down until it has come to a complete stop. Check the area around where you were cutting for small parts that may have been cut off and could cause a slipping hazard.

Additional Safety Precautions:

When working with an extension cord, be sure to use one that is heavy enough to carry the current needed. The Cord Size Chart located on the last page of this manual will assist you in determining the proper gauge needed. Before using, check the extension cord for visible damage.

If it is damaged in any way, do not use it.

Never attempt to repair a chain saw yourself. Take it to a qualified professional only. Use only genuine replacement parts.

In addition, do not apply any coating to the bar or chain. Do not use a damaged or incorrect bar and chain. For example, never use a tree trimming bar on a chain saw, and never use a chain saw bar on a tree trimming attachment.

When storing the chain saw, never cover the air vent. Keep the chain sharp and clean.

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Before each use of this power tool, check to see that the chain brake works correctly.

Do not leave cutting chains and bar on saw when not in use.

Never remove the lower shield while the saw is running.

Do not start or run a chain saw in a closed area. KEEP AREA CLEAR OF ALL COMBUSTIBLES!

Proper Grounding Required:

This chain saw should be used on a circuit that has an accepted three-pronged grounding plug and has a grounding wire connected to an acceptable earth ground. Extension cords should have a minimum gauge of 12. If the chain saw (electric) cord is worn or damaged in any way, have it repaired or replaced before using.

Any time the electric cord is wet or damaged in anyway, discontinue use immediately and have it inspected and repaired by a qualified electrician. All wiring should be in accordance with the National Electrical Code.


When not in use, this chain saw should be stored in a dry location, locked up or up high where children cannot get to it.


Do not operate the chain saw if the air inlet above the engine or exhaust is obstructed. Keep air inlets free of debris.

Wear protective gloves when operating the chain saw.

Only use this chain saw for what it was designed for.

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Never operate this chain saw under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind.

Do not overreach. Keep proper footing and balance at all times.

Maintain a firm grip on the saw at all times. NEVER use in wet conditions or on wet logs being cut.

Make sure the chain saw is in proper working order before each use.

Use clippers to remove all knots from wood to be cut.

Always wear a helmet and safety glasses. If you need hearing protection while using this power tool, you are too close and should move back.

To reduce the vibration, take frequent rest breaks. Vibration of body parts tendons and muscles can cause loss of feeling and over-use injuries.

Keep all body parts away from cutting area.

Never direct the exhaust toward you or another person at any time. Keep the air inlet and exhaust free of any debris at all times.

When using near electrical hazards such as power lines, be aware that the cutting bar, chain and/or insulator can become an electrical hazard with some potential to cause bodily harm.

Always have the chain saw on a safe surface where it can’t be knocked over.

Do not put hands near or under the chain when cutting. Never touch the chain or bar when it is moving.

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Protect all persons in the area of use by keeping them a safe distance from work area. Keep children and animals away.

Never start or run this tool in a closed area.

Never use to cut hard materials such as nails, glass or frozen objects.

Do not cut when the chain or bar are touching the ground.

Have defective chains removed from the saw before cutting. A damaged chain should be replaced immediately.

Never use an improvised or altered guard or accessory.

Do not use to cut conductors (wires). Use a wire brush to remove dirt and grease buildup from the area to be cut.

This chain saw is equipped with an emergency chain brake. Any time the red button on top of the handle is depressed, the chain and bar will stop moving immediately. This also activates the back-up safety mechanism, which causes the chain to be ejected off the bar and remain in front of the saw, even if the engine is still running.


The most common type of helmet is a hard hat. These are designed only to protect you from a single, direct impact like an accidental bump against a wall. The hard hat has no shock-absorbing capabilities and will provide no protection against repeated blows or twisting forces, such as might occur in an accident while working on a roof.

If you wear a hard hat for protection, be sure to wear it correctly. It should fit tightly on your head with the brim lying flat on the top of your head. The chin strap should be buckled and a strap from the top of the hat to under your chin should be snug against your head.

When using chain saws, log rollers, skidders or other heavy equipment:

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The following guidelines will help you use power tools and other heavy equipment in a safe manner. If these guidelines are not followed, you can lose limbs, suffer lacerations or crush injuries or even death.

Have a spotter, if possible, to help prevent accidents involving moving machinery.

Know your equipment and its operation before you begin work.

Always wear protective clothing and safety devices such as gloves and safety goggles.

If you are working at elevation, use a safety belt or rope. A fall from even a short height can be fatal.

While using any power tools or equipment, stay alert to what is going on around you.

Avoid slippery or wet areas, and wear non-slip footwear.

Do not tie the starting rope around your waist. It should always be held firmly in your hands while starting the equipment.

If operating a chainsaw or any other power tool, do not carry the tool by the cutting chain. This can place a tremendous strain on the tool and cause it to suddenly jerk which could cause an accident.

Before cutting any material, check for nails or other foreign objects that could cause injury. For best results, hold the chain saw so the tip of the bar is just above the ground when operating.

When cutting across the grain of a tree, hold the bar toward you with the tip just above the ground. When cutting with the grain, hold the bar upward at a slight angle. This will keep the saw from binding in the cut and minimize kickback.

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Do not use your foot to operate the trigger when cutting. This can cause a loss of control and result in a serious accident.

When using any power tools or equipment, stay alert to what is going on around you. Look up once in a while.

When using an axe or hatchet, only use the back side of the blade, and do not use the sharp edge. It may be safer, but it will take much longer to complete the job.

When chopping with an axe or hatchet, do not apply side pressure. The tool should always be swung in an arc and hit with the flat back side of the blade. This reduces the possibility of your hand slipping forward onto the blade.

When using a cross-cut saw, keep teeth of the blade facing your body. If not, you risk a great chance of the blade biting into the wood and throwing the tool, or worse, you.

When throwing a rock, stick or anything else for that matter, do not watch your hand, watch where it is going to land. Watching the target will enable you to see what is in front of the target and prevent you from missing it altogether.

Wear protective clothing when using power tools or other heavy equipment. Never wear any jewelry such as rings or bracelets. They can get caught on lumber or wood and cause serious injury.

When using a handsaw, always hold the saw firmly in both hands. Be sure to keep your elbows close to your body. This will enable you to keep maximum control over the saw and prevent any serious accident.

File teeth after each use of the saw to keep the teeth sharp. To prevent kickback, keep a firm grip on the top of the handle when sawing and always guide the saw in the direction in which it is cutting.

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When performing any job that requires the use of any tool or equipment, be sure the power is turned off or the fuel is removed from the equipment. This is a safety precaution that could prevent anyone from getting injured.

Before using any tool or equipment, read and understand all the instructions before using it.

Children should not have any part in working with tools or equipment. They are too inexperienced and do not have good judgment.

Always wear safety glasses when operating any power tool. This is especially important when using a chainsaw.

Do not use a dull saw blade. Using a dull blade will cause your saw to bind, which will result in kickback.

Clean all sawdust and debris from the site before leaving the area. This will help ensure your safety as well as the safety of others when they are working in the area.

Never use a dull axe or hatchet. This increases the chance of the tool becoming wedged in the wood, which will increase the chance of kickback.

Be sure to use proper eye protection when operating a chainsaw. Most fires start from a spark that is caused by a wood cutting tool. Keep an area around your work site free and clear of all combustible materials.

Never let your guard down. Concentrate on your work and the task at hand.


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